Wine & Wine Tastings

Only the best from the wine cellar.

Wine from Austria cannot be missing on any excellent wine menu – which is also true at Hotel Juffing in Tyrol.

Discover the widely renowned juices of the grape from the Wachau region, Styria, or the Province of Burgenland in Austria. We have been refining our wine and drinks menu for many years: Schilcher-prosecco as an appetiser, or the award winning apricot schnapps of our uncle Hans as the culmination of your dinner – sometimes we have to look for a long time, sometimes the family brings their treasures, but we are constantly working on making our excellent selection of wines and liqueurs even better.

Our love for regional wines, especially wines from Styria, also led to the discovery of the cosmetics brand Vinoble from Styria. Treat yourself to cosmetic products made from grapes and indulge in an excellent corresponding wine from the southern Austrian province during your candlelit dinner.

In search of Austrian wine marvels

Wine lovers and sommelier journalists praise the exquisite vintages of our small but excellent wine-producing nation. We have to thank local innovative and quality-conscious winegrowers who have combined millennia-long traditions with modern winegrowing technology for what is known as the “Austrian Wine Marvel”.

One peculiarity of Austrian wines is the diversity of Austrian wine culture: there is a wide variety ranging from light and sparkling to powerful, full-bodied white wines, from charming and fruity to rich and flavourful red wines, to finally intriguing sweet wines, which count among the best in the world. All this makes wines from Austria a very special treat! And here is the thing wine aficionados all over the world appreciate most about Austrian wines: they are appetising and go perfectly with delicious food.

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