Exfoliation - Solo and combined

For the love of your body

Affection for the soul, a unique experience for the skin - pamper yourself, relax, and enjoy. Being human means transforming yourself. We all need to balance out everyday stress. Enjoy the feeling of Tyrolean hay, fango mud and amaranth oil on your skin.


full body exfoliation

Refreshing purity

Exfoliation revitalises the skin, removes excess skin cells and leaves skin feeling delicate
and silky. It stimulates the skin’s metabolism and blood circulation. We use a coarse-grained salt
and oil scrub or a gentle apricot kernel hay extract scrub, depending on your skin type and your
requirements. The scrub is the perfect complement to our other treatments.

Duration: 25 min. € 35.00

Energy treatment

Combination of exfoliation and massage

Get re-energised and, following a cleansing and refreshing exfoliation, enjoy a tailored fullbody
massage (50 min) focusing on your personal priorities. You will feel revived, soothed and
utterly reborn.

Duration: 75 min. € 92.00

Brush treatment

Combination of dry brushing and massage

This cleansing and revitalising full-body brushing is similar to a dry scrub and, combined with
active ingredients made from birch bark extracts, leaves you with new energy and radiant skin.
This warming dry brushing with special brushes featuring natural bristles acts lymphatically,
stimulates skin circulation and metabolism, and also improves skin elasticity. After the treatment,
your skin is particularly receptive to a regenerating massage with birch oil (you can take
the natural brush home with you and continue treatment there).

Duration: 50 min. € 72.00

Balance treatment

Highlight of foot bath, foot reflexology and chakra massage

With this special JUFFING Signature treatment, we would like to inspire you, give you wings and at the same time and at the same time bring you into a state of harmony and balance: Sparkling rock crystals have captivated people for thousands of years. Rock crystal energises and harmonises body, mind and soul - in keeping with our philosophy of "balance that inspires". Enjoy a warm foot bath as a prelude. This is followed by a liberating foot reflexology massage that promotes circulation and stimulates the self-healing powers. The highlight of the treatment is an energetic chakra massage, which is performed with different gemstones and rock crystals. A beautiful treatment that also incorporates elements of sound therapy.

Duration: 100 min. € 110.00

Balance packages

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Congratulations! For this wonderful time there are certain rules and we only recommend cosmetic treatments that you can enjoy without hesitation. For all other treatments such as massages or therapies we kindly ask you for a medical certificate so that the mother’s and child’s health is not endangered or premature labour occurs.Due to the Austrian training regulations for medical masseurs and curative masseurs, we do not perform massages in case of pregnancy, regardless of the stage of pregnancy.

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