Activities for your summer holidays in Tyrol

Swimming, tennis, golf & horseback riding in Tyrol

A leap into the mountain lake with an alpine scenery or a tennis match on the sand court - around Lake Hinterthiersee you can not only go hiking but also pursue other great activities during your summer holidays.

Swimming in Tyrolean mountain lakes in Austria

Are you open to new viewpoints and experiences? Do you want to direct your attention towards the places where it normally isn't? Swimming in a mountain lake in Thiersee is also a challenge for us locals. It is cold when you go in, and the unknown will tempt you. In a nutshell: The Juffing pool is more comfortable. Nevertheless, a summer holiday in the Tyrolean mountains also means discovering wild pools in the middle of the forest. A wonderful four-lake hike will lead you there and invite you to immerse in the refreshing water. 

Illustration of fish

"There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, “Morning, boys, how's the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, “What the hell is water?”

Our tip: the four-lake hike
View on the Längsee
Starting at the Hechtsee you will hike along the beautiful shore of the Egelsee, Längsee and Pfrillsee. Over the Thierberg, your way will lead you back to the starting point. You can also start your hike with three hours of walking at midday. From your parking lot at the Hechtsee you will reach the nature preserve Egelsee after 15 minutes and marvel at its interesting flora and fauna.
Meadow at the Thiersee
Keep on the left-hand side towards the Hechtsee, then cross the Hechtseebach stream and follow the forest path along the lake to the next junction. Turn left and follow the trail straight ahead, passing the shore of the Längsee and then go to the Pfrillsee via the Thiersee road. Over the Thierberg mountain you will go back to the starting point. All lakes will invite you to swim in summer.
Couple walking in a summery landscape

Natural treasure Thiersee

There are plenty of lakes in the lake region for a wonderful Tyrolean summer holiday: Hechtsee, Stimmersee, Pfrillsee, Längsee, Landler Badesee ... and especially important: the Thiersee. The lido was renovated only recently and offers boats for rent, around the lake you will find marvellous sunbathing lawns and bays. Lake Thiersee is about one hour away by foot, with the bike you will reach the lake in about 20 minutes, by car it will only take you five minutes. 

Lido Thiersee - info

Opening hours: every daxy from 9 am to 6 pm
Water temperature: about 22°C (average)
Contact & information:
Mr Livio Maskarin, tenant of the lido & restaurant
Tel.: +43(0)670/6065585

Man jumping into Hechtsee

Bathing in the Hechtsee

A dive into the legendary lake is simply a must for your summer holiday in Tyrol. Enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery of Tyrol at Hechtsee. Experience the panorama in all its glory from the sun terrace of the lakeside restaurant while enjoying a coffee. In the Seearena Hechtsee you can not only swim, but also go boating. Or fish in the 57-metre-deep water. Reachable by car in 20 minutes.

Seearena Hechtsee - info

Opening hours: every day from 9 am to 6 pm, summer holidays: 9 am to 8 pm
Water temperature: about 24° C (average)
Contact & information:
Hechtsee, Hechtsee 8a, 6330 Kufstein,
Tel.: +43(0) ,


Being the smallest of the four Thierberg lakes, the Pfrillsee is loved for its harmonious combination of forest and water and the impressive view of the fortress town. The Pfrillsee is known for its paradisiacal quietude and very good water quality. Perfect for your summer holiday in Tyrol.


Darker than all other lakes of the Kufsteinerland, the Längsee will fascinate with its almost black water. Idyllically located in the forest, the Längsee is the lake whose shore is the least reachable of all four Thierberg lakes. It will fascinate you all the more thanks to its location in the middle of the unspoilt Tyrolean landscape. An enchanted jewel that is only suitable for a quick dive from one small stretch of the shore which falls steeply. There are no possibilities to lie down. Those who use this place in their summer holidays in Tyrol will be very positively surprised. The up to 20 metres deep lake is a nature preserve. 

Wild bathing in the Kaiserklamm gorge

The Kaiserklamm gorge (named after Emperor Franz Josef) is a true gem of nature. Go by car via Kufstein, Kramsach and Brandenberg; by bike you can reach the gorge in about 1.5 hours right from the hotel (ideal with the free, hotel's own e-bikes!). 

Until the 20th century, the felled trees were drifted in the wild water of the Brandenberger Ache. At the end of the gorge at the bridge, the marvellous water appears like a bright emerald green pool - provided that the water level is low. Here you can take a refreshing bath (at your own risk). 5 min away you can enjoy original Tyrolean cuisine at the Kaiserhaus restaurant in your summer holidays. Kaiserhaus

Tennis fun at the lake

At the tennis club Thiersee (Seebauern 15, 6335 Thiersee) you can use the well prepared open-air courts right at the picturesque lake. Opening hours: Monday - Thursday from 8 am to 4 pm, Friday from 8 am to 12 pm, reservation online or right at the hotel reception. 

The tennis lawn of Wimbledon is world-known. A mini-mini-brother can also be found in Thiersee in Tyrol, simply a dream for all tennis aficionados. Reservations of the tennis court Schröcken under 05376-5397.

Tennis - indoor or outdoor

15 minutes by car from the Juffing Hotel & Spa you can use three indoor courts at the tennis hall Kufstein all year round from 8 am to 5 pm - even during rain or in winter. The green set coat allows similar conditions as common sand courts. Reservations can be made right at the tennis club Kufstein online or under Tel.-Nr. 0699-1166 1030;
Infos: www.tckufstein;

Horses on a meadow in front of mountains

Horseback riding in Hinterthiersee & the region

The happiness of the earth lies on the back of horses. The Oberbichlhof in Hinterthiersee lies in view of the Juffing Hotel & Spa and is dedicated to Icelandic horses. From breeding to trail rides and riding lessons. Dressage and tolt lessons. Longe lessons. Individual and group lessons. Trail rides through the Tyrolean mountains. Single and multi-day. Discover the world of Icelandic horses five minutes from the hotel.

