Food philosophy

A Green Toque for Hotel Juffing

  • healthy cuisine

We attach great importance to our food philosophy which will accompany you from breakfast to dinner. Your trust in us is taken very seriously. We are convinced that a healthy cuisine makes us happy and satisfied and that it is the best basis for a long relationship to the guest.

Our natural situation for the cuisine that we produce is convenient as Austria has a wide range of valuable food for a healthy, natural and regional cuisine. As ecological, social, health reasons and cultural aspects play an increasingly important role in our daily contact with food, our kitchen team bases its doing on the following elements:

Enjoy our 3/4 Indulgence Board in your holidays in the Hotel Juffing.

Organic groceries

  • organic groceries

“Organic” is the most heavily regulated category as opposed to “regional” and “seasonal”. We have been partly certified organic for years and can understand very well that 100% businesses fight against the inflationary use of clearly defined terms without official certification.

Thus we are not 100% organic but partly certified organic. In order to make the distinction as transparent as possible, our organic and conventional groceries are listed as follows:

100% organic applies to:

  • eggs
  • most of our milk and cheese range (exception: alpine cheese from our neighbouring Ackernalm and the Höhlensteinalm as well as filled cheese fruits from the company Käsemacher in the Austrian Waldviertel region, feta, Gervais, crème fraiche, Tyrolean Fasslbutter; all organic food is marked on the buffet)
  • veal, chicken, pork, turkey
  • sausage selection with ham and bacon
  • vegetable and salad:
    carrots, potatoes, onion, shallots, fennel, cabbage, kohlrabi, cucumber, pepper, tomatoes (the cocktail tomatoes are non-organic) garden cress (other cress non-organic), iceberg lettuce
  • fruit:
    apples, dates
  • most of our breakfast buffet incl. dry fruit (all cereals, nuts, jams etc. organic food is marked on the buffet)
  • fish:
    trout, shrimps, carp, pickled salmon for breakfast, salmon
  • bread (except for breakfast wafers and rolls in the evening)
  • all grains (kamut, quinoa etc) and original grains
  • vinegar and oils
  • honey (except honeycombs)
  • flour (Spielberger Mühle)
  • pasta (gluten-free pasta is non-organic)
  • drinks
    tea by Sonnentor, Bioeteaque, Monthea, Ronnefeldt
    organic coffee in the tea lounge in the spa (in the restaurant no organic coffee, decaffeinated coffee is non-organic)
    juices: Lutz grape-elder, Lutz pear, Obstkellerei Von Nahmen, Hasenfit breakfast juice
    Tonic: Aqua Monaco Organic Ginger and Tonic, Mile High Tonic
    Zillertal Radler, Lammsbräu alcohol-free Weizen, Lammsbräu Edelhelles
    Sekt: Blanc de Blancs Sepp Moser, Cremant de Jura Pignier
    Spirituosen: Single Malt Briskey, Penninger Granit Gin, Snow Queen Vodka, Wacholderbaer Gin, Farthofer Grappa, Zotter Schokoladenlikör. Dwersteg Eierlikör, Dwersteg Amaro Orangenbitter, Retter Kräuterliköre, Farthofer Grappa, Muskatellertraube, White Socks Gin, Wacholderbär Gin, Mile High Gin, Brisky Single Malt
    Wein: organic wine maker Geyerhof, Mantlerhof, Hirsch, Jurtschitsch, Nikolaihof, Loimer, Fritsch, Zillinger, Winkler-Hermaden, Lackner-Tinnacher, Platzer, Sepp Moser, Stadlmann, Hajszan-Neumann, Gsellmann, Ploder-Rosenberg, Schwarz Weinviertel, Johanneshof Reinisch, Landauer-Gisperg, Gernot Heinrich, Muster, Hartl, Paul Achs, Nittnaus, Iby, Judith Beck, Feiler-Artinger, Fritz, Graf Hardeg, Farthofer.
At Bio 301

We guarantee our organic quality by the partial certificate of the Austria Bio Garantie. You can recognise our organic products through clear signs on the buffet and in the menus.

