Places of Indulgence

Oases of well-being at Hotel Juffing

Front-row seats for magnificent sunsets in the Austrian Alps. Harmony and energy. Time for friends and family. Plenty of space for celebrations and socialising.

Our food and drinks are served in a fine ambience

You have the choice between the following restaurants:

  • The elegant panorama restaurant with the floor-to-ceiling window panes
  • The cosy little farmhouse parlour panelled with Swiss pine wood
  • The new Annemarie parlour with a view of the magic garden
  • The east side terrace with the magic garden and a view of the Kaisergebirge
  • The west side terrace with a view of the pool and the spire

In all restaurants our charming restaurant team will await you.


The restaurant is the heart and centre of the hotel. The dining hall is very spacious, every guest will find enough room and time to relax and talk. Take your seat surrounded by the mountain environment, the metres-high snow or lush alpine pastures only an arm’s length away. Ceiling-high windows ensure a breath-taking view of the Kaiser Mountains. Many lovingly designed decorative elements create a very special atmosphere: the sophisticated, unobtrusive appointment, charming table decorations, exquisite porcelain and silverware, delicate glasses and the attentive, friendly service.

  • Farmhouse Parlour

    Relax and indulge in the delicious Juffing cuisine in our charming, rustic Farmhouse Parlour. Guests often gather in the parlour to pass their time enjoying a friendly conversation or a game of cards. Many holiday friendships have been made here.

  • Patio

    One of our patios faces east to grant a marvellous view of the Kaiser Mountains, while many guests indulge in sunbathing in the warm afternoon sun on our western patio. Sip your morning coffee and read your newspaper on the eastern patio. Exchange hiking trail recommendations or dream of your own house in the country.

    Treat yourself to a delicious aperitif and watch the sun go down and the shadows of the village church get longer. The patios are perfectly suited to letting the last hours of an exciting day fade away or watching the children play in the red maple leaves in late autumn.

  • By the fireplace

    Our hotel lounge invites you to relax, read, and take some time for yourself. Take a seat and listen to the crackling fire in the tiled stove. A simple hardwood floor, earthen tones, a welcoming place for smell, sight and touch.

    Modern, timeless, high-quality materials and decorative elements characterise the hotel lounge. The colours and forms of our latest collection are not bright or in your face, but subtle and unobtrusive. There are no stag antlers, no cow skins, no fake tiles and tacky felt – enjoy the sophisticated chic of our lounge – enter an “Otherworld” which will spirit you away from everyday life.

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    for nature loving people

    Slowing down, coming to a rest, romance and harmony. This is what we would like our guests to experience consciously..

    We do not offer the cheesy alpine style with fake rustic decoration, nor do we follow a straight ultra-modern design. Our main idea is to create a warm and unique atmosphere for our special guests.

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    Juffing Restaurant ® DieWest
    Juffing Restaurant ® DieWest