Staying at Hotel Juffing

On a high plateau 856 metres above sea level.

45 suites and rooms providing the ultimate in comfort are available at Hotel Juffing . Several room categories ensure that no wish remains unfulfilled. The style of the décor will enchant you with its individuality, clarity and naturalness.

Tyrolean wood and soft light guarantee warmth and cosiness. Big beds with high-quality mattresses ensure refreshing sleep. Comfortable sofas, a minibar and walk-in closets provide you with the ultimate luxury and a distinctively hospitable ambience.

Well-being, inspiration and relaxation

Living spaces as places of power and self-reflection: what lies deep within me? What resources hide deep within my core? How can I mobilise them to reach new horizons?

Activate new energies for yourself and your partner in our completely redesigned rooms. We have done everything in our power to create a new and refreshing environment in which you will feel perfectly relaxed in no time at all. Slow down, find inner peace, romance and harmony – experience everything with every fibre of your body and soul as our guest at Hotel Juffing.

Celebrating water

A bathroom at Hotel Juffing is so much more than just a place for daily personal care. The days when bathrooms were used merely to wash yourself are long gone. A bathroom is now more of a living space that allows you to distance yourself from the troubles of daily routine, to regenerate, and to communicate.

The bathroom transforms into an oasis of well-being with a sophisticated design. The elegant bathtubs or showers and basins are separated from the sleeping area by a furniture wall – this is our new bathroom. Designer Antonio Citterio created timeless bathroom fittings for Hansgrohe Axor. Flat-level XXL wet areas beckon you to enjoy a long shower.

We combine new materials with gleaming surfaces of stainless steel, while the bathtub is encased in warm wood. Warm sandstone tiles are a treat for bare feet. Wooden floors and elegant cushions ensure that you will feel at home in no time at all.


All rooms are equipped with tablet computers, tea station, minibar, safe, telephone, TV, radio, towel dryer, separate toilet and sun balcony. The materials and the appointment for our suites were chosen especially carefully. The regional stone pine, maple and nut woods we have used are extraordinarily precious. All rooms and suites have hardwood floors.

Pillows à la carte

As a special service to our guests, we offer a great selection of healthy, hypo-allergenic and soft pillows, so you can enjoy the best comfort whilst you sleep. We kindly ask you to reserve your pillow of choice at the reception before 6:00 pm.

Softbausch Compact foam pillow - firm

Firm, suitable for those with allergies, Polyurethane foam and mixed fabric cover with zip closure.

Suitable for every type of sleeper and allergy sufferers.

Down and feathers pillow trio - the divine

The pillow’s centre is made up of feathers for support and then surrounded by soft down for superior resting comfort. The pillowcase is made from fine Maco cotton and is bordered with a decorative edging.

This pillow offers incomparable sleeping comfort for every type of sleeper and is suitable for sleepers who require more support.

Cherry stone pillow - the warming pillow

Cherry stones hold temperatures well and for this reason are mostly used as natural heating pads or cold compresses. The pillow can be warmed in the oven or cooled in the refrigerator.

Ideal during the cold winter months or as a compress for injuries.

Neck support pillow - Dynamica - the relaxing pillow

The pillow has a pre-formed pillow centre made from viscoelastic foam which relaxes the neck muscles while you sleep. The pillowcase is made from cotton with an Aloe Vera finishing treatment.

Ideal for back or side sleepers.

Travel-pillow - the flexible one

Whether in the car, in the plane or in a mountain lodge: with your own soft and fluffy travel-pillow you will always be comfortable and able to sleep, wherever your journey takes you. Compact in size it can be used in every situation.

Perfect for business and leisure trips.

Natural pine pillow - the healthy pillow

Blissfully fine millet shells , which will optimally conform to your head shape, have a temperature regulating effect and are especially cuddly and soft due to the fineness of grain. The outer cover is made of quilted fine percale.

Ideal for sleeping, watching television or on a wellness lounger.

Natural spelt pillow - the relaxing one

The spelt filling offers optimal support, calms and reduces pain due to the silica contained inside. The pillow is breathable and enhances circulation. The included pine shavings further heighten your quality of sleep.

Wonderful for watching TV or just relaxing.

Natural sheep’s wool pillow - the pain reliever

Filled with cuddly sheep’s wool, this pillow has an anti-rheumatic, temperature-balancing effect, as well as high moisture absorption. The included pine shavings further heighten your quality of sleep.

Ideal for rheumatic pain or relaxation.

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for all rooms and suites

All of our rooms and suites are equipped with guest tablet computers. Our guests can access the internet conveniently and free of charge and book spa treatments from their rooms. With one click you have access to hiking routes, newspapers, the TV schedule, or your email.

We provide a hotel network, which is more easily navigable and more convenient to handle than the download of an external app.

Tea bar in every room

 “A bath refreshes the body, a cup of tea the soul…” as they say in Japan. We may not have Japanese silk wallpapers in our rooms, but we have adapted this Japanese wisdom to provide a nice surprise for our guests.

But why not combine the two and enjoy a nice bath while sipping a lovely cup of tea in your holiday home-from-home in Tyrol?

Why does sleeping at Hotel Juffing feel so divine?

  • The Hotel Juffing is found at a remote location far away from passing traffic.
  • Most guests come to Tyrol to enjoy and the peace and quiet (seminar groups, for instance).
  • excellent air quality in the rooms
  • high-quality construction materials and natural materials for wallpaper, couches, etc.
  • Maple, nut and stone pine wood furniture
  • There are no carpets in the rooms, only hardwood floors with pleasant underfloor heating in all Relax Suites and Relax Rooms.
  • Individually controlled outside blinds to darken single or multiple rooms, black-out curtains
  • high-quality mattresses add to the overall experience.
  • Down-filled blankets and a special 'Cushion Menu'
  • bedsheets washed in-house using organic detergent,
  • anti-allergy rooms (free from dust mites),
  • own tea station in your room with “Good Night” and “Good Morning” teas
  • Green Toque cuisine is light, delicious and wholesome, and perfect for a restful sleep.
  • breakfast until 10:30 am, optional in-room breakfast.

We wish you a good night’s sleep at Hotel Juffing.

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