Hypoallergenic rooms

Unrestricted holiday fun.

By choosing a region with few allergens, people who suffer from allergies can get a well-deserved reprieve from their problems. But it is not only the holiday region that matters, but also the holiday accommodation. There are several effective measures the hotel industry can take to make a stay for people with allergies as pleasant as possible. At Hotel Juffing, we do everything we can to avoid dust and pollen in our hotel rooms and suites.

A welcoming nest made of Swiss pine wood

Our two Nature Rooms - Swiss Pine East and Swiss Pine West - are specially designed for guests with allergies. The floors and furniture are made of untreated Swiss pine wood. Architects and everyone else who uses this wood in their daily work take advantage of the positive qualities of Swiss pine wood, the “King of the Alps”. The resin and oils in this wood offer the best protection for the human body.

In these rooms you won’t feel sensitive to weather changes, and the quality of sleep has been scientifically proven to be better in a Swiss pine bed than a normal bed. The influence of Swiss pine wood is reflected in a lower heart rate during times of physical and mental stress.

Special furnishings and care

To ban dust, pollen and mites from our hypoallergenic rooms, carpets have been omitted throughout the entire hotel (the only exception is in corridors to minimise noise). All walls are painted with natural colours. Thus, it is much harder for allergens to adhere to surfaces.

We have also equipped our Nature Rooms with linen curtains. Allergy-proof mattress protectors and allergy-resistant bedding ensure that guests are not exposed to any problematic substances during sleep. Mattresses can be kept hypoallergenic with a cover, a so-called encasing.

Keeping allergens at bay is not a one-time job. Because the wood in rooms is untreated, it must be cared for regularly; for this we use an organic beeswax compound. Plus these rooms are equipped with air purifiers to reduce pollen and dust in the air.

Fragrance-free cleaning products are used to clean our rooms for allergy sufferers, and the bed linens and towels are also only washed with hypoallergenic laundry detergent. In addition, guests are provided with allergy-certified toiletries and skin products, and rooms are vacuumed with a Hepa filter, so that no dust particles are dispersed into the air.

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Naturzimmer Zirbe

Juffing - Nature Rooms

Our Nature Rooms radiate a soothing atmosphere. Guests can breathe in a special feeling of well-being thanks to the Swiss pine in these rooms. These rooms are carefully planned down to the last detail and thoughtfully furnished.

Zirben Zimmer