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The best reasons that speak for a valuable timeout at the Juffing

Balance that gives wings
Balance, die beflügelt
Hotel Juffing is about the art of well-being and thus the combination of relaxing time-out and affirmative lifestyle. The claim “Balance that gives wings” includes serenity and harmony, but also inspiration and activation. We make it possible for our guests to interrupt phases of strain by moments of relaxation. Living polarity and thus gaining balance is the art of a well-balanced life and we see to it with all our strength.
Hotel for adults
The Juffing is a family-run spa hotel in the third generation with 53 rooms, 35 employees and every imaginable discreet luxury. Style beats swank and our house is a romantic hideaway, inspiring boutique hotel, delicate Small Luxury house and a precious retreat for adults. Adults only means relaxation and recreation for guests from 16 years.
Balance Spa
Balance Spa
Experience the generously expanded spa area with quiet rooms, water, sauna and fitness world exclusively for hotel guests on a 2,000 m² area. In a time that has more and more demands for everyone, physical and mental balance is more important than ever. In our Balance Spa, you can take full advantage of your individual life energy to meet everyday life’s challenges in good health, fit and powerfully over a long term. Knowing the manifold positive effects of water, you enter a place of regeneration and individuality. An inspiring atmosphere and a team of experts that does excellent things for your health every day will await you.
Inspiring architecture and dreamlike rooms
Beflügelnde Architektur
A bright, light-flooded ambience and high-quality materials. Our rooms and suites as an ideal free space with the best outlooks. Generously dimensioned rooms with elegance and well-being with a bright ambience that mirrors the colours of heaven. Large window facades allow a free view of the landscape. With high-end technique and nevertheless knowing in which place you are at the moment: in Tyrol, surrounded by Tyrolean handicraft, in an old parlour without embellishments. A hotel as a personal regeneration and energising zone with a large portion of privacy and individuality.
Sun-spoilt location, idyll in the mountains
Sonnenverwöhnte Lage, Idylle in den Bergen
Southward facing dream location in Hinterthiersee - the Juffing unites the most attractive side of the Thierseetal valley with a large portion of sunny hospitality. To us, luxury means the beautiful nature and dreamlike landscape panoramas on the doorstep. No passing traffic, one hour from Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck and yet in another world. In a quiet location with innumerable possibilities to be active around the hotel. Recreation in quietude for your mind.
Green Toque cuisine
Grüne Hauben Küche
Eat healthy! Excellent healthy cuisine with seasonal fresh products from the region. Partially certified organic by conviction. The Juffing offers a young and modern interpretation of a venerable well-being hotel and creative, healthy culinary. Awarded with the Green Toque Austria, our employees cook in a new high-tech kitchen and unite innovative technology with handed-down recipes. Our cuisine is light to fit the present time.
Balance between day and night - The Juffing Sleep Concept
Balance zwischen Tag und Nacht
What if the world was just a little tired? People who are rested, relaxed, reflected and in a positive mood radiate this and see the world with other eyes. To be inspired means to be free from the bonds of everyday life, to be light and weightless, to recognise chances more easily instead of just seeing the problems. Our balance sleep concept consists of the following components: A quiet location without passing traffic where it cools down at night on hot summer days, different bed systems according to room category, balance suites with hand-made luxury beds of the Swedish brand Hästens, a special pillow menu with different health pillows, organic evening tea in your room and literature about mindfulness in our library and a lot more.
Reflect & Restart weekly programme
With our weekly programme you can purposefully turn your holiday stay into a precious time for your health. We offer yoga and meditation, relaxation techniques, hikes and forest bathing throughout the whole week. Beginners are invited to have the courage to try it in a relaxed atmosphere and advanced guests are addressed and supported by experts who give individual supervision. Beginning to reflect means: starting during your holidays and continuing at home to receive a sustainable recreative value. You get individual tips and recommendations to live a stress-reduced daily life at home.
Holidays can be so green
Urlaub kann so grün sein
Sustainable tourism and luxury travelling are no contradiction. Organic products in the kitchen and in the cellar, a sustainable energy policy with renewable resources, certified organic natural cosmetics according to BDIH and ICEA in the spa. Holistic treatment methods. It smells like wood, flowers and fresh mountain air.
Embrace the moment
Umarme den Augenblick
“Balance that gives wings” is also, or especially, created from atmosphere and experiencing. The focus is on people with whom you want to spend precious time, who you value and that you cherish and like to hug. You relax in a safe place shielded from the world where you do not need to be vigilant and on guard, looked after by a caring team. At the Juffing you can endlessly talk about the big and small things of life or sit down together in peaceful silence. It is about well-being and a condition of warmth, friendliness and respect.
Uncountable possibilities to be active around the hotel.
Love for literature and wine
Liebe zu Literatur
Regular readings by selected authors and wine tasting will provide you with special moments.
Mental wellness
Mentale Wellness
Our focus is on mental wellness and goes hand in hand with a holistic view and further development of wellness. The search for moments of happiness as a contrast to being always available and a flood of information draws guests to Hinterthiersee. Concentration on the really important things, few distraction, inspiring conversations, seclusion, meditation and “yoga at the steeple” (every day a yoga lesson for different levels) support the concept. Thanks to our excitement for literature, our libraries are places of wisdom. People who wish to gain more inner balance by reducing stress practice the art of letting go and focusing on the essential, together with our relaxation experts. The aim is mental fitness and to regain inner peace and balance. Thus, the Juffing enables a journey to your heart. To stimulate all senses we have created a place made of sound, light, colour, space, warmth and comfort. The aim is a deeply relaxing effect that affects the body’s regeneration and its ability to heal itself. The mental well-being encompasses relaxation and stress management methods such as autogenous training, yoga, Taiji, deep work, resonance baths or simply unintentional wandering, strolling and enjoying. It works and you will breathe through.
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