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Experience nature in the pristine mountain environment.

Time for happiness – Thiersee Valley with its numerous hiking trails lies between the foothills of the Alps in Bavaria with the majestic Sonnwendjoch Massif and the eastern Brandenberger Alpen Range with Pendling Mountain, the landmark of the valley. Time to do something good for your health – or as the Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp once said: “The quickest path to health is travelled on foot.” Hinterthiersee, simply beautiful.

Hiking in the surroundings of Hotel Juffing

You will be spoilt for choice – the hours of the day will fly by during gentle circular hikes on picturesque woodland trails or during a challenging guided climbing tour. A wide plethora of hiking trails and climbing routes criss-crosses the impressive mountain ranges surrounding Hotel Juffing. There is something for everybody, come and enjoy the view. Numerous mountain huts on alpine pastures invite you to stop for a bite to eat and a refreshing drink.

Start directly on the hotel’s doorstep!

If you want to leave your car in the parking garage during your holidays, you will be thrilled to find out that the following hiking tours originate at Hotel Juffing:?

Circular hike around Hinterthiersee Village
Difference in altitude: 70 metres to 230 metres; duration 1 ½ - 2 hours to 3 - 3 ½ hours.

Chapel Mountain Bichlhörndl – “Summit Cross” – Kranhof – Modal

Are you in the mood for a relaxed walk around Hinterthiersee Village? The trail starts behind the hotel. Take the narrow path on your right, then turn left and follow the signs towards the farmhouses “Unter- and Oberbichl”. Ascend the Chapel Mountain towards the television tower. Or if you turn left at the Unterbichl farmhouse, your trail will lead across the sunny flank of the mountain towards the Moarhof farmhouse towards the summit cross, which is charmingly illuminated at night. Past the “Oberend” farmhouse back down to the “Schiestlbauer” farm (don’t forget to pack an apple for the horses), across the road back to the hotel. If you are hungry for more, cross the road at the “Schiestlbauer” farm and take the forest road towards the “Kranhof” farm. During your ascent through the magical forest you will have a marvellous view of the Glemm Valley, before returning to Hinterthiersee via Modal.

Wäschkogel Mountain - Circular Trail
Difference in altitude: 230 meters, duration: 2 - 3 hours.

Glemmbachklamm Gorge – Modal – Breitenau

Follow the country road towards Landl. At the “Schiestlhof” farm at the village limit, a paved forest road branches off towards the “Kranhof” farm and then meanders through a shady forest along and above the Glemmbachklamm Gorge (the view will take your breath away) for about one hour. At the start of the Ebenwaldstraße road (European Long Distance Trail) turn left onto the gravel road (but not all the way to the “Kranhof” farm, 980 metres). After a brief ascent, turn left at the crossroads and stroll through the highly romantic Modal Forest to the farmhouses of Modal, and further to the Wieshof Inn on your left above the village. If you do not feel tired, take a right turn towards Breitenau and continue your hike to Hinterthiersee from there. The trail is not very steep and is ideally suited to trying out hiking in the Austrian Alps.

Folk Tale Trail to the Jägerkapelle Chapel
Difference in altitude: 280 meters, duration: 1 ½ - 2 hours.

Breitenau – Jägerkapelle

Start by turning right onto the forest road at the Ayurveda Hotel Sonnhof towards the Breitenau farm and Höhlenstein Mountain (the road is closed to regular traffic). After the sharp right-hand bend beneath the farm, a gravel road branches off to your right and leads to a picturesque chapel hidden in the forest via a short steep ascent. The chapel was erected by a German soldier, who felt lost after the war. He was unhappily in love with a girl from Thiersee Valley and wanted to commit suicide by throwing himself down a cliff. At exactly that moment, the bells of the church in Hinterthiersee rang, and he reconsidered. The chapel was completely renovated by young farmers of Hinterthiersee a few years ago. Either take the same trail back home, or continue on the forest road through the Modal Forest to the paved road and descend to Hinterthiersee via the Wieshof Inn.

Hiking tour to the Höhlensteinhaus Inn
Difference in altitude: 390 meters, duration: 3 ½ - 4 hours.

Höhlenstein Mountain – Feuerköpfl Mountain

From your hotel, head towards Vorderthiersee. Turn right onto the perfectly sign-posted road at the Ayurveda Hotel Sonnhof. This broad, comfortable path leads towards the Höhlensteinhaus alpine inn. After ascending along grazing pastures to the edge of the forest, follow the shady road towards the Breitenau farm. After leading across picturesque flower meadows, the gravel trail passes through wood copses and clearings to the alpine shelter and inn with its extensive patio (1,259 metres above sea level), located in the middle of an idyllic cirque. Treat yourself to a hearty meal or refreshing drink after the 1½ to 2 hour hike. Explore the picturesque farms of Modal and the Wieshof Inn on your way back. Once you reach the Höhlensteinhaus alpine inn, we strongly recommend a detour to the summit of Feuerköpfl Mountain at 1,292 metres above sea level (conveniently accessible from the inn in 15 minutes). You will be rewarded by a breath-taking view of the Inn Valley and the Tauern Mountain Range. 

Hike to Köglhörndl Mountain
Difference in altitude: 570 meters, duration: 3 ½ - 4 hours.


At the hotel, turn left towards Landl. Follow the trail originating shortly before the sawmill towards the farms of Modal and the Wieshof Inn. From there, a shady woodland trail takes you to the Köglalm alpine pasture, and from there across the sparsely larch-covered flanks of the mountain up to the summit of Köglhörndl Mountain with its summit cross at 1,645 metres above sea level (2 ½ hours). Take the path leading south at the eastern side of the summit towards the Höhlensteinhaus alpine shelter and inn with its extensive patio (1,259 metres above sea level) and stop for a bite to eat. Then take a nice stroll on the forest road towards Breitenau and to Hinterthiersee.

