Your hosts at the Juffing Hotel & Spa

Let us introduce ourselves

Several generations have built up today's Juffing Hotel & Spa. Without the people behind it the hotel wouldn't be what it is today. An insight into our world. 

What makes us happy?
Also memories.

Over three generations much has happened at the Juffing. There have been many enlargements and surprises. But longstanding tradition and hospitality have remained a guarantee for wonderful holidays throughout all the years. 

Josef Juffinger

Maria & Josef Juffinger

But how did the path begin and who were the founders? Our grandfather Josef Juffinger is much talked about in our family. Very often we go to the reservoir which he has built for his electricity work and very often we look at the picture where he sits in the parlour with his brother and holds the violin his hand. This is our favourite picture of him.

His wife Maria Juffinger is remembered through the cups which can only hold one single scoop of wild strawberry ice-cream and the maple tree in front of the hotel that she has planted. Both of them were the founders of the sawmill, a power plant, a farm, an inn and a ski lift. When we talk about start-ups today, we think of our grandparents. They have connected the opening of the Juffing inn with many future hopes for their children and the village of Hinterthiersee. 

Juffinger family

Annemarie & Siegi Juffinger

The laborious development and growth phase was in the hands of Annemarie and Siegi Juffinger. They invested the main chunk of life work and lifetime in the hotel in Thiersee. They were young, talented and courageous. Not everything went like clockwork and there were many ups and downs. But very late in their lives they could finally rest. 

We love and live the hotel

Our point is not to tell heroic stories. We rather want to give a short glance into a world without crossing the borders of the generations before us. They cannot defend themselves and have to endure with patience what we write about them. We never do justice to them and their life. The concept of a happy ending probably doesn't fit any family. In the end it is about the power to believe in a project and to get a key which unlocks doors that nobody else knows. The door must always be opened by oneself alone. But at least you know how the door opens. 

This picture shows us as a family after an exhausting Sunday at work. 

Brighter than the sun - true to the motto we open the Juffing again

Outdoor view of part of the hotel

On the way to today's top spa hotel in Tyrol

Sometime our life changed, it became more complex and it needed more power by the whole family not to lose the connection to the touristic competitors. It was not possible to pause and with the toils of these times the Juffing could be built completely new. 

Room for cordial encounter

Learn from each other and grow with each other

Wine tasting
Illustration hot air balloon

A future full of happiness & lightness.

The big construction phases are past and often you can feel that the new old tasks touch the heart of the family and the employees and enrich life. The service team is cordial and courteous and the cooks are our heroes like in the days of childhood. Wellness and well-being flows through the house, we learn from yoga teachers and masseurs, talk to energy healers and take a new appreciating look on ourselves and the people closest to us. 

The guests do not stumble in through the door like they did back then. It needs more reflection and even more empathy than in the past, maybe also more self-confidence and more self-love. In the end we are preservers and hand values down to future generations. Especially the corona times have shown us how much we are attached to the Juffing and its guests and how much we miss the background noise of the hotel for our happiness. Special regards go out to the Thierseehof in Hinterthiersee. The hotel belongs to the brother. Economically separated from each other, but always true to each other at heart.

Together with our employees we love and live "hotel" here in Hinterthiersee which means home to us. We happily present to you a part of our team: 

Manuel, chef old Juffing
Chef old Juffing
Dietmar, sous chef
Sous chef
Simone, head of reception & administration
Head of reception & administration
Sophie, reception
Silke, restaurant management
Restaurant management
Jennifer, restaurant
Laszlo, restaurant
Sabine, restaurant
Our clean fairies,
Daniela, spa management
Spa management
Markus, healing massage & fitness
Healing Massage & Fitness
Otto, healing massage & sauna
Healing massage & sauna
Sonja, massage & yoga
Massage & Yoga
Anna, yoga
Tamara, cosmetic
Sonja & Elmar, hosts
Sonja & Elmar,