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Current information and measurements during the pandemic.

Dear Guests!

In Tyrol the catering and accommodation businesses, as well as leisure businesses and trade have been allowed to be open since 12.12.21.

Since 16 December 2021 we are back for you at the Juffing!

We will be happy to collect all Corona information that we have so that you can orientate yourself better. Your safety, comfort and health are our top priority, even if it means that we have to get used to some new routines in the way we communicate and interact with each other. On this page, we have detailed our flexible cancellation policy and, to the best of our knowledge, the adjustments you need to observe before and during your stay with us:

2G+ or booster vaccination on entry

As in many European countries, the entry rules in Austria have been tightened for your maximum safety on holiday as of Monday, 20 December. Since then, a 2.5+ certificate (vaccinated, recovered and PCR-tested) is a prerequisite for entry into Austria. The PCR test must not be older than 72 hours.
Attention: A booster vaccination (3rd vaccination) exempts from the PCR test, i.e. for triple vaccinated persons the new entry regulations do not change anything!

2G mandatory, entry only for vaccinated and recovered persons

  • The following conditions apply in the hotel: 
    • 2-G rule (vaccinated in the past 6 months/recovered during the last six months)
    • FFP2 mask obligation indoors - for employees in contact with customers and for guests away from their seats or in generally accessible areas.
    • Closing time at 10 pm, no bar service (we are happy to serve aperitifs and cocktails at your seat in the restuartant or in the hotel lobby).

Christmas markets can be visited with 2G-rule and FFP2-mask, also any kind of sport - indoors and outdoors, is possible with a 2G- proof!

For your information: The fact that Austria is classified as a high-risk area by Germany has no (!) consequences for vaccinated and recovered people! For all others (means only for non-vaccinated or non recovered) in this case a digital pre-travel clearance and a quarantine with "testing free" after 5 days would be mandatory when returning to Germany.

Favourable conditions for down payments

  • For all bookings we charge 20% of the total arrangement price (the down payment is due 30 days before arrival. Exception: for Christmas and New Year’s Eve bookings, 30 August is the effective date for a binding booking).

Safety in case if someone falls ill with COVID

What happens if you cannot consume your well-deserved holidays because you are ill yourself, have been tested positive for COVID or have to go into quarantine because of an ill relative living in the same household?
For these cases we recommend the hotel cancellation insurance of the Europäische Reiseversicherung. The special insurance cover for Corona despite the pandemic and without surcharge can be found here in detail.

Here you can simply and fast take out insurance online:

European Travel Insurance
Information sheet Hotel Cancellation Plus
Information sheet Hotel Cancellation Premium

Flexible cancellation policy

Cancellation 48 hours before arrival free of charge

We grant a free cancellation up to 48 hours before arrival in case of:

  • Border closures
  • Official closure of the hotel
  • Legal quarantine obligation after a stay in Tyrol for 2G (vaccinated and recovered persons)

In this case, deposits already made will be converted into a value voucher or transferred back. So you have a money-back guarantee.

Cancellation 14 days before arrival free of charge

Every booking with a holiday period until 24.04.2022 can be cancelled free of charge without giving reasons up to 14 days before arrival. Deposits already paid will be converted into a value voucher or refunded.

Cancellation 30 days before arrival free of charge

For bookings with a holiday period after 06.05.2022, the cancellation policies in effect prior to Corona apply:

  • up to 30 days before departure free of charge
  • up to 14 days before departure 50% of the total arrangement price
  • within 13 days before departure 70 % of the total arrangement price
  • Cancellation on the day of departure/early departure 80 % of the total arrangement price

In case of a COVID-19 case we are a partner of the Europäische Reiseversicherung which will cover all risk events in connection with the pandemic. You have insurance for:

  • illness of the guest with Covid-19
  • illness of a close relative or a person living in the same household and the presence of the guest is urgently needed at home
  • fever and suspected Corona, even if the test result is negative later
  • positive test result without symptoms
  • a close relative in the shared household is ill and the guest must be quarantined.

What happens if I get ill during my holidays?

Travel to Austria

As the entry regulations are subject to constant changes, we kindly ask you to get the necessary information on the website of the Ministry for Health, the Ministry of the Interior as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As in many European countries, the entry rules in Austria have been tightened for your maximum safety on holiday. Specifically, entry into Austria is only possible for all persons with a valid 2G certificate, and a valid negative PCR test result (max. 72 hours old) must now also be presented.

