Weekly programme Kufstein Region

Kufstein Region weekly programme schedule

The summer and winter programmes are organised and implemented by the tourism association of the Kufstein Region.

For your information: if there are no significant changes, we will leave last year’s programmes online for you.

A natural adventure in the Kaiser Mountains

Follow nature's trail

Go hiking and learn something new in the Kaisergebirge conservation area high above Kufstein. Look forward to free guided hikes featuring 17 different themes!

Are you interested in plants, their appearance and their effects?

A plant hike to the "alpine chemist's shop" at the Berghaus Aschenbrenner is perfect for you! Or would you like to take in springtime? At 1,200 m above sea level, you can through May. Are you interested in learning more about the forest biosphere or getting a closer look at the mystery of trees? Or maybe our local orchids have piqued your interest? We have guides who are well trained in these topics and many more!

Want to get things moving?

Learn more about hunting or go tracking yourself! You can also explore the wonderful world of insects and find out more about flower pollination. Plus, a look at life in an ant colony is especially interesting.

Athletic and action-packed

Go on a treasure hunt and get bitten by the geocaching bug! Or take a closer look at nature with binoculars and a magnifying glass.

A little more leisurely ...

... are hikes where you can use all of your senses. Gain knowledge of the five Chinese elements in nature. Hikes with Qi Gong exercises are especially relaxing.

Eleven guides are available this year, each one a specialist in their area. Let them escort you through a world of details and enjoy 3 to 4 special hours outdoors. This year, these free hikes have even more variety than ever before. In addition to morning hikes which start from the valley station at 9:00 am, there are also some afternoon hikes that begin at 13:00 pm, giving you enough time to reach the cable car for the last trip down to the valley at 16:30 pm.

Meeting point ...

is the TVB Kufsteinerland or the Juffing Hotel & Spa reception! Please note: you must pre-register for all hikes at least 2 days in advance.

A natural adventure in the Kaiser Mountains (PDF | 2,4 MB | in German)
Programmguide 2020 with all dates and details! (PDF | 2,7 MB | in German)


The following programme items are not yet updated, but since there will be hardly any changes, they can still serve as a reference point.

Winter activity programme
December 28, 2020 until March 14, 2021

Monday - Snowshoe hike, Herbalism, Distillery

Snowshoe hike around Lake Thiersee
10:00 am - 13:00 pm, starting at the info office Vorderthiersee
€ 4,00 per person for snowshoe rentals

Strap on your snow shoes and head out into nature: the walk leads around the romantic Lake Thiersee which has always been an energy centre in the region. The walk may be extended, depending on the snow conditions and stamina of the group and may also lead on via the Dreibrunnenjoch. In poor snow conditions, we will go higher towards Lake Hinterthiersee.

Discover the power of herbs with ‘herb witch’ Christine
14:00 - 16:00 pm, Kräuterwelt Thierseetal in Hinterthiersee 125, free of charge
You can also boost your immune system with herbs and healing plants in winter. Christine from the ‘Kräuterwelt Thierseetal’ world of herbs offers insight into the wide range of healing possibilities and means of boosting the body with healing plants from our region. Christine is a herb expert and knows that there is a herb to treat every ailment. All participants have the chance to make their own personal blend of herbal teas, tailored to their own personal requirements.

Delicious drops and Tyrolean schnapps
3:00 pm until 4:00 pm; Brennerei „Zum Messerschmied“; costs: € 4,00/person

Pay a visit to Albert Schmider in his lovingly restored farmhouse which dates back almost 500 years.
Enjoy his presentation on the continuation of the family’s tradition of schnapps distilling. Find out more about the history, technique and sensor technology.
Afterwards, there will be a chance to sample and purchase some of his ‘delicious drops’.

Tuesday - Walk into the Kaisertal valley, Treasures of summer, Evening snowshoe hike

A dreamy walk into the Kaisertal valley – named the ‘most beautiful spot in Austria in 2016’
10:00 am to 2:30 pm, from Kaiseraufstieg/base camp, Kufstein, free of charge
We set out from the Kaisertal ascent. 345 steps and an altitude difference of approx. 110 metres to overcome. The effort of climbing the steps is rewarded with magnificent views of the town of Kufstein and its local Pendling mountain. The idyllically situated Antoniuskapelle chapel and breath-taking views of the Wilder and Zahmer Kaiser are among the unforgettable highlights of this walk. And you can also stop off for a refreshment break at one of the cosy guesthouses in the Kaisertal valley, if you wish.

Enjoy the treasures of summer in winter
2:00 pm until 4:30 pm, starting from information office in Vorderthiersee
(€ 3.00 per person)

During a short walk along Lake Thiersee, which freezes over in winter, we get in the mood for an enjoyable afternoon. We use herbs collected over the summer months to prepare tea but these healing plants can be put to a range of other uses too. And herb expert Maria provides some valuable wellbeing tips over a cup of tea. And of course, you can have a taste!

Evening snowshoe hike
8:00 pm until 9:30 pm, starting from the village centre in Hinterthiersee
(€ 4.00 per person for snowshoe rentals)

Promotes good sleep and digestion! Equipped with a headlamp and snowshoes, we set out into the romantic winter night. The snow crunching beneath our feet when we stomp across the snow-covered ?elds. A hike through the Tyrolean winter night is something truly special.

