Mindfulness & yoga at the Juffing

Retreats & workshops

The Juffing lies in a small village, in quietude and seclusion. In this landscape, looked after by attentive employees and surrounded by a modern ambience, mental relaxation and thus regaining strength is a piece of cake.

The mental spa offers at the Juffing include methods of relaxation and stress management such as autogenous training, yoga, tai-chi and progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson but also passive elements such as sauna, infrared heat, massage, treading water, walking barefoot etc. We show you possibilities how to reach inner peace and how to recharge your batteries.

Yoga teachers

Jasmin Pirchmoser - chakra yoga, hormone yoga,...

Mag. Yasmin Pirchmoser first got in touch with yoga & meditation through her mother. Two-year yoga teacher training according to Sivananda/Hatha Yoga. Further training with Nischala Joy Devi (USA) “Yoga for life-threatening diseases” and “chakra yoga”, “yoga for a better sleep” with Dr. Rubin Neiman (USA) as well as “hormone yoga” with Dinah Rodriguez. Training as a human energy healer, pelvic floor training.

Karin Ritzer & Melanie Stege - Kundalini yoga teachers,...

Kundalini yoga teachers 3HO, Breathwalk instructors
Yoga teachers for pregnancy and postpartum


Gabi Innerhofer - Yin yoga, Aerial yoga, yoga during pregnancy,...

Training as a kindergarten pedagogue, day care pedagogue and occupational therapist. Hatha yoga teacher (internationally certified yoga teacher training, 500 hours, American Yoga Alliance) at the Yoga Academy Salzburg with Janaki Arnet from 2010 to 2013. Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Yoga during pregnancy.

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Mindfulness and yoga offer

Our mindfulness and yoga offer is accompanied by experienced and competent instructors and encompasses the following components:

  • All year round we offer various workshops at special dates and with themes like e.g. “Starting the year positive with yoga”, “Strength from silence” or “Energizing Retreat”.
  • Every day, individual yoga and coaching classes can be booked.
  • In addition, we offer daily, free group classes within our Reflect & Restart programme.

Beauty, health, joie de vivre.

To feel happy in your skin, to strengthen the individual and bring balance.