Hypoallergenic and Barrier-Free

Unrestricted holiday fun.

By choosing a region with few allergens, people who suffer from allergies can get a well-deserved reprieve from their problems. The Province of Tyrol with its high altitude and clear mountain air is a haven for holidaymakers plagued by allergies.

But it is not only the holiday region that matters, but also the holiday accommodation. There are several effective measures the hotel industry can take to make a stay for people with allergies as pleasant as possible. At Hotel Juffing, we do everything we can to avoid dust and pollen in our hotel rooms and suites.

A stone pine oasis of well-being

In 2010, we specially designed and appointed two rooms for allergy sufferers. The floors and all the furniture are made out of natural finish stone pine wood. Many regional architects and carpenters use this specific wood, which is also known as “royalty among woods” for its beneficial effects. The oils and resins in the wood have a soothing effect on allergies.

Guests who are sensitive to the weather report that they do not suffer from migraines and their sleep quality is greatly improved in beds made out of stone pine wood. The fact that stone pine wood is more beneficial to health than other woods has been scientifically proven. The heart rate goes down, even in times of physical and mental stress, to ensure a restful sleep.

Special room appointment for guests with allergies

To effectively avoid dust, pollen and mites in our rooms, we refrain from using carpets and wallpaper; instead, we have whitewashed the walls with natural colours. This prevents allergens from gaining a foothold in our rooms.

To further block the entrance of allergens, all rooms are equipped with linen curtains. Hypoallergenic mattress covers and bedsheets ensure that our guests are never subjected to allergens in their sleep. It is possible to effectively prevent allergens from seeping into mattresses with special encasings.

It goes without saying that it is not a one-time job to prevent allergens from entering the building. Since the wood in all rooms is natural finish, it is necessary to seal it frequently. For this, we use organic beeswax. Additionally, all rooms are equipped with air purifiers which filter pollen and dust from the air.

To ensure the well-being of our allergic guests, we exclusively use fragrance-free cleaning agents for the rooms and hypoallergenic detergents for bedsheets and towels. Additionally, we provide certified hypoallergenic shower and skin products for our guests. We exclusively vacuum with vacuum cleaners that have special hepa-filters to prevent dust from rising into the air.

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Hotel Juffing – 100% wheelchair-friendly

We also do our best to be excellent hosts to guests for whom a barrier-free holiday residence is a decisive factor. Therefore, Juffing Hotel & Spa requested to be checked in the course of the “Barrier-Free Tyrol – Holiday Residences for Wheelchair Users” and was certified as a wheelchair-friendly business: although the hotel is not entirely barrier-free, it certainly is 100% wheelchair-friendly.

For details, please have a look at the quality seal (in german).

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