Our Maple Garden

Breathe in and think yourself free.

“A garden – it is something unfathomably beautiful and light, something that brings sensuality and confidence into your life.” Unlike a building, a beautiful garden is relatively neutral regarding its use. Or to put it poetically: let yourself be seduced. Seduced to do nothing, seduced to enjoy a book, or seduced to sunbath – experience how full life can be.

Our garden is the outdoor extension of our hotel. A maple tree stands in front of our hotel. This tree was planted in 1967 and is the “mother tree” and namesake of our maple garden. We are extremely fond of our red maple and its treetop is the first thing you will see when you arrive at Hotel Juffing. Snow white roses merrily bid you welcome.

Colourful and diverse

The colourful maple trees seem to catch fire in autumn, so intense are their colours. When you pass by, you feel like they extend their five pointed leaves like hands to greet you. Our love for maple trees led us to adorn our garden with red, green and butterfly Japanese maple, bonsai Japanese maple, colourful ash leaf maple and Rocky Mountain maple, in addition to a hornbeam hedge and an apple tree. We also planted a wild service tree because the wood in the new part of the restaurant is wild service tree wood. A beautiful paperbark casts its shadow in front of the sauna, and a beautiful fir tree is lit up brightly every Christmas season.

A flight of steps leads from the lower part of the garden to the patio, alpine herbs and roses border all paths. Sage, St. John’s wort and coreopsis sheltered by elderberry bushes, aster, strawberries, and many other bushes and groundcover plants adorn the slopes. An island of rhododendron will enchant and is a reminder of a beautiful house in Salzburg.

We use two natural stones at Hotel Juffing – Porphyry from South Tyrol and shale from the Rauris region in the Province of Salzburg. For us these are the most beautiful stones in the entire world. Porphyry naturally occurs in red, yellow and green, and we have always decided on green porphyry – smooth and polished indoors and brushed and flamed on the patio. The shale from Rauris is light grey and blue and adorns our garden. It comes from a region that is very similar to the Thiersee Valley. We love this stone and the energy it exudes.

A rain of rose petals…

Exquisite varieties of roses such as the pink Nostalgie, the violet Heidi Klum, and the orange King David were planted for a very special family member. Bushes with bright yellow Lichtkönigin Lucia roses and groundcover Sunny Roses capture this person’s breezy personality.

Marvel at beautiful varieties of English roses in our garden: ranging from a mysterious dark red and a romantic light pink to a pure white. The rose garden is especially beautiful in the evening: enjoy a romantic stroll or daydream.

We are looking forward to you enjoying the lovingly designed garden with its carefully placed details of stone and vegetation.

In winter, our garden gets especially quiet

We love when birds come to visit to pick colourful berries from the branches. The red berries of the holm oak and the rosehips shine like colourful beacons. The neighbouring church spire is covered in ivy. In its coat of vegetation it looks much more friendly and warm in winter than a naked building. The boxwood trimmed into spheres looks lovely in winter. The heads of the first Christmas roses peek through the snow in February. We pay special attention to the garden in the evening, lighting it with romantic candles and torches. Is there anything more beautiful than lounging in the outside pool and enjoying the magical winter garden?

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The merry maple tree

A maple tree stands for harmony, a unity of opposites, peace and calm, offered and accepted love, hard work, craft, care, balance, promise. It is also a symbol of restraint.

According to the tree lexicon, the tree in our garden stands for calmness, peace, inner harmony and confidence. It helps human beings who are torn between two extremes to find inner peace while relaxing in its shade.

The maple tree teaches us that the only thing we need to fear is fear itself. Maple helps in all kinds of frightening situations, from the sudden shock of a door slamming behind us to a deep fear we carry inside that was caused years ago.