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Bowls, smoke comes out of one

The art
of relaxation

Embedded in the wonderful natural surroundings of the Thierseetal valley we offer our guests the opportunity to calm down and pause for a moment. Moreover, it is a good addition for some guests to work on themselves. Whether it is conquering the local mountain of Thiersee, swimming in the morning or concentrating on your own body. Feel the principle of renewal and discover new ways of serenity. 

03.01.2021 - 04.12.2021

Spa pause

Take a break and step back from the things that are on your mind right now.
from € 346.-
per person
2 nights
28.11.2021 - 02.12.2021

Alpine yoga retreat

Our popular alpine yoga retreat takes place two times a year and connects the wonderful natural surroundings with intense yoga practice.
from € 732.-
per person
4 nights
01.01.2021 - 04.12.2021 | 02.01.2022 - 04.12.2022

Moments that inspire

The great feeling of floating on clouds, being rested, acting thoughtfully and having charged an extra portion of energy, these are Juffing moments that inspire.
from € 525.-
per person
3 nights
07.01.2021 - 04.12.2021

Power weekend

Feel the energy that is in the Juffing way of life - recharging your batteries and feeling good are guaranteed!
from € 516.-
per person
3 nights
01.01.2021 - 04.12.2021

Wellbeing in a double pack

With your favourite person, beautiful times will become even more beautiful – experience magic relationship and friendship moments at Juffing.
from € 453.-
per person
3 nights
01.01.2021 - 04.12.2021 | 02.01.2022 - 04.12.2022

Deceleration week

full recreation for your body and your mind.
from € 1,148.-
per person
7 nights