Magical winter hikes in Tyrol

So close to wintry nature in Tyrol

Winter in Hinterthiersee is quieter, more contemplative and gentler than in other places. The motto is: put on a warm jacket, wrap a scarf around your neck, put on some gloves - and off you go. 

There is nothing more beautiful than a long walk when it is snowing outside. Because winter hiking will bring the soft sounds of nature to your ear, deep in the hidden corners of Tyrol.

Group walking in snowy landscape

The snowy mountains in the Thierseetal are not only a delight for skiers as the valley is specialised on the gentle experiences in nature. Quiet forest paths and panoramic mountain rounds will make your winter hiker's heart beat faster. Let yourself be enchanted by the snowy and unspoilt wintry nature - you will be amazed by the innumerable, well-cleared winter hiking trails in the Thierseetal.

Our most beautiful tips for winter hikes:

Thierseetal valley
(from Hinterthiersee)

Kapellenberg Bichlhoerndl - “Kreuz” - Kranhof - Modal

You start off just behind the hotel, taking the narrow path to the right. Then you turn left towards the two farms called “Unter- and Oberbichl” and walk right towards Kapellenberg Mountain up to the TV-tower. Or you can turn left beforehand at the Unterbichl farm and walk across the southern slope, past the “Moarhoaf” to the cross (which is always lit up in the evenings), past the “Obernd” farm and back down to the “Schiestlbauer” farm (don’t forget to bring an apple for the horse). After about 1 to 1.5 hours walking time you will be back at the hotel. Those who haven’t had enough yet can continue by crossing the road at the “Schiestlbauer” farm and walking up the forest path. Just before reaching the “Kranhof” farm, continue left with a lovely view of the Glemmbachklamm Ravine and up through the enchanted forest. The beautiful path leads to Modal and back to Hinterthiersee after about 2.5 hours total walking time.

Kranhof - Modal - Wieshof

From the village centre walk for 5 minutes in the direction of Landl until you reach the “Schiestlhof” farm. Continue left along the well-kept winter hiking trail and shortly before you reach the “Kranhof” farm (from which you will have a lovely view of the Glemmbachklamm ravine) after around 3 km, there is a fork in the path leading left and slightly uphill. Walking through the lovely winter woods will take you back to the farms where you go on downhill and past the Wieshof snack station, reaching Hinterthiersee after about 3 hours total walking time.

Kranhof - Ebenwald

This path starts right in front of Hotel Juffing, past the sawmill and on to the “Gruberbauer” farm on the outskirts of the village. There, you turn left on to the forest trail leading up into the woods in the direction of “Kranhof” farm. Below the farm, continue right along the Glemmbachklamm Ravine and keep right as the path leads downwards towards Ebenwald forest. On this forest path you will eventually come to an old hunting lodge (Grub 9). This path is cleared of snow until you reach the lodge and very pleasant to walk on. The walking time for this trail totals around 2 hours and takes place partially in the forest, but mostly in the sunshine. A very highly recommended hike for all winter enthusiasts!

Breitenau - Gschwendt - Thiersee

The most beautiful winter hiking trail yet: opposite the Ayurveda-Hotel “Sonnhof”, take the right forest pathway up towards Breitenau. After passing the farm keep left at the end of the pretty meadow and head in the direction of Mitterland (Gschwendt). Cross the ski slope at the Schneeberg lift and after coming to the “Gschwendt” snack station, continue to Hausern and down to the former Hotel Charlotte, around the lake and back on the town road. Alternatively, you can ride the bus towards Hinterthiersee. The entire route is cleared of snow and lovely to walk on!

Hinterthiersee - to the lake and back

There are two ways to reach Thiersee lake: either take the car or walk there on foot. In the car, it is only a 5-minute drive to Thiersee. On foot you have the option of taking the town road connecting Thierseehof and Juffing. Then, follow the country road for about 10 minutes until you reach the “Pfarrwirt” pub and continue downward towards the lake. There is also the possibility of reaching the lake via Breitenau, Gschwendt and Hausern. This route is especially scenic and if you’re too tired to walk, there is also a bus that will take you back to the hotel.

