By the fireplace

Cosy and comfortable

Our hotel lounge invites you to relax, read, and take some time for yourself. Take a seat and listen to the crackling fire in the tiled stove. A simple hardwood floor, earthen tones, a welcoming place for smell, sight and touch.

Modern, timeless, high-quality materials and decorative elements characterise the hotel lounge. The colours and forms of our latest collection are not bright or in your face, but subtle and unobtrusive. There are no stag antlers, no cow skins, no fake tiles and tacky felt – enjoy the sophisticated chic of our lounge – enter an “Otherworld” which will spirit you away from everyday life.

Make time your ally

Holiday time should not just be seen as a break in-between work, from which the exact same human being returns to the drudgery of daily routine, but as a chance for sustainable relaxation.

Stress; hecticness; the constant hustle and bustle of work appointments and non-stop pressure; the feeling of being forced to be available at all times – these elements make daily life feel like a perpetual race against time. The constant “at your service”, which has haunted us for a long time, is the reason why many people feel ground down and burnt out by their daily requirements. At the same moment, time is slipping away – time we would love to spend on the nice things in life.

But why not make time your ally by reclaiming some time for yourself? After all, “take time for yourself” means making a deliberate decision and acknowledging that you require time for yourself – and that it is your right to treat yourself to it. Sometimes a few days are sufficient to rediscover the real you and to remember your own dreams and wishes, but sometimes a longer period of rest and relaxation may be in order. On the other hand, a few quiet moments with a glass of wine and a book by your favourite author is sometimes all it takes.

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Exclusive readings

Wellness meets suspense, relaxation meets inspiration. The “Tyrol Library” is the sophisticated venue for readings by Tyrolean authors, to which you are cordially invited. The giants of the regional literary scene have been gathering at Hotel Juffing for two years and will spirit you away on journeys of literary exploration.

Enjoy literary delights during your personal time off.

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