Winter holidays off piste in the Thierseetal

Tobogganing, ice skating & cross-country skiing in Tyrol

Pirouette on two skates at Lake Thiersee, whizz down the natural toboggan runs in the Thierseetal valley after a hearty snack, or discover cross-country skiing as an endurance winter sport on fantastic trails - winter in the Thierseetal valley is especially fun off the slopes.

Fancy a toboggan ride?

Fantastically beautiful toboggan runs and cosy alpine huts in Tyrol are simply a must during wonderful winter holidays. The locals as well as our guests have great fun with a future toboggan run - look forward to unforgettable hours in the snow. 

Our guests can use the hotel's own super-fast toboggans free of charge.


Perfect for one of the four natural toboggan runs in Thiersee:
Kala Alm natural toboggan run

Refreshments available in the Kala Alm

Length: 3.5 km, floodlights, rentals available at the Kala Alm

The nicest toboggan runs don’t always take place during the day underneath a clear blue sky. Night-time is also a great time to enjoy the flood-lit toboggan run and have fun in the huts on the Kala Alm (open from Tuesday - Saturday, 9:00 am - midnight; Sundays until 7 pm; closed Mondays - except for holidays). Well-fed after an excellent meal and warmed up you can start your ride down the mountain.

Details concerning the toboggan run:

Starting point: Schneeberg Inn at 1020 m; last stop is the Kala Alm at 1430 m
Change in altitude: 424 m
Distance: 3.5 km; Walking time (ascending) of around 1-1.5 hours
Lighting: 2/3 of the run, car park at the Schneeberg Inn (fee required)

Features: great, curvy run that is always well groomed. The consistent incline and racy curves make for a perfect ride. A traffic light ensures that there will be no oncoming traffic!

Route: from the parking lot by the Schneeberg Inn, walk straight ahead through a small residential area and up past a tow lift. Then continue through the forest up to the Kala Alm.

Toboggan rentals: right by the Kala Alm; high-quality toboggans with brakes for beginners; Fees: single - €3, double - €5

Contact & information concerning the run: : Kala-Alm, Fam. Mairhofer, Schneeberg 50a, 6335 Thiersee Tel.: +43-(0)664-3944284 oder +43-(0)664-2055358

Wieshof natural toboggan run

Refreshments available at the Jausenstation Wieshof
Starting point: at the Wieshof snack station
Details: floodlit; toboggan rentals in the hotel (free) or at the snack station (€2); Hinterthiersee at 862 m
Difficulty: easy (only steep at the bottom); a very nice run with lots of turns
Route: ascent and toboggan run are separate. Behind the Sport Cafe Thaler you will find a signposted path leading to the Wieshof snack station. The run starts right below the snack station.
Contact & information concerning the run: Jausenstation Wieshof, Hinterthiersee 128, 6335 Thiersee Tel.: +43-(0)5376-5520, Fax: +43-(0)5376-5520

Mariandlalm natural toboggan run

Refreshments available at the Mariandlalm

Length: 3 km, not floodlit, no toboggan rentals

Details on the toboggan run: Starting point: drive towards Landl / Bayrischzell until shortly before the old border station, Trockenbachalm/Mariandlalm 1220 m; opening hours: daily from December 26th (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday closed!); metres of altitude: 370 m; length of the toboggan run & road: 3 km; walking time: about 1 hour 15 minutes; character: family toboggan run with medium decline

Route: direction Bayrischzell (signpost Trockenbachalm). The run begins on a medium incline that stays constant for the next 1.2 km. After the first serpentine the incline starts to become a little more comfortable. After a second serpentine slope you will only need a few more minutes until you have reached the snack station.

Contact & information concerning the run: Trockenbachalm/Mariandlalm, Familie Pirchmoser, Schmiedtal 10, 6335 Thiersee Tel.: +43-(0) 664 / 350 44

Ackernalm natural toboggan run

Opportunity for refreshments: not available

Length: 5.5 km, not floodlit, no toboggan rental

Details on the toboggan run: Starting point: towards Landl / Bayrischzell, shortly after the Wachtbrücke the road forks, take left turn to the toll road, toll station 765 m; end station: mountain restaurant Ackernalm 1,330 m (not open in winter); decline: 565 metres of altitude; length of the run & the road: 5.5 km; walking time (up): 1 h 40 min; character: family toboggan run with medium decline

Route: Many guests know the Ackernalm from summer (the highest cheese dairy of Tyrol can be reached on a toll road). In good snow conditions, however, this trail is perfect for a dreamlike toboggan run. In winter, you can walk through the snow-covered forest on the road to the Ackernalm. A picture-book landscape and snow-covered alpine huts await you at your destination at 1,330 m above sea level. 