Schneeberg - Kala Alm - Pendling

By car you will go up to the Schneeberg inn in a few minutes (via Mitterland). From the small parking lot (with parking fees) you will follow the trail 1.5 hours up the 3.5 km long tobogganing run. Here you can stop at the Kala Alm (open from Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 am to 12 am, Sunday: to 7 pm, Monday - except for public holidays - rest day) for a bite to eat. With fresh energy and warmed up you will hike along the forest road on the mountain ridge with a view of the Inntal valley and to the Kufsteiner Haus hut at the Pendling mountain (1,565 m). Enjoy the breathtaking mountain panorama - from the Kaiser mountains to the Hohe Tauern to the Zillertal Alps. On your way back you can rent a toboggan for a fast run - this is fun!


Thierseetal valley
(starting from Landl)

Winter walk in Landl

You get to Landl by car. From the Postwirt Inn you start walking along a narrow country road and right, past the large “Ascherwies” farm. Head further along the path towards Ascherdoerfl. The route will lead you along the road in the direction of Landl, to the Hinterthiersee crossroads. From here, continue until you reach the Glarch ski lift hut and turn right to get back to your starting point.

Glemmtal valley

You get to Landl by car. From the town centre, cross the road to the Landl swimming pool. The route will then take you further above the swimming pool to Glarch farm, which lies right by the old ski lift. Walk along the stream and in to the Glemmbachtal Ravine for as long as you wish. Head back on the same path (walking time around 2 hours).


From the hotel it will take you around 15 minutes to drive to the parking lot by the Ursprungsbruecke bridge, just before you reach the German border (turn left towards Landl, through the village and past the Ackernalm driveway). From here, you can take a relaxing 1.5-hour stroll along a nice gravel pathway leading up to the Mariandlalm at 1220 m above sea level. The path leading up to the sunlit Trockenbachalm is also easily accessible. Use the opportunity for a fun toboggan ride back down into the valley (please bring your own toboggan, there are some available in the garage for free). Maybe you will be lucky enough to see some of the local chamois on your way.

A wonderful hike to the Ackernalm

You can reach the Ackernalm via a road leading through the snow-covered forest. In the summer, the highest cheese dairy in Tyrol is accessible via a toll road. Drive towards Landl and then in the direction of Bayrischzell. Shortly after the Wachtbruecke bridge, the toll road leads to the left. At the toll station, there are several parking spaces available. If there is enough snow, this trail is also perfect for a romantic snowshoe hike. Approximately halfway along, you leave the road and continue along the so-called “Winterweg” path (which is signposted). At your destination, 1,330 m above sea level, you will find a spectacular view and a number of lovely huts. One tip: Take a toboggan with you for a fast way down the road.

Kufstein and surroundings

Inn promenade Kufstein

The Inn promenade Kufstein is perfect for a leisurely stroll at any time of the year. You can park your car in Kufstein, next to the “Fischergries”. You can reach the promenade directly from there. If you keep right, you will reach Eichelwang and then Ebbs. Keep left after entering the pathway to walk past the old town of Kufstein and the Auracher Loechl, towards Kufstein Endach, Langkampfen and Kirchbichl. The route will lead you all the way through the Inntal valley to Innsbruck - you alone determine the duration of your walk. This route is mostly snow and ice-free!

Schneerosenweg - spring hike in the Elfenhain

An easy trail with a beautiful view, which is especially appealing after the snow has begun to melt in spring time, leading up to the town mountain by Kufstein. From the Kaiseraufstieg, continue past the “zur Dux” theatre hut to Aschenbrenner via the Schneerosenweg pathway. After that, the route will lead you back down to the old Kaiser lift (length of route approx. 12 km).

Kaisertal valley - always worth a hike even in winter

The romantic Kaisertal separates the Wilder Kaiser mountain range from its "tame" neighbour and ends below the Stripsenjoch (1,577 m). Access is via the Sparchenstiege (an arduous but rewarding stair climb that begins on the outskirts of Kufstein) - here there is a wonderful view of Kufstein Fortress from the so-called Neapelbank. The Antonius Chapel, which is well worth seeing, is quickly reached (after the Pfandlhof) on the middle path and the spectacular north walls of the Wilder Kaiser come more and more into view. Instead, the lower trail follows the Kaiserbach stream directly against the direction of flow and leads easily to the Anton-Karg-Haus (829 m) or Hans-Berger-Haus (936 m) at the head of the valley. A hike into the Kaisertal valley is very rewarding - it is not without reason that the views at the Antoniuskapelle chapel and the Hinterkaiser chapel, among others, are popular motifs of many famous painters. The starting point is in Kufstein-Eichelwang (15 minutes by car), where there is a parking lot available for a fee.