Hiking tour with a view to the summit of Pendling Mountain
Difference in altitude: 610 meters, duration: 6 hours.

Schneeberg Mountain – Kala alpine pasture – Pendling Mountain

Start by turning right onto the forest road at the Ayurveda Hotel Sonnhof towards the Breitenau farm. After approximately 20 minutes, you will reach a path branching off on your left towards “Schneeberg – Mitterland – Pendling”. The trail leads past the single Gschwendterwies farmhouse towards the Gschwendt Inn, and from there further towards Schneeberg Mountain and the Kala Alm alpine pasture. This hike takes about 2 ½ hours. At the summit a new mountain restaurant (closed on Mondays) with a sunny scenic terrace is waiting for you! Continue your hike towards Pendling Mountain (on a new gravel road with a nice view of the Inn and Thiersee Valleys and the surrounding mountains). The chalet you can see from your hotel is the Kufsteiner-Haus Chalet, where you can sit in the sun to enjoy the view. If you want to take a shortcut on your way back, turn right after following the ridge for 15 minutes onto the trail towards the Oskarquelle Spring, which will take you back to the Kala Alm pasture.

Day hike to the ice cave
Difference in altitude: 650 or. 780 meters, duration: 6 or. 8 hours.

Hundsalm Ice Cave – Buchacker

Shortly after the hotel, the paved road branches off to the Wieshof Inn at the sawmill and leads the hiker through shady woods to the Modal farms in about 30 minutes. From there, ascend towards the Köglalm alpine pasture, and further towards Tyrol's only ice and dripstone cave at 1,520 metres above sea level. There are guided tours of the stalagmite cave every day in July and August, and from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekends during the other summer months. Since the temperature is around freezing all year round, we strongly recommend bringing warm clothes in your backpack. The admission fee is €5 for adults; €4 with a holiday card discount; €2.50 for children. After this, the Köglhörndl summit (1,645 metres above sea level) beckons mountaineering aficionados. After this exciting adventure, take the descent via the farms of Modal to the Wieshof Inn, or turn south and descend towards the Buchacker alpine restaurant in approximately 30 minutes. Indulge in hearty Tyrolean fare at the Buchacker restaurant, which produces its own meat (the restaurant is closed on Mondays in May and October). From there, traverse the Hasa Valley towards the Ebenwald Trail, which leads above the Glemmbachklamm Gorge to the Kranhof farm on a comfortable forest road. After a short descent from the Kranhof farm (which offers a marvellous view of the gorge), you will reach the country road towards Hinterthiersee at the Schiestlhof farm.

Running & Nordic walking

Many health experts health experts speak in favour of Nordic walking. The sport is suitable for everyone. Newcomers and veterans, leisure lovers and active athletes, young and old love this sport. Here are some recommendations for the optimal Nordic walking experience.!

Health aspects:

  • 90% of the muscles are stimulated / high energy consumption
  • ases tension in the neck and shoulder area
  • Reduction of stress / worries
  • Exercise for: strength, dexterity and coordination
  • Optimal outdoor exercise to reduce weight

"What’s important?":

  • Functional shoes
  • Proper adjustment of the walking sticks (90 degree angle at the elbow)
  • Warm-up phase
  • At least 30 minutes of walking
  • Staying hydrated (water, tea)
  • Stretching after Nordic walking!
  • After Nordic walking: a steam bath, sauna, or treat yourself to a soothing massage. .

There are many opportunities to work on your stamina training and cardio in the Thiersee Valley. You will be spoilt for choice by the plethora of walking trails. There are six sign-posted Nordic walking trails to indulge in your hobby for walking kilometres on end. Borrow your Nordic walking sticks free of charge as a Hotel Juffing guest.

Starting Point 1: Vorderthiersee, Seepark

  • Trail Wachtlrunde – 6.8 km : Exit the village towards the Wachtl Inn, ascend towards Lechen, back to the lake via Hausberg; floor covering: tarmac and gravel
  • Mitterlandrunde - 7,8 km: Identical to the Trail Seerunde towards Dreibrunnenjoch Mountain – the trail leads towards Mitterland via Hausern; floor covering: tarmac and gravel
  • Trail Seerunde – 2 km : Turn right after the pavilion, across the camping ground, round the lake; floor covering: gravel

Starting Point 2: Hinterthiersee

  • Trail Modalrunde – 5.7 km : Descend towards Breitenau, then towards Modal through Modal Forest; floor covering: tarmac and gravel
  • Trail Wäschkogelrunde – 8 km : Identical to Trail Modalrunde, around Wäschkogel Mountain towards Grub; floor covering: tarmac and gravel

Starting Point 3: Landl

  • Landl :Short ascent to the road, along the brook, to Riederbergstraße road via Rohrmoos and Jochberg; floor covering: tarmac and gravel
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Themed Hiking Trails

One characteristic of the region is the many themed hiking trails.

The health hiking trail in Bad Häring provides interesting information on mud baths, the adventure trail there is on the traces of the former mining town. The “Dreamfactory ” trail in Thiersee discusses the local movie history.

In Kufstein, the historical circular trail provides information on the rich history of the fortress town. The 280 km “Adlerweg ” – Eagle Trail – leads to the ice cave in lofty heights. Soar like an eagle on one of the 31 sections of the trail: Höhlensteinhaus Inn – Kögelhörndl Mountain – Hundsalmjoch Ridge – Buchacker Inn.

Further hiking options