Attention: A booster vaccination (3rd vaccination) exempts from the PCR test!

Important: 2G+ or 3rd vaccination is ONLY valid for entry into Austria. For hotel, gastronomy etc. the 2G rule still applies.

Persons without 2G+ proof (vaccinated or recovered and PCR-tested) or booster vaccination are subject to registration and must maintain home quarantine until a negative PCR test result is presented. The registration form as well as questions and answers on the Pre-Travel Clearance System are available on the homepage of the responsible Ministry of Health.

Convalescents are exempt from the new entry rules under the following circumstances:

- Confirmation of the presence of an infection with SARS-CoV-2 that has occurred in the last 90 days and has expired at the time of issue.

- Issued no earlier than 14 days after initial detection or onset of symptoms,

- Freedom from symptoms at least 48 hours before the certificate is issued and confirmation that, despite a positive test result for SARS-CoV-2, it can be assumed on the basis of the medical laboratory findings that there is no longer any risk of infection.

- Those recovered persons who do not have the above-mentioned proofs also require a negative PCR test or a 3rd vaccination for entry into Austria.

The following are also exempt from the 2G+ rule:

- Pregnant women and persons who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons (with a medical certificate).

- Business travellers, commuters (3G)

The Pre-Travel-Clearance can be done in German or English under the following links:


Kufstein has excellent test infrastructure and offers antigen test possibilities e.g. with local doctors, regional pharmacies and nearby screening stations.


When entering the hotel, the 2-G principle "vaccinated or recovered" has been in force since 8 November. For the 2-G confirmation there is a transition period of four weeks, i.e. until 6th December (i.e. for us until the end of the summer season) one vaccination in combination with a valid PCR test is equal to a 2-G confirmation. Therefore, you do not need a full immunisation during the transition period.

3-G is only enough for guests who enter the hotel due to urgent professional reasons or to satisfy an urgent housing need.


Kufstein test capabilities

Here you can find current information around COVID-19 for your holidays at the juffing:

Simply fill in the following field and get an overview of all important, relevant entry information.

All information on the travel warnings of our neighbouring countries can be found here:

Departure to Germany

Austria has not been classified as a high-risk area by Germany since 25 December. Should this change, it would have no (!) consequences for vaccinated and recovered persons! Nevertheless, there may be controls at all border crossings to Germany. All persons entering Germany must observe the applicable entry and quarantine regulations as well as digital entry applications.

What would apply if classified as a risk area? Persons who have not been vaccinated (full immunisation plus 14 days) and have not recovered would have to carry a negative Corona test (antigen test, max. 48h old; PCR test max. 72h old) with them when entering Germany. Tests would have to have been issued by authorised bodies. After return, quarantine with "free testing" after five days would be mandatory for these persons (does not apply to vaccinated or recovered persons!).
Free testing opportunities for non-vaccinated persons are available directly on site, for example on the return journey directly at the drive-in screening test lane in Kufstein (with registration via hotel reception) or at the motorway exit Kiefersfelden.

ATTENTION: Persons who are not vaccinated (full immunisation plus 14 days) and not recovered need a negative Corona test (antigen test not older than 48 hours; PCR test, not older than 72 hours) when they enter Germany. Test results have to be issued by authorities. After their return, these persons (does not apply to vaccinated or recovered persons!) need to go into quarantine with the possibility of “testing free” after five days.

Free test possibilities for unvaccinated persons are available right in the village, e.g. during your way home right in the screening drive-in in Kufstein (appointments for you are made at the reception) or right at the motorway exit Kiefersfelden.

General compulsory testing

According to the general testing obligation of the federal government, travellers from risk areas - which currently includes Tyrol - must be able to present a negative Corona test upon request of the competent authority. The test must have been taken no more than 48 hours before or after entry. Which types of test are accepted is specified by the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute.

Entry regulations according to federal state

Every federal state has issued its own entry ordinance regulating the quarantine obligation and its exceptions, although these are largely harmonised. You can get a quick overview in the Entry Quarantine Mirror.

Five things that you should know before your holidays in Austria

From the current entry regulations to the Covid measurements: A glance at the five most important things that you should know before your holidays in Austria.