Mountainous snow-covered landscape

Cross-country ski paradise on the high plateau

Cross-country skiing offers a wonderful opportunity to be active in winter. A great region for Nordic sports stretches across the high plateau from Thiersee to Bayrischzell: First-class prepared cross-country ski tracks against the backdrop of the gorgeous mountain scenery of the Bavarian alpine foothills will make cross-country skiers' hearts rejoice.

Cross-country skiing with a view of the massive Wilder Kaiser mountains - an experience that is possible right here in the village, starting right behind the hotel: Sonnseit track (3 km), Gruber track (2 km) and Dorfloipe track (1 km). And in Vorderthiersee you can try the Seeloipe track (4 km) around lake Thiersee.


Winter card Kufsteinerland
Cross-country skiing trails Thiersee
Women doing cross country skiing

100 km of ski trails in Bayrischzell

In the neighbouring village of Bayrischzell, visitors will find an extensive network of cross-country trails leading through magnificent valleys. Over 100 km of groomed trails are waiting to be enjoyed, around 50 km of which are meant for the classical technique and around 50 km for the skating technique. The nearest place to start is the parking lot Mariandlalm/Ursprung (on the Tyrolean side of the border), since it can be reached by car in around 8 minutes! Those skiing all the way to Geitau are able to take the cross-country bus back to their starting point.

The trail fee costs €5.00 for a day ticket (available from the ticket machines by the trail entrances). Juffing guests will get to use the cross-country ski trail netword for free with the “Kufsteinerland” guest card!

Cross-country skiing in Bayrischzell
Bayrischzell trail map
Best training & equipment

Cross-country skiing maps and further information concerning the prepared trails are available at the front desk. All information concerning the cross-country skiing school and equipment rentals can be found here:

Note: Juffing guests will get a 10% discount on the rental prices.

Route 36

On the “Bayrischzell Route 36” track, you can cross-country ski using either the classical or the skating technique for 36 km straight. Along the route you will pass five red boxes with different punch holes. This way you can punch your flyer (available at the Sportalm or the tourist info) on the intended markings and keep track of your progress. When you return the flyer to the Sportalm or the tourist info at the end of the day, you will receive three stickers with the “Bayrischzell Route 36” logo (two for your skis and one for your car) as recognition of your accomplishment.

Ice skating - fun on two skids

Ice skates on ice

Ice skating until the skids run hot, gliding over frozen lakes or pirouetting on an ice rink. There are many ice rinks in the region - and of course lake Thiersee will invite you to draw your lines on the natural ice on the lake in front of the marvellous natural scenery (no entry fee). Depending on the weather, lake Thiersee can form a thick layer of ice all winter long. 

Funarena Hallo Du - Ebbs

Can be reached within 20 minutes
Indoor ice skating rink including ice skate rentals.

Contact: Gießenweg 20, 6341 Ebbs Phone +43 (0) 5373 / 43282; E-Mail:; Link:

Description: Ice skating on an indoor rink is a fun way for anyone to enjoy sports in the winter. Since the rink is completely covered by a roof, it can be skated on in any weather. You will have a great time on the 30x60 m area, from which you also have a lovely view of the surrounding mountains.

Kufstein Arena ice skating rink

Can be reached within 15 minutes
Indoor ice skating rink and Canadian outside rink (October - March), with ice skate rentals.

Contact (Eismeister): Fischergries 30, 6330 Kufstein Phone: +43 (0) 5372 / 602-611; E-Mail: ; Link:

Descripton: The ice sports facilities consist of an indoor rink and a Canadian-style outdoor rink. Both rinks are connected to one another and special lighting makes for a great atmosphere.

Enjoy a laid-back winter holiday in Tyrol with cross-country skiing, tobogganing and ice skating. After a day full of adventures the relaxation paradise at the Juffing Hotel & Spa will await you to regenerate after an active day in the fresh air. 

We will be delighted if you enjoy your winter holidays also off piste!