Plunge into pure relaxation.

Why do we feel so careless and light in water? Because water literally lifts us up – due to buoyancy we only feel half of our weight. This relieves our bones and joints and we elegantly glide through the refreshing liquid . But swimming is also an active sport. Almost all of our muscles are needed and it is an excellent exercise for arms and legs.

It goes without saying that regular swimming has a positive effect on our shape, our cardiovascular system gets activated, breathing is increased, and our blood receives more oxygen. Fat is transformed into muscle tissue and the risk of a heart attack or a stroke is reduced. And the best thing: this all happens while we have fun in the pool!

At Hotel Juffing, you can also indulge in this pleasure under the open sky. The indoor and outdoor swimming pools are connected by an airlock; depending on the season, you are invited to enjoy the summer or the winter sun in the pool. To enjoy our bubble loungers under the stars or to let warm waters caress you on a cold winter day are unforgettable holiday delights. The rising steam barely clouds the marvellous view of the garden.

Jewel of Nature Lake Thiersee

There are plenty of lakes in the region to guarantee unspoilt fun in the water: the Lakes of Hecht, Stimmer, Pfrill, Läng, and Landler… and for us the most important, Lake Thiersee. The lido was renovated in 2013. Rent a pedal boat, rowing boat or dolphin boat, or indulge in sunbathing on the lush lawn.

Lake Thiersee lies at a distance of one hour on foot, but is conveniently accessible by bicycle in 20 minutes and by car in 5 minutes.

Lake Thiersee - Info

Opening hours : every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Water temperature : approximately 22°C

Lido rates (day ticket):
From 8:30 am:
Adults €3.00 / children (under 15 years) €1.50
From 3:00 pm:
Adults €2.00 / children (under 15 years) €1.50

Rates at the lake (day ticket):
From 8:30 am:
Adults €2.50 / children (under 15 years) €1.00
From 3:00 pm:
Adults €1.50 / children (under 15 years) €1.00

Lido boat rental : Rowing boat: 30 min €4.50 / 60 min €7.00; paddle boat: 30 min €6.00 / 60 min €11.00; dolphin boat: 30 min €7.00 / 60 min €12.00

Contact details: Mr. Dario Marcic, tel.: +43(0)676/422 82 33 (tenant lido & restaurant).

Bathing at Lake Hecht

Enjoy the marvellous mountain environment at Lake Hecht. The patio at the lake restaurant offers you a breath-taking view of the surrounding summits. The Lake Arena Hechtsee invites you not only to swim, but also to have fun by renting a boat. Easily accessible by car in 20 minutes.

Seearena Hechtsee (Lake Arena) - Info

Opening hours: every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm during the summer school holidays

Water temperature: approximately 24°C

Lido rates (day ticket):
From 9:00 am:
Adults €3.10 / children €1.10 / seniors €2.00
From noon:
Adults €4.00 / children €1.60 / seniors €2.00
From 4:00 pm:
Adults €1.10 / children €0.90 / seniors €1.10

Tip: boat rental on site

Contact details: Hechtsee, Hechtsee 8a, 6330 Kufstein, tel.: +43(0)5372-64516, fax: +43(0)5372-64516-14,
email: info@hechtsee.at , internet: www.hechtsee.at

Natural bathing fun in the Kaiserklamm Gorge

Kaiserklamm Gorge, named after Emperor Franz Josef I, is a true natural jewel. It is conveniently accessible by car via Kufstein, Kramsach and Brandenberg; you can also easily reach it by bicycle in 90 minutes (especially with the hotel’s own e-bikes!).

Up to the 20th century, the rapid waters of River Brandenberger Ache were used to transport timber. At the end of the gorge at the bridge – provided there is no high tide – a beautiful emerald pool of water beckons. The cool liquid invites you to have a refreshing bath (at your own risk). Indulge in Tyrolean specialities at the Kaiserhaus Chalet, which is only 5 minutes away.
Kaiserhaus Chalet

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Frau im Pool

Juffing Water World

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Primeval force of water

In dreams, mirrors and in water, heaven and earth meet. The element of water – in which you can indulge at our intimate, exclusive spa area – comprises the luxuries of letting go and setting yourself free. Our source of life mysteriously wells up from the deep. The more we are in harmony, the more we feel our own force, our life energy.

Sacred spring at the village church

Myth or truth? We do not exactly know. But it is said that there was a well next to the village church for a long time, whose water had healing powers. People gathered from everywhere to partake of the precious liquid. You can find this tale in the town chronicle by Günter Egerbacher, who is also a source of many interesting tales of the region.

Thiersee Sommer