Your hosts at the Juffing Hotel & Spa

Let us introduce ourselves

Several generations have built up today's Juffing Hotel & Spa. Without the people behind it the hotel wouldn't be what it is today. An insight into our world. 

What makes us happy?
Also memories.

Over three generations much has happened at the Juffing. There have been many enlargements and surprises. But longstanding tradition and hospitality have remained a guarantee for wonderful holidays throughout all the years. 


Maria & Josef Juffinger

But how did the path begin and who were the founders? Our grandfather Josef Juffinger is much talked about in our family. Very often we go to the reservoir which he has built for his electricity work and very often we look at the picture where he sits in the parlour with his brother and holds the violin his hand. This is our favourite picture of him.

His wife Maria Juffinger is remembered through the cups which can only hold one single scoop of wild strawberry ice-cream and the maple tree in front of the hotel that she has planted. They have connected the opening of the Juffing inn with many future hopes for their children and the village of Hinterthiersee. 

Our parents

Annemarie & Siegi Juffinger

At this point we would like to pay tribute to the life's work of the parents. We siblings, our partners and the grandchildren will always be grateful for so much confidence, courage and cheerfulness. 

Illustration hot air balloon

A future full of happiness & lightness.

The big construction phases are past and often you can feel that the new old tasks touch the heart of the family and the employees and enrich life. The service team is cordial and courteous and the cooks are our heroes like in the days of childhood. Wellness and well-being flows through the house, we learn from yoga teachers and masseurs, talk to energy healers and take a new appreciating look on ourselves and the people closest to us. 

The guests do not stumble in through the door like they did back then. It needs more reflection and even more empathy than in the past, maybe also more self-confidence and more self-love. In the end we are preservers and hand values down to future generations. Especially the corona times have shown us how much we are attached to the Juffing and its guests and how much we miss the background noise of the hotel for our happiness. Special regards go out to the Thierseehof in Hinterthiersee. The hotel belongs to the brother. Economically separated from each other, but always true to each other at heart.

Together with our employees we love and live "hotel" here in Hinterthiersee which means home to us.

Your hosts

Elmar & Sonja Juffinger-Konzett

Sonja & Elmar, hosts