Cross-country skiing

Feel like exercising in the fresh winter air?

Your skis glide forward silently. The snow is nice and compact on a cold winter’s day, as you move along the trails effortlessly. You continue just as smoothly when the mid-day sun starts to soften the thin layer of ice covering the grooves in your track. Cross-country skiing means enjoying a whole winter’s day exercising in the fresh air!

One of the most well-known northern “playgrounds” extends across the vast plateau of Thiersee into the area of Bayrischzell. Well-groomed cross-country trails leading past impressive mountain scenery leave nothing to be desired. After all, your skis nearly move across the plains by themselves in these neatly kept tracks.

Cross-country skiing amidst wonderful winter scenery: the trails begin right in the village, directly behind the hotel: Sun-side trail (3 km), Gruber trail (2 km), practice trail (0.5 km). In Vorderthiersee the lake-side trail (5 km) leads all the way around Lake Thier. Get your circulation going!

100 km of tracks in Bayrischzell

In the neighbouring village of Bayrischzell, visitors will find an extensive network of cross-country trails leading through magnificent valleys. Over 100 km of groomed trails are waiting to be enjoyed, around 50 km of which are meant for the classical technique and around 50 km for the skating technique. The nearest place to start is the Bäckeralm (just across the border), since it can be reached by car in around 8 minutes! Those skiing all the way to Geitau are able to take the cross-country bus back to their starting point.

The trail fee costs €5.00 for a day ticket (available from the ticket machines by the trail entrances). Juffing guests will receive the day ticket at the hotel reception for free, or with a “Kufsteinerland” guest card in the tourist office!

Route 36

On the “Bayrischzell Route 36” track, you can cross-country ski using either the classical or the skating technique for 36 km straight. Along the route you will pass five red boxes with different punch holes. This way you can punch your flyer (available at the Sportalm or the tourist info) on the intended markings and keep track of your progress. When you return the flyer to the Sportalm or the tourist info at the end of the day, you will receive three stickers with the “Bayrischzell Route 36” logo (two for your skis and one for your car) as recognition of your accomplishment.

Best training & equipment

Cross-country skiing maps and further information concerning the groomed trails are available at the front desk. All information concerning the cross-country skiing school and equipment rentals can be found here:

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