Ebbs - Nikolaus path

This trail around Ebbs is accessible year round. Once you have driven to Ebbs over Kufstein in around 20 minutes, you will find parking opportunities near the church. Right next to the Ebbs Cathedral there is a paved road leading up to St. Nikolaus, located on the Buchberg Mountain. You will easily find the place where the Ebbs Castle stood in 1174 A.D., which served as a chapel in those days. The present-day church with its striking 38-metre-high steeple was built in 1490 A.D. The pathway continues towards the Ledererwirt Inn. Before you reach it, walk downwards into the valley and past the rarity zoo, always keeping an eye on the Zahmer Kaiser Mountain and St. Nikolaus. This will lead you back into Ebbs. The Nikolaus path is around 6.5 km long, for which you should plan about 2 hours of walking time.

Wilder Kaiser mountains

The Kaiser mountains offers three wonderful possibilities for a winter hike which you can reach with the cable car: From Soell you can take the gondola up to the Hohe Salve, which is the highest point of the ski resort. If the weather is nice, the mountain panorama there is absolutely breath-taking. If you are willing to ride the cog railway in Ellmau, you will have the opportunity to hike the winter trail up on the mountain. And from Brixen im Thale you will reach the alpine igloo village, a village made out of giant snow constructions.

Man walking ski tour

Eldorado for ski tours

You can also use skis for hiking or mountaineering - the constantly increasing number of passionate ski tourers speaks a clear language. The Thierseetal valley in Tyrol is no exception. No long queues at the lifts, no hustle, no crowds, accepting a sporty challenge and yet enjoying the peace in unspoilt nature. This particularly natural sport is met with the best conditions in the Thierseetal valley. 

It offers numerous wonderful tours:
Veitsberg mountain (1.787 m)

As a southerly outpost to the Bavarian Prealps, Veitsberg Mountain offers a stunning view. This will become apparent as soon as you begin the sunlit climb up the summit slope. This ski touring trail is not too difficult, as half of it leads along a forest road and the rest is open terrain and a mountain pine ridge.

Tour description Veitsberg

Directions: Drive to Landl by car. When you get to the “Gasthaus Post” inn (signpost reads “Gasthaus Wastler”) turn left (south) and head in the direction of Riedenberg. After 3.8 km (yellow signpost next to the road) turn right on to a dirt road and drive to the parking lot at the edge of the forest.

Starting point: Parking lot “Fuerschlacht” (992 m), shortly before Riedenberg by Landl (Thiersee Valley).

Route: Pass the car park barrier and take the right path heading north to the Veitsbergalm (signposted). At the junction to the Ackernalm, turn left and follow the trail west in a left turn. The easiest and most convenient way is to follow the forest road past two turn points until you reach the Veitsbergalm. Those who know the area could also take a shortcut by walking straight in the direction of the valley at the first turn point, then ascending north through a forest on the right hand slope. You will then reach open terrain at the Veitsbergalm (1270 m), where you continue west past the lower hut and over the ramp, following the riverbed on the left. The valley will bend a little to the right and before it gets too narrow and steep, you turn right to ascend north through the forest and into open terrain again (alternately you may take the summer pathway leading from the upper hut to a steeper forest slope). Once you reach open terrain, keep left and ascend via the slightly slanted mountain back until you reach the ridge. Here, turn left (west) and follow the wooded ridge up to the summit.

Descent: Take the same trail back. If there is too much snow in the forest however, you can take a shortcut by following the forest road below. There is also a very steep and dangerous alternative east of the gently sloping mountain back (beware of avalanches!). This very steep swathe will take you directly down to the Veitsbergalm.

Alternative: Follow the ridge further through a valley and west to the Frechjoch (1788 m).

