SPA Philosophy

A place of balance and well-being.

We define ourselves as a wellness and spa hotel, and we are committed to creating a pleasant and professional hotel atmosphere that allows our guests to relax and regenerate body and soul and to regain their energy.

We base our understanding of wellness on the definition by Illing: “Wellness is a comprehensive approach to attain well-being in body, soul and mind through vitality and relaxation at the same time.” Since we put our emphasis on a sensual holiday of indulgence in combination with numerous alpine sports, we define Hotel Juffing as a spa hotel encompassing the range of different wellness movements.

SPA is the acronym of Sanus per Aquam and reflects the affinity of the Ancient Romans with bathing culture. “Spas are places devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit.”

Our 5 spa pillars

To restore balance between body, mind and soul, we have based the principles of our spa on the following pillars:

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Movement in a gentle alpine environment

All life is movement. From aqua-fitness to Pilates and Qigong – hiking, e-biking and mountain biking in summer to cross country skiing, Nordic walking and snow shoe hiking in winter. All kinds of movement support passive treatments and make you happy and content. Have a look at our weekly programme!

Atmosphere of peace and harmony

People who are stressed need relaxation. Anyone who meditates on a regular basis will be familiar with the healing power of relaxation. Time in nature, a leisurely stroll through a forest, for example, can work wonders. An atmosphere of peace and quiet is very important to us at Hotel Juffing. You will finally have time for yourself and your stay should be as relaxing as possible.


We offer you an inspiring environment to decelerate your life and to be more mindful of the moment. We deliberately refrained from installing extra treatment rooms in favour of a spa library, where known authors frequently give readings. Numerous games, newspapers, iPads and other sources of inspiration await you. How convenient that our hotel was built on a power spot next to the church in Hinterthiersee.

Effective treatments

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and often it is more about charisma and feeling comfortable in one’s own skin. In our treatments, we deliberately do not use apparative cosmetology but provide a wide range of natural cosmetics - from the highly effective anti-aging line Skin Regimen from [ comfort zone ] to the natural cosmetics from Vinoble. The optimal starting point for some time-off is a soothing massage or a nice pack. Here we only use the pure oils from Pino.

Healthy diet

Wellness and a healthy diet go hand-in-hand. We greatly value our natural cuisine – regional and seasonal products, and a quality rewarded with several awards and quality seals, such as the Green Toque. The Green Toque also ensures a wide range of sophisticated culinary delights for vegetarians, to ensure that we approach the goals of the spa treatment comprehensively.

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Juffing Balance Spa

A place to relax mind, body and soul. We are passionate about enjoyable holistic health and wellness. Nestled in the picturesque Tirolean landscape, we are dedicated to the well-being and health of our guests.

When you visit Juffing, you will experience both relaxation and revitalisation – our ‘Uplifting Balance’. It is our aim to create an unforgettable spa experience from the basics of nutrition, sleep, movement, therapy and stress management, which you can then draw on for strength and energy after your stay. Alongside pampering and relaxation, we are also a place of inspiration for mindfulness and a happy lifestyle. We focus on mental health and personal development.

Top Relax Guide Award

The Relax Guide checks more than 2,500 hotels every year using clear guidelines. Anonymous tests yield the best hotels. In the latest Relax Guide Spa Award, Hotel Juffing scored 18 out of 20 points and was awarded three lilies, putting it in the same league as the best wellness hotels. Our hotel is among the top wellness hotels in the Province of Tyrol.

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Relaxation, new energy, inner peace

We fulfill all your desires for recreation, rest and nature.