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Unique location in the village.

Hinterthiersee is a small Tyrolean mountain village that does not rely on cheap superlatives. The brighter the lights of mass tourism shine elsewhere, the quieter and more peaceful the village gets. All who yearn for unspoiled nature will find exactly what they are looking for in Hinterthiersee.

Enjoy the sunny side of the Tyrolean Alps at Hotel Juffing to the south of the picturesque Hinterthiersee Village. Our location is blessed with sunshine all year round, so why not let the last hours of the evening fade away while sunbathing on one of the sun balconies? The outdoor pool lies sheltered in a garden of maple trees. Enjoy the sun while being protected from inclement winds at all times of the year.

No passing traffic

We are not located near any of the main roads and our guests enjoy a unique view of the Tyrolean Alps, especially the Kaiser Mountains. We are surrounded by perfectly groomed hiking trails, which are even accessible in winter. Hinterthiersee is located on a high plateau overlooking the beautiful Inn Valley – no motorways or other busy roads disturb your relaxation. The village is very ‘green’ – you only need to look out of the window to find lush pastures, cows, mountains, and of course an abundance of snow in winter.

For you, our unique location means:

Indulge in the peace and quiet in winter and summer and enjoy hikes or strolls through the pristine mountain environment. Jogging and walking are popular in Hinterthiersee in all seasons, while in winter, tobogganing and cross country skiing alone are worth a trip to Tyrol. Summer beckons cyclists, mountain bikers, and e-bike aficionados to Hinterthiersee. Whether you prefer a leisurely cycling expedition along the River Inn or a challenging mountain bike adventure to the summit of Pendling Mountain, you will love your stay! Relax and enjoy the winter sun on snuggly sheepskins or indulge in the joy of reading in the cool shade of the maple trees in the hot summer months. Plunge into the refreshing waters of our beautiful pools or just let your hair down. This is relaxation at Hotel Juffing. The noisy outside world is denied access. Your strength and joie de vivre will return.

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Natur Thiersse

Natural monument: Lake Thiersee

The idyllic Lake Thiersee is not only the namesake of our picturesque valley, but also a popular attraction for locals, holidaymakers and day-trip guests.

In winter, ice skaters leave their curved tracks on the sparkling ice; in summer, this natural bathing lake is a romantic point of attraction for hikers.