Green Toque - green is better

  • whole foods

Our kitchen follows the philosophy of the Green Toque
The Green Toque philosophy for you as a guest:

  • equivalence of vegetarian dishes with meat dishes
  • whole foods are a life principle
  • mindfulness (ethical, ecological and social)
  • choices for you as a guest
  • a health-oriented food offer
  • if needed, also people on a diet find suitable food

A special focus of the Green Toque cuisine lies on the possibility of a sophisticated vegetarian nutrition, next to whole foods. Juffing is a paradise for vegetarians, but not for vegans (we offer selected vegan products but regard them as a creative trend element in our kitchen. Our vegan offer consciously cannot be put into a full five-course menu).

In order to get the Green Toque, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

Grüne Haube
  • Vegetarian, whole-food (additional) offer
  • Organic certificate, declaration of the organic products
  • Raw products (organic and conventional) are preferred from regional farms

Regional products

  • regional products

The taste of our native country is above all an emotional need. The regional origin of our food supports the regional farms and reduces emissions caused by transport and package waste. Shopping regionally is a contribution towards our local food culture which we do not want to without, and has a positive effect on our health due to the freshness of our products.

But what does regional mean? There is no official definition of regional groceries. Every single country has its own definition of “regional” when it comes to distances. Are regional groceries all those which are less than 50 or 100 km away? Or are there different criteria for Thiersee near the Austrian-Bavarian border than for a restaurant in Innsbruck? Nobody will deny that Styrian pumpkin seed oil is a regional product. But is it still regional if a Tyrolean hotel uses it? Even the logistics of regional products is not unproblematic, e.g. regional cheese from the Tyrolean Walchsee reaches us via a Bavarian distributor. Does regionality only include products from our own garden? The harvest is hardly enough for one single evening menu.

Some of our guests attach greater importance to regionality than to organic products. The wish for authenticity, a personal relational to the products and the suppliers, simplicity and, in the last consequence, also the love for our region, are very far apart in many cases. We are impressed by organic farming, but there are also conventional producers who enjoy our trust. Our principle is: We are always looking for the nearest food in the best quality, even if the single products do not have an organic seal. It is important to us to know the producers personally. If you know who stands behind a product and which philosophy is attached to it, a responsible decision is easier.

In order to document our commitment to regionalism for our guests, we can refer to the following awards:


We were rewarded for our commitment to the region with a “Bewusst Tirol” mindfulness award for businesses in November 2011 in Innsbruck.

Kulinarisches Erbe


For our use of regional products and Austrian specialities we were awarded the AMA quality seal for gastronomy. This quality seal requires an especially high performance regarding the quality, taste and healthiness of our dishes, prepared only with high-quality, whole-food ingredients.

Our regional partners:

Milk, yoghurt, quark, butter, cheese

Our milk products are provided by “Tirol Milch”, “Salzburg Milch” and “Upper Austria Milch”. As for milk, cheese, quark and cream we offer 100% organic products (except for the alpine cheese from the Ackernalm which is regional but not organic). Our regional supplier Berg-Bauer from Wörgl has a regional organic assortment and our guests enjoy organic Felsenkellerkäse, Kolsasser organic Brie or Tyrolean organic Korbkäse. Most cheeses are by “Tirol Milch” the organic alpine dairy Walchsee and the organic alpine dairy Plangger in Walchsee. Sheep’s whey and other sheep milk products come from the Abersee in Salzburg.

Meat, sausages, ham, salami

Our meat is provided by the organic butchery Juffinger in Vorderthiersee and the ecological butchery Landfrau, the own butchery by the traditional Hofpfisterei in Emmering in Bavaria.

Bread & pastries

Our daily bread is provided from the neighbouring Bayrischzell. Our organic baker Butz not only provides us with a regional product but also with a 100% organic bread.

Wild game

Wild boar, venison, stag, chamois, wild ducks and lamb are only from Austria. The regional branch of our R & S Gourmet provides us with the best products from Austria.

Fruit & vegetables

Whenever we can, we buy mushrooms, cranberries or wild strawberries right from local gatherers. Vegetables from Tyrol (TLP, Tyrolean national products) provide us with regional quality. Dried fruit is bought from the South Tyrolean organic manufacturer Monthea and the Vorarlberg producer Schobel Höchstgenuss.

Muesli & dried fruit

Our mueslis, dried fruit and other cereals are purchased from the company Verival Vita + Naturprodukte in Langkampfen as well as from the company Biologon in Itter from the other side of the Wilder Kaiser Mountains - both of them certified organic suppliers.


