Soothing Massages

Soothe stress and tension.

Do yourself some good and enjoy a breather, pamper your body and live in the moment. This will help you lie back and relax. Stimulating massages make you feel more balanced, whilst cosy warmth ensures particularly good rest. Using soothing massage techniques your skin will be cared for intensively and sensual bathing experiences will further enhance well-being.

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Each of our special treatments can be booked alongside your stay at the Juffing Hotel & Spa by using our online price calculator to book online.
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If you have already booked your stay with us, you are still able to add our special treatments to your stay
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Due to the Austrian training regulations for medical masseurs and curative masseurs, we do not perform massages in case of pregnancy, regardless of the stage of pregnancy.
We kindly ask for your understanding that we may only accept treatment requests from the cosmetician, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. If, despite contrary recommendations, you wish to have treatments, we require a medical certificate for all treatments (except for cosmeticians).

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