Wednesday - Snow shoe walk, Torch-lit walk around the lake

Snow shoe walks with winter fumigation
1:30 pm to ca. 5:00 pm, from Gasthof Wastler/Riedenberg
(€ 4.00 per person rental fee for snowshoes)

The Riedenberg in the Thierseetal valley is a natural energy centre. The Riedenberg impresses in particular with its picture postcard idyllic scenery at the heart of the untouched natural environment. From here, you can walk in snow shoes to the mystical stone circle where we celebrate a winter fumigation ritual. A stop off at the Berggasthof Wastler guesthouse is also a must.

‘Fire, Ice’ – torch-lit walk around the lake
8:00 pm until 9:30 pm, starts at the information office in Vorderthiersee, free of charge
Carrying torches, this romantic walk leads around Lake Thiersee. Savour the clear winter air, tranquillity and romantic sparkling of the lake by torchlight and bright ?relight. To warm up afterwards, you can enjoy a delicious mulled wine or hot tea if you wish at the Restaurant ‘Mio Mondo’, right by the lake.

Thursday - Tai Chi, Winter hike, Nightwatchman tour

Tai Chi in Thiersee
9:30 am until 12:00 noon, Meeting Point: information office in Thiersee, free of charge
Tai Chi (literally: highest principle) is an ancient Chinese martial art. The movements were developed for self defense, health, longevity and spiritual reasons. Tai Chi consists of harmonious, flowing whole body movements, which are carried out in slow motion. Different movements are made into a sequence. Our instructor Harald, who also trained in China, will incorporate lots of simple movements into the walk. Experience an introduction to the art of Tai Chi.
No prior knowledge required.

Winter hike to the Thierberg Chapel
10:30 am until 2:30 pm, starting from the information office in Kufstein, free of charge
As soon as we've left Kufstein, we'll head into the quietness of the wintry forest and hike uphill, past the wayside cross stations to the old, romantic Thierberg-Chapel – a pilgrimage chapel with hermitage and a unique, old nativity scene. We scale the stairs up to the donjon and enjoy the splendid panoramic views across Kufstein and Inntal Valley. On the way back, well circle Lake Hechtsee located amidst the enchanting winter scenery and after a short break set off to the starting point.

Nightwatchman tour – a guided city walk of the special kind!
9:00 pm to approx 10:30 pm, starting at the info office Kufstein, free of charge
With a lantern, cloak and halbert, our nightwatchman will lead you through Kufstein fortress town, steeped in history, telling many a story from times gone by. This walk is a classic guided city tour (see programme on Wednesday), during which you'll learn many interesting facts about Tyrolean customs and legends from Tyrol.

Friday - Tour of the town, Qi Gong hike

Tour of the town: conquering the fortress town
11:00 am until 12:00 noon, starts at the information office in Kufstein, free of charge
Kufstein became a town over 600 years ago and looks back at a long history as a town which has always been centred around Kufstein fortress. During the tour, city guides talk about the life of the town’s citizens, the significance of the river Inn, the battle for the fortress and new developments and discoveries.

Qi Gong hike
1:00 pm until around 4:00 pm, starting from the village centre in Hinterthiersee
The Qi Gong hike leads us through the winter scenery around Hinterthiersee, allowing us to recharge our batteries and relieve any blockages. The energetic method hailing from China helps us to bring body, mind and soul into harmony and unison.
No prior knowledge required.

Ski bus

Thiersee – Kufstein and within the valley of Thiersee

24. December 2020 - 20. March 2021 | daily (Note: Winter sportsmen/guests of the region can use the bus for free during this period!)

Kufstein - Söll

24. December 2020 - 20. March 2021 | daily (Note: With the KufsteinerlandCard this line can be used for free)

Ski bus timetable winter 2020/2021 for download here (in German)

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Power places in the Kufsteinerland

Use the power places in the Kufsteinerland for your personal reinforcement. We will be happy to give you a power places brochure with mindfulness exercises according the to principle of natural resonance.

There are fitting exercises with instructions for the different power places. You can find these instructions in the new power places brochure including an overview map.

Power places in the Kufsteinerland (PDF | in German)

KufsteinerlandCard all-inclusive guest card

With the KufsteinerlandCard you will fill your holidays with unique experiences! All year long, this card will enable you reduced or free access to excursion destinations and services. Every holidaymaker will receive the regional guest card already from one night (two days of stay or more), included without any extra charge.

Get to know the „pearls” of the varied Tyrolean region around Kufstein during your holidays, such as:

  • the Kaiserlift and all nature experiences
  • the historical Kufstein Fortress
  • the Fohlenhof stud Ebbs including museum
  • the Tyrolean glass manufacturer Riedel Kufstein
  • active offers throughout the year and different guided tours
  • free ride with certain means of public transport in the region, as well as tour buses, ski bus and event shuttles

Beside the all-inclusive services listed above, all guests will enjoy numerous discounts within 120 kilometres around the Kufsteinerland region. Look forward to attractive discounts in the neighbouring federal states of Bavaria, Salzburg and Tyrol.
The card is available from 1 July 2019. Tickets for special events organised by the respective partners are excluded.