We purchase our schnapps from Vorderthiersee and are also happy to offer schnapps from the Michelehof in Vorarlberg and from the Herzog distillery in Salzburg. Our fine distillery Rochelt or the Schnapsmanufaktur Gölles must not be missing on our digestives menu. Overall we look for interesting regional products such as the Rauchkogel Whiskey from East Tyrol or other specialties for our guests.


Our coffee comes from the coffee roastery Coroma in Völs and is a Fairtrade, organic quality product.


Our beer supplier is Zilelrtal Bier from Zell am Ziller. As a regional specialty we also offer the Austrian Lager, a bottom-fermented lager bier by the Culturbrauer, an association of eight independent private breweries in Austria.


We purchase our grains, such as einkorn, emmer or black oats, flaxseed and black beluga lentils from an organic farm in the Chiemgau, the Chiemgau.Korn. The flour used in our kitchen comes from the Spielberger Mühle from Brackenheim in Germany, a Demeter-certified mill which produces organic flour for our organic pasta.


We are especially happy to serve you wine from North Tyrol. For the Cool Climate area Tyrol, grape varieties with early or medium-early ripeness are suitable, which are processed into fine cuvées with resounding names like the North Tyrolean Edel-Weiss Cuvée. In addition to the Tyrolean winegrowers - the Flür Winery from Tarrenz and the Zoller-Saumwald Winery from Haiming - we offer a 100% Austrian wine list. We offer exclusive Austrian wines, except for Champagne and Cremant.

Mineral water

Our mineral water comes from the company MONTES in Brixlegg. Protected against pollutions, the magnesium-rich MONTES water is obtained from the foot of the Kitzbühel Alps near Thiersee.

Aperitifs & Digestifs

We consciously offer regional aperitifs such as the Verjus Apero Rosso from the wine maker Tement or the trendy drink cider, which often travels thousands of kilometres from England, Ireland or France. Styria as Austria’s main apple region offers the best conditions to produce such a drink. We are proud that we can offer a local apple cider. Or you enjoy a Kalé, our regional herb liqueur, apart from the Bavarian Hirschkuss or the Thierseer Dirndllikör. The digestif from Vienna with the fine-aromatic taste and the gently stimulating effect of the natural ingredients makes you wide awake. Regional gins such as the Berg-Gin, the Wacholderbaer Gin or the Wildstück Gin will make gin lovers happy. Those who like it sweeter choose regional liqueurs such as Wachauer apricot liqueur or Zotter chocolate liqueur. Regional whiskeys and rum sorts such as the Crownhill products form Schwoich or the Slyrs from the Bavarian Schliersee complete our offer of regional drinks.


  • Seasonality

The Gregorian calendar defines the beat for our seasonal cuisine. The feeling for the right seasonality of products is distinct in Tyrol and for our suppliers. Just think of our autumn game weeks, the young wine euphoria, the Martinigansl meal, the annual asparagus meal or the Wachau apricot season. Mushroom weeks, Törgellezeit, strawberry Hugo and baked elderberry blossoms conjure a broad smile on our faces. We love gingerbread and biscuits when the time is right and look forward to the plum pie in late summer. Everything has its time and its rhythm. Seasonal cuisine gives structure and helps us to escape from the danger of an interchangeable everyday cuisine. Seasonal cooking is simply fun and gives us great pleasure.

Non-irritating indulgence

  • Hypoallergenic cuisine

The consideration of the nutritional needs of our guests is an important part of our kitchen philosophy. We are happy to cater to your wishes and are happy if you inform us about possible intolerances or allergies already before your arrival (please bear in mind that we do not offer a vegan menu).

Hypoallergenic cuisine:

  • gluten free
  • lactose free

Please inform us of your intolerances or allergies already before your stay:

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Etwas Eingelegtes in Marmeladengläsern

Grüne Haube

The green kitchen – philosophy

  • Equal number of vegetarian and meat dishes
  • Whole food products as a life principle
  • Awareness (ethical, environmental, social)
  • Choice for our guests
  • A health-oriented menu
  • If needed, we will also meet your dietary requirements

The green kitchen – standards

  • Vegetarian, full (additional) range offer
  • Bio-certified, declared products of bio-quality (partial and full range)
  • Raw products (bio and conventional) are preferably bought from regional producers
Kulinarisches Erbe At Bio 301