Juffing Hotel & Spa: history & outlook

No future without past

In the midst of a gently hilly landscape, the Juffing was built in 1933 as a community hall for the farmers of Hinterthiersee. 

The Juffing remained an uninhabited building shell for several years until it was bought by the farmer Josef Juffinger in 1954. A bourgeois inn with seven rooms came into being. When the old Juffing was torn down in 1994, a bricklayer apprentice found a well preserved letter under the uppermost beam of the truss. This letter commemorates the erection of the ridge on 16 October 1933. It is a historical document of special value. 

Illustration edelweiss
When the guests discovered Hinterthiersee

In the heyday of alpine tourism

Old picture, local bar
Old picture, four women at the lake
Old picture, outside view of hotel Juffing

Due to the economic miracle of the 50s and 60s, the former inn was enlarged and modernised. The up-and-coming tourism in the Alps substantially influenced the development and the transformation of the village. In 1964, the sons of Josef Juffinger brought themselves to a extension building and Sigi Juffinger returned to Hinterthiersee after travels to Sweden and the USA to work as a cook. In 1967, they married and Annemarie and Sigi Juffinger developed the inn into a hotel. The dance club Kristall was opened in 1974 and a second hotel, the Thierseerhof, came into being in 1981 in Hinterthiersee. Annemarie Juffinger was the soul of the Juffing, many regular guests miss her and ask for her every year. 

Old picture, outdoor view of hotel Juffing

The dream of a private hotel exclusively for 56 guests.

Sigi Juffinger enforced a new construction of the Hotel Juffing within the family in 1993. He was impressed by a South Tyrolean private hotel which has been setting standards for us then and now. He was sure that the demolition of the old hotel was the best of all possible alternatives for his family. The former Juffing was removed except for the foundation walls and newly erected for 56 guests.

Those who build create the centre of their life for the future.

Outside view hotel Juffing before renovation

In May 1994 ...

... the new Juffing residence was opened, one year later, Sonja Juffinger and Elmar Konzett married and have been running the hotel since then. A special love for the parents' house made the start with 28 rooms possible. The belief in a positive development of the destination Hinterthiersee helped to overcome the beginnings. In summer 2001, after long negotiations, the neighbouring property could be bought.

Outdoor view of hotel Juffing

In 2007 ...

... the hotel in Thiersee was expanded by a modern suite tract. This is how the development from a Tyrolean holiday hotel to a spa hotel with 100 beds began. In 2010, the outdoor pool was built and new underground parking spaces were created.


In 2015 ...

... the parent house was completely renovated, in 2016, a modern staff house was realised and in 2019, the spa area was doubled and additional suites were built. 

Outdoor view of hotel Juffing

The Juffing was opened as a small inn ...

... and the last decades were shaped by regular investments and a special care for the guest. Gratitude towards earlier generations carries us through the time. 

Together with a strong team of employees and in friendly connection with many regular guests, we look forward to upcoming challenges.


Geh über die Dörfer

Geese swimming on the river

„Spiele das Spiel. Sei nicht die Hauptperson. Such die Gegenüberstellung. Aber sei absichtslos. Vermeide die Hintergedanken. Verschweige nichts. Sei weich und stark. Laß dich ein und verachte den Sieg. Beobachte nicht, prüfe nicht, sondern bleib geistesgegenwärtig bereit für die Zeichen. Sei erschütterbar. Zeig deine Augen, wink die andern in die Tiefe, sorge für den Raum und betrachte einen jeden in seinem Bild. Entscheide nur begeistert. Scheitere ruhig. Vor allem hab Zeit und nimm Umwege. Überhör keinen Baum und kein Wasser. Kehr ein, wo du Lust hast, und gönn dir die Sonne. Vergiss die Angehörigen, bestärke die Unbekannten, bück dich nach Nebensachen, weich aus in die Menschenleere, pfeif auf das Schicksalsdrama, zerlach den Konflikt. Beweg dich in deinen Eigenfarben, bis du im Recht bist und das Rauschen der Blätter süß wird. Geh über die Dörfer.“

From: Peter Handke, Über die Dörfer. Ein dramatisches Gedicht, 1981; published by Suhrkamp