Yoga at the Juffing Hotel & Spa in Tyrol

Daily yoga
for your well-being

We love life in its most beautiful form:
With exercise, yoga, pleasure, rest, meditation
and serenity.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the energy.

Take your time for yourself and bring the body and mind in balance.

Yoga room of hotel Juffing
Two women practising yoga at the retreat in the Tyrolean mountains
Hand with gong
Our yoga offer at the
Juffing Hotel & Spa in Hinterthiersee

You want to practise yoga in tyrol in your holidays or begin with it? In the yoga room of the Juffing Hotel & Spa with floor-to-ceiling windows we will offer daily yoga lessons, private sessions, workshops, retreats and above all the personal space exclusively for our guests which will make yoga so powerful.

Our yoga programme

Our experienced yoga instructors will accompany you in small groups and let you experience the thousands of years old knowledge of yoga directly. You will discover how good it feels when the body is light, the mind clear and the soul free. And we look forward to accompanying you on your holiday with us at the Yoga Hotel in Tyrol in the Thierseetal.


Daily yoga
Private sessions
Workshops for beginners

3 yoga lessons per day

Group doing yoga outside, the pool is steaming

Dynamic yoga in the morning | every day at 8 am

A round hour in the morning which strengthens the whole body, stretches it and vitalises it to every little cell. Breathing and concentration exercises will round off this hour and make you fit for a successful start of the day.

Woman doing yoga in the garden

Regenerative yoga in the afternoon | every day at 4.10 pm

The yoga lesson in the afternoon will vitalise and regenerate you with physical, breathing and concentration exercises on all levels. Perfect after a hike or during your spa visit in our Yoga Hotel in Tyrol.

Woman meditation in yoga room

Gentle yoga in the evening | every day at 5.10 pm

The yoga lesson in the evening will drain stress from every cell with physical, breathing and concentration exercises and will allow the whole system to recharge. Afterwards you will be ready for an enjoyable dinner and recreative sleep. 

Personal yoga only for you

Women doing yoga

Would you like to dedicate specific time to your practice together with one of our teachers? In a Private Session we will take our time to concentrate entirely on your goals. In doing so, we can work individually on a topic or even find the appropriate variations in case of injuries/limitations.

All Private Sessions include:

  • individual themes and focuses
  • individual sequences
  • recording of the sessions (with your smartphone) for your practice at home.

Private sessions can be booked for singular persons or also for two persons and cost € 75.00 per hour. 


On Monday & Saturday in our Yoga Hotel in Tyrol

People with yogamats

You want to start with yoga or begin again after a pause?

Or do you ask yourself: What is yoga?
Then this workshop will be right for you. In 60 or 90 minutes you will get an introduction to the most important yoga positions as part of a one-to-one lesson, the Sun Salutation as well as breathing and meditation techniques of yoga and learn the basics of a safe and effective practice. 

Yoga for beginners:
When? Daily! We would be happy to inform you about our individual one-to-one training offer.


Alpine yoga in summer & winter

Woman doing yoga in the snow

What could be better than spending a retreat in a yoga hotel in the middle of Tyrol?

Retreats are a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and spend a few days with yoga, nature and open space. We offer daily yoga sessions that are included in the price. The whole hotel with its diverse Reflect and Begin programme and highly trained yoga teachers is thus a unique "retreat" and combines the wonderful nature of the surroundings with intensive yoga practice.

Would you like to get an overview of the courses?

Which kind of yoga can you expect at the Yoga Hotel Juffing?

"Hatha Yoga. Aroma Yoga. Yin Yoga. Detox Yoga. Easy Flow Yoga, Immun Yoga." - at the Yoga Hotel Juffing in Tyrol you will experience a range of yoga styles. They complete the offer of the Reflect & Restart Programme, which stands for intelligent, true-to-life yoga. Without dogma, yet with individual assistance and much heart.

It is important to us that the thousands of years old knowledge of yoga is made tangible in a modern way and to give you sustainable methods which will create well-being on all levels. After all every kind of wellness is only possible if we also feel comfortable in ourselves and in our body. 


More on the Reflect & Restart programme

Last but not least yoga comes alive through the people who teach it

Our yoga teachers at the Yoga Hotel Juffing in Tyrol are not only excellently trained and experienced but they also contribute their very individual styles. 
Unique approaches combined with authenticity, warmth, naturalness and the shared love for what they do. 

Who are our yoga teachers

Markus Gandler
Certified yoga teacher with yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Retreat House in Reith near Kitzbühel. The certificate of completion meets the RYS 200 standard of the Yoga Alliance.

Markus Gandler has been employed as an excellent masseur in our house for years. What is particularly important to Markus: "Feel the silence, hear the silence, touch and taste the silence. Silence is the music of your soul." For him, power lies in silence: regular relaxation has a similar effect as the cooling system of a car, which protects the engine from overheating. Unnecessary tension not only causes discomfort, it also robs our energy reserves. Migraines, a tense neck or aching joints can be the result. Without regular relaxation, body and mind become overloaded and can no longer function properly. Deep relaxation happens on three levels - physical, mental and spiritual - and is the most natural way to recharge with energy. As a masseur and yoga teacher, he sees the guest in his entirety and practices yoga himself every day in order to be able to apply the basic principles of yoga through physical exercises, breathing, relaxation, nutrition and positive thinking.

Sonja Bauer
Masseuse, health trainer with diploma, certified yoga trainer and and yoga instructor (in training)
Woman doing yoga

"What you think today will create your future self!” Buddha

Born in Graz, Sonja was drawn to the health sector immediately after she had finished her degree in sociology. After over ten years of group practice and many further trainings in the areas of sports and massage, yoga became the centre of her own practice.
It is the wonderful experience of yoga – a mixture of physical & mental strength, relaxation and a positive life philosophy – that Sonja also wants to impart to her participants in the yoga hours at the Juffing.

Anna Folmer
Certified yoga instructor (500 hours) with over 20 years of teaching practice
Woman doing yoga

She obtained her Power Yoga certificate in 1999 and her yoga instructor certificate (500 hours) in 2016. Anna’s experience as a yoga instructor led her from the East coast of the USA to Singapore (where she taught under a coconut tree) to the US west coast and to Europe. In addition to her passion for yoga she completed a master’s degree in environmental economics and environmental education.

Anna teaches yoga for every level and every age group. In her dynamic Vinyasa hours she can easily compete with Olympic athletes, in her gentler lessons she even gets 95-year old ladies to change from a sitting to a standing position and to do different gentle poses with her loving way of teaching. She also shows her calming and soft nature as a yoga instructor for pregnant women where she can benefit from much experience thanks to four children of her own. Recently she broadened her horizon with yoga for people suffering from trauma or PTSD such as veterans and female victims of abuse. Anna is a wonderful mixture of hard and soft. Thanks to her many travels to India and her immediate understanding of its culture, Anna teaches her lessons with unique sensitivity. Participants love her strong, challenging Vinyasa lessons while others only know her as a gentle teacher. But all of her participants share a common feeling of comfort as Anna makes alignment an integral part of every lesson. Her students often tell that Anna encourages them to do positions which they had not dreamt of doing before.

Your journey begins now. When the mind becomes calmer and the energy more peaceful, we have reached our goal. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more!