with Karin Ritzer & Melanie Stege
3 nights
in fixed timespans
per person

Course instructors: Karin Ritzer & Melanie Stege

// Aim of the class

Yoga amidst the Tyrolean mountains. Be inspired by the unique natural surroundings, the clear air and the beauty of the mountains.

// Programme

Thursday, 30.07.2020
03.00 pm: Come together with Karin and Melanie, arriving
05.00 – 06.30 pm: Aroma yoga with Karin and Melanie, let yourself be enchanted by essential oils combined with flowing yoga exercises

Friday, 31.07.2020
08.00 – 09.30 am: Hatha Yoga with Melanie
05.00 – 06.30 pm: Kundalini Yoga with Karin

Saturday, 01.08.2020
08.00 am – 02.00 pm: Hiking tour to the mountain world of Thiersee. Breathwalk with Karin, breakfast on the mountain, enjoying the mountain air, looking at the summit cross or exploring the surroundings, Hatha Yoga session on the mountain with Melanie

Sunday, 02.08.2020
08.00 am: Morning Sadhana – Kundalini Yoga with Karin – feel the flow of energy in the body and the mind

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