Healthy sleep in your Tyrol holidays

Welcome to the Juffing
nirvana of sleep

You would like to be well rested, alert and full
of life? You want to increase your well-being
through recreative sleep? Then you will be at
the right place at the Juffing hotel, a spa hotel
where guests will enjoy first-class sleep. 

Good sleep is an important part of our spa offer. It gives vitality and strengthens the immune system. People regenerate, grow and learn while they sleep. And one thing is certain: well rested people are friendlier and more docile contemporaries. 

Woman sitting in a chair
Enough sleep

The basis of a healthy life

Resting and recovering well on vacation in Tyrol is at the top of our guests' wish list. We are particularly concerned with classic problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night and would like to support those guests who can't get down at night and for whom the carousel of thoughts keeps spinning.

Evening rituals in the spa or gentle exercise sessions are particularly popular as part of our Reflect & Restart programme. Our light meals and guided meditations also make healthy sleep a priority for our guests. Lots of exercise outdoors and no TV in the evening leads to the best deep sleep results, not only in Thiersee.


Use your free time at the Juffing and sleep long. And we say with full certainty: Welcome to the Juffing sleep nirvana!

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Terrace with view of mountains
Gourmet dish
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Illustration dream catcher
Parts of the balance that inspires-concept

Why do you sleep so well at the Juffing?

It is a pleasure for us when you meet the new day well-rested and energetic with all your senses, with an alert mind and cordiality. It is only in the waking hours that you realize how well you have slept, and it is our desire to provide you with the deep sleep you need.

PILLOWS À LA CARTE - our service in the boutique hotel
Are you a stomach or back sleeper? Does your neck need special support or have you always wanted to try a pine pillow? Each of us has our preferences when it comes to pillows, and that's why we are happy to offer you a versatile selection. Choose from our great pillow menu healthy, allergy-friendly or cuddly pillows and enjoy the best sleeping comfort at the Juffing.

The beds

  • State-of-the-art mattresses
  • Handmade luxury bed brand Hästens in the Balance Suites Morgenrot, Himmelblau and Abendrot
  • Down-filled blankets and a special 'Cushion Menu' with different health cushions 
  • our valuable down blankets can be exchanged for light summer blankets anytime
  • anti-allergenic cushions, blankets and covers washed in-house using organic detergent
Bright hotel room

Good sleep and room quality at the Juffing

  • excellent air quality in the Relax rooms and suites
  • high-quality construction materials and natural materials for wallpaper, couches, etc.
  • maple, nut, larch and stone pine wood furniture
  • no carpets in the rooms, only hardwood floors with pleasant underfloor heating
  • anti-allergy rooms
  • own tea station in your room with “Good Night” and “Good Morning” teas
  • yoga mats and meditation cushions
  • small book “noteworthy” to write down thoughts that won’t let you sleep at night
  • individually controlled outside blinds to darken the room or black-out curtains in certain rooms
Woman doing yoga in front of mountains

Good sleep and the Juffing spa offer

  • special offers for a good sleep at the Balance Spa (the energetic chakra massage e.g. specially promotes sleep)
  • evening rituals and gentle exercise included in the Reflect & Restart programme
  • guided evening meditations
  • literature about mindfulness in our library
  • daybeds for a nap at the spa
Outdoor view of hotel Juffing

Good sleep and location of the hotel

  • quiet location with excellent mountain air and without through traffic
  • recreation and quietude seeking guests (no seminar groups etc.)
  • cool down at night on hot summer days
Gourmet dish surrounded by nettles

Good sleep and the light Juffing cuisine

  • Green Toque cuisine - light, easily digestible, tolerable
  • nutrition which does not weigh down
  • breakfast until 10.30 am
  • breakfast in your room anytime available
Brought right into your room

Ingenious slumber tips for awakened people

Are you a fan of natural sleep aids?

Then there are many simple remedies against sleeplessness and restlessness in challenging phases of life which we do not want to keep from you in your well-deserved holidays. 

From grandma's bag of tricks

We will be happy to bring you warm milk with honey to your room. Or do you prefer the plant-based alternative, the Ayurvedic golden milk with plant milk, curcuma, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and honey?


What you yourself can do for a better sleep?

What do you think of digital detox? Consciously turning off your mobile devices relaxes the mind which is constantly on stand-by. In the Clarissa and Victoria suites you can additionally switch off your WLAN and access the internet via a cable connection.

For all romantics

Here we recommend the Juffing cosy nest. With it, you will definitely give your partner a loving surprise.


Sleep mask & cushion

We will be happy to prepare a herbal pillow with hops, lavender, valerian, balm, spruce needles, primroses or rose petals. And at the reception you can order a "Sleep yourself healthy" sleep mask anytime.

Do you suffer from cold feet?

No problem! We will be happy to bring a hot-water bottle to your bed. 

Of course, the topic "snoring" is also to be considered

Against the relationship killer No. 1 we recommend to book the following room categories: Relax room "Zirbe ost" or Balance Suite "Morgenrot" with two separate bedrooms. 

Or you decide upon a room combination of two separate single rooms, e.g. single room "Ida" plus single room "Sonnwend".