Characteristics/difficulty: Easy ski tour that is not technically challenging, with slopes barely reaching over 30 degrees. Due to the south-facing slopes, the snow melts quickly along this beautiful summit. This makes it ideal when there is fresh snowfall or ice. A thick layer of snow is required to reach the summit, however, as the ridge is densely covered in tall-growing pine trees, which makes it difficult if not dangerous to ascend otherwise (beware of the hollow spaces!). This mountain offers a spectacular view of the southern region and the back part of the Sonnwendjoch. Also a perfect trail for snowshoeing.

Avalanche risk: low to medium (as long as you follow the ideal path!)

Exposure: south

Ascent time: 2 to 2.5 hours

Tour facts: 800 m above sea level; distance 4.5 km

Best time of the year: mid-winter to March

Outposts: No refreshments available on this tour. After the tour, it is well worth driving a short distance to Weiler Riedenberg, to enjoy the hospitality in the Gasthof Wastler Inn. Gasthof Wastler zu genießen.

Trainsjoch (1,707 m) - Semmelkopf (1,558 m)

This tour of the alpine foothills requires high snowfall (because of the forest paths) and avalanche-safe conditions at the same time. Especially when there is new powder snow, this trail offers a marvellous descent across beautiful summit slopes and steep wooded areas. The view of the Inn Valley and the Kaiser Mountains is terrific as well.

Tour description Trainsjoch

Directions: Drive in the direction of Bayrischzell via Landl, until you reach the mouth of the Trockenbach Valley (signpost on the right), around 800 m from the Bavarian border.

Starting point: “Ursprung” (830 m), where you will find a small car park on the left opposite the valley. Look out for the signpost “Trainsjoch/Trockenbachalm”.

Route: The forest path left of the road (a toboggan run in winter) leads east past a deeply etched ravine, which can be crossed via a bridge leading to a sharp turn. If you continue along this way, you can take a shortcut in order to save yourself another turn. Alternatively, you can stay on the forest path taking you to the lower Trockenbachalm (1075 m). Turn east and keep right of the narrow trench, well above on the spurs of the steep north-western slopes. This way will lead you through the forest via a few sharp turns. When you reach a clearing, follow the slope up to the right (south-east) until you reach the broad col between Trainsjoch (left) and Semmelkopf (right; also called Ascherjoch). This fantastic viewpoint offers a great opportunity for a short break. After that, continue north (left), up the south-facing hollow opening up into the mountain back. This is where it gets a little steeper. The outcrop is usually bypassed to the right (sometimes at a very steep climb), then there are only a few metres left until you reach the summit.

Descent: 1. You can make your descent via the same way you came, but there is a nicer alternative. 2. Ski down the ascent route until you reach the col, where you can ascend south to Semmelkopf Mountain in around 15 minutes’ time. Now ski down the steep north-west slope through the woods. You may also continue west instead, where you can ski over another col and down through several forest clearings (north-west). All of these routes meet at the Trockenbachalm. 3. Another worthwhile alternative is to descend about 200 m down to the east from the col to the Trainsalm and ascend again from there. Overall, the trail is a light alpine tour that requires deep snow and avalanche-safe conditions. Especially when there is new powder snow, this trail offers a marvellous descent across beautiful summit slopes and steep wooded areas. The view of the Inn Valley and the Kaiser Mountains is terrific as well.

Characteristics/difficulty: A rather easy tour in the alpine foothills which requires high snowfall (because of the forest paths) and yet avalanche-safe conditions. Especially when there is new powder snow, this trail offers a marvellous descent across beautiful summit slopes and steep wooded areas. The view of the Inn Valley and the Kaiser Mountains is terrific as well.

Avalanche risk: Medium (caution is required especially after major snowfalls and warm spells!)

Exposure: south, north-west

Ascent time: 2.5 to 3 hours

Tour facts: 900 metres of altitude

Best time of the year: high winter to March

Outposts: None on this route, but if you ascend for another 15 minutes you will reach the upper Trockenbachalm (1200 m, also called “Mariandlalm”). To get there, you just have to walk along the “Almweg” path (the toboggan run) from the lower Trockenbachalm up to the privately owned hut (open year-round, over-night stays possible), telephone hut: 0043 / 664 / 350 44 17; telephone valley: 0043/5376/5598.

