Food Philosophy

A Green Toque for Hotel Juffing

Whenever possible, we purchase products from the region. On one hand, Tyrol is known for its delicious specialities, on the other, short journeys are good for the environment. On April 29, 2015, we were rewarded for our engagement with healthy food with the Green Toque award by Styria vitalis.

The Green Toque was created in 1990 and has been used to award those restaurants that are dedicated to the best natural cuisine, which meets the demands of modern life. Green Toque dishes are prepared using natural, organic, whole-food, seasonal ingredients that primarily come from the region. Green Toque fish and meat are cooked in an especially healthy fashion. Fresh salads, seasonal vegetables, wholemeal bread, and natural fruits and fruit juice complete the healthy range. Green Toque culinary delights combine healthy food and sensual indulgence of the highest level. At the moment, 42 restaurants in 8 Austrian provinces have been awarded a Green Toque.

Enjoy our 3/4 Indulgence Board in your holidays in the Hotel Juffing.

Organic certification and AMA quality seal

For our use of regional products and Austrian specialities we were awarded the AMA quality seal for gastronomy. This quality seal requires an especially high performance regarding the quality, taste and healthiness of our dishes, prepared only with high-quality, whole-food ingredients.

What does this mean for our guests? Food from organic farms, primarily from the region. The partial “Austrian Bio” organic certification reflects the high quality of our organic ingredients. We also deliberately buy our drink selection in Austria and provide a wide range of organic wines for our health-conscious guests.

“Bewusst Tirol” quality seal

Additionally, we were rewarded for our commitment to the region with a “Bewusst Tirol” mindfulness award for businesses in November 2011 in Innsbruck. We think a lot about the future and give our best every day to make it a little better. This starts with our partners and ends with ourselves.

Our regional partners

Milk, yoghurt, quark, butter, cheese

Our milk is provided by “Tirolmilch”, which is supplied by the best farms in the region. The pristine mountain environment, the wide variety of grasses, flowers and herbs and the fresh Tyrolean spring water are the basis for the delicious Tyrolean alpine milk. Customer satisfaction, natural products and short transportation distances are the principles that “Tirolmilch” is founded on. Since 2010 the entire range of dairy products by “Tirolmilch” is certifiably GM-free. In addition, we purchase excellent yoghurts and flavourful cheese from the Bergbauer company in Wörgl. Since the establishment of the company in 1994, they have followed the ideal of providing only the highest-quality food from the Alps to their customers. Try the excellent taste, delicious ripeness and exquisite quality for yourself.

Meat, sausages, ham, salami

We obtain our pork, beef and veal from the first and only organic butcher’s shop in Western Austria – Bio-Metzgerei Juffinger. We also buy various cold meats, sausages, hams, frankfurters and brats there. The production at this organic butcher’s shop is free of glutamates, phosphates, artificial colours, GM products and lactose, and guarantees the highest organic standards for its meat and sausage products. We also exclusively purchase our chicken and turkey meat (from organic farms) from the Bio-Metzgerei Juffinger in Thiersee.

Bread & pastries

Every day, the Brunner Bakery in Vorderthiersee delivers fresh bread and pastries. We also buy special organic bread specialities from the wholemeal bakery Hauber in Kufstein. Be it spelt bread or bread for guests suffering from allergies – the bakery Hauber has a wide selection of delicious breads. We also purchase special breads from the healthfood store St. Martin in Kufstein.

Wild game

Food of the highest quality from all over the world and a special emphasis on regional products is the passion of R & S Gourmet Express. The regional sub-branch with only the best food from Austria is especially popular with our guests. Game specialities like venison from roe deer, stags and young bucks are delivered to us by this company. Our mutton is from Eastern Tyrol.

Fruit & vegetables

The fruit merchant Ischia supplies us with seasonal fruit and berries, some of which we process into jams and jellies. We are delighted that Ischia established an organic fruit branch. This was especially important for us, because now we are able to offer certain organic fruits and vegetables of organic quality all year. The Landgarten and Bio-Landgarten brands stand exclusively for organic products, while the TLP brand guarantees regional produce. Whatever grows in Tyrol – you can get it at Hotel Juffing. We also have products from South Tyrol, Styria and the Marchfeld region.

Our most important supplier is the Epos company, a 100% organic supplier from Munich (Austrian suppliers from Vienna are further away than suppliers from Munich). We decided to gradually switch to an entirely organic cuisine, and without this partner this change would not have been possible.

Muesli & dried fruit

We purchase our mueslis and dried fruit and other cereals from the company Biologon in Itter – a certified organic supplier from the other side of the Wilde Kaiser Mountain.


We purchase our schnapps from our uncle Hans in Vorderthiersee – his Stix Apricot Schnapps is legendary and his Mountain-Gin to die for. We also serve schnapps from the Michelehof farm in Vorarlberg or from the Herzog distillery in Salzburg.


Our coffee is supplied by Julius Meinl and is certified organic, fair-trade coffee.


Our beer supplier is Zillertal Bier in Zell am Ziller. Even our Bavarian guests love their beer – and that is saying something!


We purchase our grain, such as einkorn, emmer and black oats, from the company Epos, Chiemgauer Urkorn.

Indulgence without Regret

  • Hypoallergenic cuisine

We hope that your stay at Hotel Juffing in Tyrol will forever remain an unforgettable holiday experience for you. Therefore, we pay special attention to your dietary needs. If you have any concerns, please contact one of our service team members to inform them of your food intolerances and they will gladly assist you.

Hypoallergenic cuisine:

  • gluten free
  • lactose free
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Etwas Eingelegtes in Marmeladengläsern

Grüne Haube

The green kitchen – philosophy

  • Equal number of vegetarian and meat dishes
  • Whole food products as a life principle
  • Awareness (ethical, environmental, social)
  • Choice for our guests
  • A health-oriented menu
  • If needed, we will also meet your dietary requirements

The green kitchen – standards

  • Vegetarian, full (additional) range offer
  • Bio-certified, declared products of bio-quality (partial and full range)
  • Raw products (bio and conventional) are preferably bought from regional producers
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