Soothing Massages

Soothe stress and tension.

Do yourself some good and enjoy a breather, pamper your body and live in the moment. This will help you lie back and relax. Stimulating massages make you feel more balanced, whilst cosy warmth ensures particularly good rest. Using soothing massage techniques your skin will be cared for intensively and sensual bathing experiences will further enhance well-being.

Without health everything is nothing

Full Body Massage

The popular classic

Skilled hands massage your body, easing tension, loosening knots and promoting
deep relaxation. You’ll feel truly free again.

Duration: 50 min. € 68.00 Duration: 80 min. € 108.00

Foot Reflexology Massage

Loosens knots and stimulates nerve pathways

The foot reflexology massage uses various pressure points and treatment
techniques to focus on the foot’s individual reflex zones, which are linked
to the rest of the body.

Duration: 50 min. € 68.00

Combination Massage

The perfect combination

The combination massage is made up of foot reflexology and a back massage,
helping you enjoy the beneficial effects of both treatments.

Duration: 50 min. € 68.00

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Therapy that unblocks and purifies

Special, large-scale manual techniques gently stimulate the lymphatic system,
increasing the transportation of waste products out of the body. Particularly
effective with repeated treatments.

Duration: 50 min. € 68.00

Manual lymphatic drainage package of 3 (3 x 50 min.)

Therapy that unblocks and purifies

Special, large-scale manual techniques gently stimulate the lymphatic system,
increasing the transportation of waste products out of the body. Particularly
effective with repeated treatments.

Duration: 150 min.

Back Massage

Feel yourself unwind

Instant relaxation and relief for the back. This treatment consists of a short
back scrub followed by a back, neck, shoulder and upper arm massage.

Back massage Duration: 50 min. € 68.00 Back massage package I 3x 50 min Duration: 150 min. € 170.00 Duration: 150 min. € 170.00

Anti stress - head&neck treatment

Pure stress relief

Mindful massage techniques loosen tension in the area of the shoulders, head and neck. They have both a relieving and strengthening effect. Let our trained therapists introduce you to the world of stress relief and liberated thinking. Enjoy soothing movements for the head, shoulder and neck region, so often affected by everyday life, and say goodbye to insomnia, poor con- centration, fatigue and headaches. Dive into the world of freedom from pain and relax with targeted treatment of the fascia to alleviate tension and stress. These techniques release knots and support your body in its process of recovery and regeneration.

Duration: 50 min. € 65.00

sports trigger point massage

Just the ticket for sporty guests

Ideal for activation, training preparation or post-workout relaxation and regeneration, the
sports trigger point massage relaxes and regenerates your body at both a muscular and fascial
level. The entire body is given an effective treatment using specialist massage tools, stretching
elements and classic moves, paying close attention to trigger points. The benefits of the
massage are boosted by the use of a massage lotion featuring extracts of Siberian ginseng and
guarana, together with genuine ‘Zechstein Magnesium Oil’.

Duration: 25 min. € 39.00 Duration: 50 min. € 68.00

natural alpine strength

A very special combination of Alpine mud and back massage

Highly effective, fragrant Alpine mud improves circulation, supports the metabolism and has
a relieving effect on connective tissue. The pack, which is applied to the back, is the perfect
preparation for subsequent treatment. You will then enjoy an intensive back, shoulder and neck
massage (50 min) that relieves tension and leaves you wonderfully relaxed.

Duration: 70 min. € 85.00

tailored focus massage

Just what your body needs

Still undecided and want to reserve valuable treatment time for you and your partner? Have
personal questions or specific topics you want to discuss in person? Book your appointment
now and simply decide what you’d like when you’re here.

Duration: 50 min. € 68.00 Duration: 80 min. € 108.00

Fascia treatment

Deep effect fascia therapy

Fascia form a network of connective tissue linked from head to toe via muscle fascia chains.
This means that treatment can alleviate tension in the calves, shoulders and neck – and it can
even relieve headaches. Specialist moves and fascia tools loosen the tissue using pushing and
compression techniques. This is a full-body treatment in three steps: step one involves releasing
the superficial fascia (specialist techniques are used to loosen knots in the upper layers of
fascia). The next step loosens the deep fascia and the muscles, using a powerful massage to treat
entire fascia chains and muscle points in order to correct deep-seated problems. Step three
involves regulating tension (big, flowing, rhythmic movements ensure particularly deep relaxation
and trigger regeneration processes). Increase the effectiveness of this fascia treatment by
taking part in a free fascia training session as part of our Reflect & Restart programme.

"Getting to know you" Duration: 45 min. € 58.00 "Deep impact" Duration: 60 min. € 78.00 "Intensive" Duration: 70 min. € 89.00

Holistic offers to come down

for health and well-being

Thai Yoga Massage

Nuad Sen Boran
Nuad Sen Boran, which originated in India, translates to "traditional meridian massage." This therapy actually has much in common with manual therapy, trigger point treatment, fascia therapy, classical massage and osteopathy. Techniques are oriented around classic meridians with the aim of allowing blocked energies to flow. This is a holistic approach, which treats the person from head to toe with the aim of improving blood circulation throughout out the entire body, loosening the joints and stretching the muscles. This special massage is always performed on the floor. The person receiving treatment wears light, comfortable clothing.
Duration: 90 min. € 95.00

Chakra energy massage

Your personal path to harmony and inner balance

Delicately scented pure chakra oils, energetically guided massage techniques and the targeted use of precious stones for your energy centres ensure profound relaxation. Experience a whole new level of well-being.

Duration: 50 min. € 72.00

Original AromaTouch™

The fragrant relaxing energy treatment with pure, therapeutic aromatherapy oils

The AromaTouch Technique® is the application of essential oil to the back and feet. This technique combines the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience. The essential oils used in the AromaTouch Technique were chosen for their individual and combined aromatic properties.

The treatment

  • has a calming and balancing effect on body, mind and soul
  • supports the body's immune system
  • supports a healthy inflammatory response
Duration: 60 min. € 82.00

Hot-Stone Massage

Time-honoured recuperation for body and soul

We begin this deeply relaxing treatment by stimulating the seven energy centres of your body using warm basalt stones. The subsequent gentle aromatherapy oil massage stimulates the lym- phatic system and has a relieving, calming effect on the nervous system.

Duration: 70 min. € 95.00

Singing Bowls treatment

Body and mind in harmony

This treatment in comfortable (cotton) clothes involves placing singing bowls directly on the body. The vibrations have a relaxing effect on the muscles and organs, while the sound relaxes the mind, promotes energy harmonisation and calms the soul. The energy released helps the immune system mobilise self-healing powers. This singing bowl treatment contributes to rapid mental and emotional relaxation and can be booked for Monday and Tuesday mornings. Further appointments on request.

Duration: 50 min. € 85.00

Treatment according to Dorn-Breuss

With the Dorn-Breuss method, the spine is at the centre.

A treatment according to Dorn-Breuss means an energetic back massage followed by a relaxation of the deep back muscles in standing and sitting. The therapist uses St. John's wort oil to carry out a gentle back massage, which releases mental and physical tension. This massage strengthens the spine and brings energy back into flow. The aim of the massage according to Dorn-Breuss is to correct a possible malposition of the vertebrae during a movement by gentle pressure on the spinous processes. The focus is on a static restoration of a straight spine.


Duration: 60 min. € 78.00
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