Reflect & Restart weekly programme

Seven days for your well-being

Take some precious time out from your holiday at Juffing Hotel & Spa for an extra health boost. We offer regular free group fitness classes in our finely-crafted Reflect & Restart programme, which changes weekly. We recommend yoga and meditation, relaxation techniques, hikes and forest bathing sessions throughout the week. It’s easy for beginners to join in, while more experienced guests will find the small groups and individual expert treatment appealing and stimulating in equal measure.

You will receive detailed information about the programme on arrival. We would be happy to provide the current programme for the following week a few days before you arrive – just drop us a quick e-mail and we’ll send it to you.

Restart & Reflect means starting something on holiday that you can carry on at home in order to achieve longterm regeneration. You will be given tailored tips and recommendations for reducing stress in your everyday life at home. We look forward to welcoming you!

The following is a brief overview of the courses on offer (subject to change).

// Aqua aerobics

Water gymnastics to improve mobility and endurance.

// Legs, bum and tum

Strengthen your abdomen, legs and buttocks. Train on a mat using your own body weight.

// Breath & Walk

BreathWalk® is a dynamic exercise programme. The effectiveness of yoga walking is based on the synchronisation of conscious breath control, simple yoga exercises and meditative mindfulness. The exercises support the improvement of health, stress reduction, and physical and mental fitness.
BreathWalk® is a fitness programme that helps you take time out and connect with nature in all its facets – leaving you refreshed, warmed up and in a great mood.

// DeepWORK

deepWORK® is an intense, multifunctional training consisting of Western training culture (cardio, HIIT) in combination with Eastern life philosophy (5 elements, yin & yang). The exercises are executed barefoot and in varying intensity. The body will be balanced both physically and mentally.

// Fascia training

Fascia are essential for general mobility. They form a network of connective tissue linked from head to toe via muscle fascia chains. Mental stress, surgery, bad posture and lack of exercise can lead to the fascia shortening and hardening. Sufficient movement and targeted exercises can relax the fascia. It’s important to not overdo fascia training when you begin. Experts advise 2-3 sessions a week, each lasting no more than 20 minutes.

// Fünf Tibeter

‘Fünf Tibeter’ (‘The Five Tibetans’) is an energy programme for mind, body and soul. The exercises featured in this targeted physical, breathing and mindfulness training course are based on classic Hatha yoga.

// Jogging

There are beautiful scenic running routes of various lengths and difficulty levels starting right in front of the hotel. There are also plenty of other summer and winter activities in the surrounding area.

// Pilates

A special exercise programme to improve mobility while boosting core and postural muscles.

// Back stabilisation

Strengthens the muscles needed to stabilise the spine, helping relieve or prevent back pain. Training on a mat using your own body weight, possibly also using smallscale equipment.

// Creative sauna

We present special sauna infusions several times a week as a special highlight. These include the classic Tirolean infusion, the 4 elements infusion, the stimulating infusion and the good night infusion.

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Treasures of the forest

Every Thursday from 10.00 am, Barbara Brunner accompanies our guests through the Modalwald and introduces you to the art of forest bathing. It is about the smell of the forest, contemplating natural pictures and the sounds of the forest. For rustling forests do not only remind you of the forest because of their sound. You can also bathe in them and this is exactly what the musician and trained forest bathing therapist Barbara shows you in a sensitive and wonderfully unique way. Forest bathing is so close to our heart that we have put this form of mental therapy on our weekly programme. From 13 June 2019 every Thursday, all year round.

// Stretch & Relax

The combination of stretches with relaxation exercises make the body more flexible and allow your mind to rest.

// Forest bathing

Forest bathing has become a serious trend. Those who entirely immerse themselves in the woods are doing something for their health – Shinrin-yoku is considered a form of medicine in Japan. Forest bathing is more than going for a walk or hike in the woods. It’s about mindfulness training and the conscious perception of the forest. You switch off, come to rest and find yourself.

// Yoga

We offer various yoga classes: Kundalini yoga is a holistic yoga system with dynamic, meditative, strengthening, relaxing, healing and revitalising exercises. This combination of movements, conscious breath control, meditation and relaxation offers a variety of techniques enabling you to find your own path to greater health, balance and self-expression. Hatha yoga, too, aims to find the balance between body and mind through physical exercises (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. Aroma yoga, on the other hand, combines yoga exercises with rich scents and oils that have been shown to stimulate body and mind. The scents increase all the positive effects of yoga on mind, body and soul.

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