Note: The hostess Christin looks forward to welcoming ski touring enthusiasts to her hut!

Hinteres Sonnwendjoch (1,986 m)

This ski tour will take you to the highest summit with the most panoramic view of the Bavarian foothills. It requires a long climb up the Ackeralm toll road, which is closed in winter. On the way, the passage through the so-called “chive trench” offers especially impressive scenery.

Tour description Hinteres Sonnwendjoch

Directions: Drive to Landl and then head in the direction of Bayrischzell. Just after you reach the end of the village, the road will curve to the right. This is where you will find the turnoff to the Ackeralm on the left hand side, signposted by the tollbooth and the barrier. There is only limited parking available here, but there is a car park if you continue a little further, on the right side of the road.

Starting point: Toll booth (760 m) at the turnoff to the Ackeralm

Route: You will be heading towards the valley on the toll road, which is closed in the winter but usually cleared of snow up until the Stallenalm (954 m). Around 1.2 km after the Stallenalm there is a signposted turnoff (around 1060 m) leading to the Sonnwendjoch and the Wildenkaralm. Follow the summer path slanting to the left (north-west) into the forest and upward. Once it crosses underneath a prominent rock formation and runs towards the east, it will make a turn and lead upward in the opposite direction. The path will then head north and after crossing a sharply declining junction you will have reached free terrain at the Wildenkaralm. Now the route will take you west and you will be confronted with several different options. You can choose the first alpine road, which leads you on an easy route over the riverbed to the left and then makes a steep climb towards the west. Alternatively, you can cross the alpine road and continue upward and left (but not as far as the top cabins, then you will be too high!). Either way you choose will then take you west, through the “chive trench” and the basin to the mountain col dividing Burgstein and Sonnwendjoch. Because of the overhanging snow, the route should be climbed on the left hand side. Don’t head directly for the summit, but north-west across to the ridge left of the summit. Now you can reach the highest point by walking east along the ridge.

1. As on ascent, head through the “chive trench” and on to the east, downward until you reach the road leading to the Wildenkaralm. Continue right (south and then south-west) to the toll road. Then head back to the starting point. Alternatively, you can take a few steps to the right and upward at the end of the “chive trench”, just where it flattens out into even terrain at around 1430 m. Here you will turn in the opposite direction (south-west) and descend into a beautiful hollow over a steep stairway. Cross the magnificent hillside and go east until you reach the alpine road, then turn right.
2. Excellent skiers can also descend on the extremely steep north face, if the conditions are safe. To reach it, you must enter a 45-degree gully leading to the Grundalm, around 100 m west of the summit. After that you will come to the road next to the Zipfelwirt Inn (around 5 km from the starting point) by skiing through the Klooascher Valley. Alternatively, you can also ascend to the Wildenkaralm via the alpine road, which is an easier route and more advisable if there is little snow. See descent. Difficulty: Medium-level ski tour with short steep passages and a distance that should not be underestimated. It is a 3 km walk just to reach the starting point at the toll road, but you will be rewarded with fantastic alpine scenery and a very tranquil atmosphere. Skiers will enjoy the great terrain from the summit down to the Wildenkaralm and the finest view of the Bavarian Alps in the region.

Alternative: A slightly longer route, but a more comfortable one, is the trail to the Wildenkaralm via the Almstraße. This variant is recommended in low snowfall. Cf. descent.

Characteristics/difficulty: Medium with short steep passages and a total length that must not be underrated. In order to reach the very beautiful landscape of this rather quiet tour you will need to take the 3 km road on the toll road. Instead, the “chive trench” offers an impressive scenery and the summit view belongs to the most beautiful in the Bavarian foothills. The area from the summit to the Wildenkaralm is really worth skiing.

Avalanche risk: medium
Exposure: south, east
Ascent time: 4 hours
Tour dates: 1,230 metres of altitude; distance: about 7.5 km

Best time of year: early winter until mid-March

Exact tour descriptions can be found in the print maps "Kaisergebirge" by the Alpenverein or the map "Kufstein, Kaisergebirge, Kitzbühel" published by freytag&berndt.

Winter hiking and ski touring in unspoilt nature belong to our most popular winter sports activities around Thiersee. We will be happy to give you further tips for your sporty adventures.

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