The following horse ranches will attract beginners and advances, big and small horse lovers, to go horseback riding during their holidays in Tyrol:


Foal Stables Ebbs “Fohlenhof”
Isländerpferdehof Oberbichl
Salitererhof Ebbs
Dagnhof Walchsee

Wonderful golf hours during your summer holidays in Tyrol

The holiday region around Thiersee is surrounded by eleven top golf courses, all of them 35 min to max. 55 min away. 

Golf club Wilder Kaiser Ellmau - 27 holes

The emperor's most beautiful garden: The excellently maintained 27-hole golf course Wilder Kaiser in Ellmau is perfectly and harmoniously embedded in the natural landscape and playing golf will become a fascinating experience against the backdrop of the massive rock massif "Wilder Kaiser". From the hotel you can reach the club in 35 minutes.

Contact & information:
Golfclub Wilder Kaiser Ellmau, Dorf 2, 6352 Ellmau,
Tel.: +43-(0)5358-4282, Fax: +43-(0)5358-4282-42;
Web: Golfclub Wilder Kaiser Ellmau



Golf for everyman... The golf academy "Kaisergolf" Mühlberghof will offer the ideal conditions for beginners and good opportunities for practising your advanced golf play. The public golf course will also offer non-members the possibility to test their skills right on the course - the necessary "Mühlberghof course permit" will be available right at the golf school on site! Reachable from the hotel in 35 minutes by car. 

Contact & information:
Kaisergolf Ellmau Mühlberghof, Steinerner Tisch 17, 6352 Ellmau,
Tel.: +43-(0)5358-2379, Fax: +43-(0)5358-2379-20;
Web: Golfplatz Kaisergolf Ellmau

Golf club Walchsee - Moarhof an der Schwemm - 9 holes

The Moarhof Walchsee golf course is surrounded by the environmental reserve of the Hochmoor bog. The 9-hole facility is perfectly suited for handicap players and beginners who want to putt a few balls on a quiet practice course. The golf course is 35 minutes away from your hotel.

Contact & information:
Golfclub Moarhof von der Schwemm, Schwaigs 42, 6344 Walchsee,
Tel.: +43-(0)5374-5378, Fax: +43-(0)5374-20065;
Web: Golfclub Moarhof


The 18-hole golf course of Europe's first cross-border golf course Reit im Winkl-Kössen is marvellously located and enables you cross-border golf between Tyrol and Bavaria. Reachable from the hotel in 50 minutes. 

Contact & information:
Golfclub Reit im Winkl-Kössen, Postfach 1101, D-83237 Reit im Winkl,
Tel.: +49-(0)8640-798250, Fax: +49-(0)8640-798252;
Web: Golfclub Reit im Winkl-Kössen



Golf course Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith - 18 holes

18-hole course with a unique panorama between the Wilder Kaiser and the Kitzbüheler Horn; "Hole 20" is the nearby Schwarzsee which will invite you to sunbathe in summer. Reachable in 45 minutes from the hotel.

Contact & information:
Golfweg 35, 6370 Kitzbühel,
Tel.: +43-(0)5356-66660-70, Fax: +43-(0)5356-66660-71;
Web: Golfclub Schwarzsee


Golf club Eichenheim - 18 holes

There are only a few golf courses in Europe that offer a similarly charming ambience as the golf course Eichenheim; a 18-hole championship course, nestled into the mountain world of the Kitzbühel Alps, between rock walls and deciduous forests. Reachable in 55 minutes from the hotel.

Contact & information:
Eichenheim 8-9, 6370 Kitzbühel,
Tel.: +43-(0)5356-666-15-560, Fax: +43-(0)5356-666-15-559;
Web: Golfclub Eichenheim

Golf and country club Rasmushof - 9 holes

The 9-hole course belongs to the most fascinating golf courses in Tyrol as it lies right at the foot of the world-famous Hahnenkamm, in the finish area of the legendary Streif. Reachable in 50 minutes from the hotel. 

Contact & information:
Hermann Reisch Weg 15, 6370 Kitzbühel,
Tel.: +43-(0)5356-65252, Fax: +43-(0)5356-65252-49;
Web: Golfclub Rasmushof

Golf club Kitzbühel, Kaps - 9 holes

9-hole golf course in 30 hectares of undisturbed park landscape of the nearby castle in Kaps with a lot of water and an old tree population, in the middle of Kitzbühel, one Par 5 from the steeple! Reachable from the hotel in 55 minutes.

Contact & information:
Ried Kaps 3, 6370 Kitzbühel,
Tel.: +43-(0)5356-63007, Fax: +43-(0)5356-63007-7;
Web: Golfclub Kitzbühel

Golf and country club Achensee - 18 holes

Playing golf between the Karwendel mountains and the Achensee! The 18-hole golf course begins in the middle of Pertisau. Marvellous views on the crystal-clear Achensee and the massive scenery of the Alpenpark Karwendel will make every game between ancient trees and unforgettable experience. Reachable from the hotel in 55 minutes. 

Contact & information:
Golfclub Achensee, 62313 Pertisau,
Tel.: +43-(0)5243-5377,  Fax: +43-(0)5243-6202; 
Web: Golfclub Achensee

Gold club Zillertal Uderns - 18 holes

The 18-hole championship course covers an area of 65 hectares and offers you a spacious training area with roofed tee-offs and short play area, a PGA golf school and a club house.

Contact & information:
Golfclub Zillertal Uderns, Golfstraße 1 (Kirchweg), A-6271 Uderns;
Tel.: +43-(0)5288-63000;
Web: Golfclub Zillertal Uderns