1450 - the health hotline

Anyone who fears they may have contracted Corona calls the number "1450" in Austria. The official hotline has all the information on what to do now and helps our guests as well as the local population.

Please make sure you dial the area cod +43 if you do not have an Austria SIM card, i.e. +43 1450.

Current corona rates

The current Covid rates from Austria can be found in the AGES dashboard COVID-19. Current COVID rates from Tyrol can be found on the dashboard of the Tyrolean federal government.

Safety concept of the juffing hotel & spa

Minimum distance and mouth-nose-protection
  • From 1 July, no fixed distances of one metre have to be kept from others.
  • Guests are currently required to wear an FFP2 mask indoors - away from their seats or in generally accessible areas. 
  • Our employees with direct customer contact work with FFP2 masks.
  • Corona tests: Our entire team is voluntarily tested for Covid-19 several times a week by antigen tests and one time per week by PCR test.
  • Since 8th November, 2021 the 2G-rule (vaccinated during the last 9 months / recovered during the last 6 months) is valid for the arrival. We ask you for proof of a valid vaccination certificate or a doctor's confirmation of recovery. 
  • We will welcome you without physical contact but with a winning smile. We do without handshakes and hugs.
  • In order to reduce the contact times at the check-in at the reception, you have the possibility to give us all necessary reporting data already before your arrival (the pre-check in form will be sent to you with the booking confirmation).
  • We ask you to choose contactless payment by card if possible.
  • Please wash your hands regularly with water and soap for at least 30 seconds.
  • Sneeze or cough into your elbow or into a handkerchief.
  • Please avoid touching your face with uncleaned hands.
Buffet & Restaurant
  • Our guests can help themselves to openly presented food and drinks after cleaning the hands at the disinfectant dispenser provided near the buffet.
  • In all places where you encounter a “direct opposite” at a counter there will be a protective wall for still more safety.
  • Front cooking dishes are served and not picked up from the guests themselves.
  • If you want to consume your breakfast or dinner in your room you can happily do so. We do not charge a room service surcharge.
  • Tables and seats in the public areas are positioned in such a way that a respective distance is guaranteed. Generally, there are no distance or m2 rules anymore since 1 July.
  • Until probably 10th January, 2021, a closing hour at 11 p.m. will apply and there will be no bar service. Aperos and cocktails can be served at your table in the restaurant or in the hotel lobby.
  • As usual, cleanliness and hygiene are our top priority in our house.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are provided in all public areas, at the elevators as well as in all entrance areas.
  • Door knobs in the rooms and in all public areas, elevator buttons as well as the loungers in the spa area are disinfected several times per day.
  • All our rooms are thoroughly aired several times a day. Our modern ventilation system guarantees that all public closed rooms are provided with 100 percent fresh air.
  • Enough soap for the necessary washing of the hands as well as disposable gloves in the sanitary areas are provided.
  • Magazines, brochures etc. in the public areas are also provided digitally.
  • Drinks from the mini bar and hair dryers, biros etc. are disinfected after every change of guests.
  • We have already changed to disinfectant cleaning agents and detergents before corona.
  • Those who do not want to pick up the wine menu at the moment can access our wine menu via a QR code. We recommend you to download the necessary app to your smartphone already at the beginning of your stay.
Wellness, Fitness & Beauty

A visit to our spa area is simply a must during a stay in our house. Apart from one or two minor restrictions, nothing stands in the way of this pleasure.

Reassuringly, transmission via the bathing water is almost impossible. Nevertheless, compliance with the minimum distance of 1 meter is essential. This applies especially to the edges of the pool. In this regard, we appeal to your personal responsibility, without which the implementation of the set rules is not possible.

The spa area is open and in operation as usual. However, we do emphasize the right distance. In general, the following applies:

  • With 1 July, all further distance or m2 rules have been repealed for the use of saunas, steam baths or gyms.
  • The Reflect & Restart programme will take place as usual (indoor with compliance with the minimum distance)


The legally prescribed Covid commissioner is Frau Mag. Sonja Juffinger-Konzett – she will be always here for you if you have any questions! You will always find all the latest information on our Facebook page and on Instagram.

We are looking forward to seeing you and to enabling you unforgettable holidays soon!

You can reach us at any time on +43 5376 5585 or by email at! Stay healthy.