Spa etiquette at the Juffing Hotel & Spa

General info

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A fountain of youth
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Our goal is to indulge you, your body and your mind and to give you new energy. In order to make your stay in our oasis of quietude as pleasant as possible we have put together some information and tips for you. 

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Opening hours spa:

INDOOR AND OUTDOOR POOL: 7.00 am to 8.00 pm
GYM: 7.00 am to 10.30 pm
NEW SAUNA WORLD: 11.00 am to 8.00 pm
TEXTILE SAUNA: 7.30 to 11.00 am, 4.00 to 8.00 pm (next to the pool)
TEXTILE BRINE STEAM BATH: 4.00 to 8.00 pm (next to the pool)
INFRARED LOUNGE: 7.00 am to 8.00 pm
THERAPY: 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

Book treatments:

We recommend to book treatments already when you book your room. Of course we will also make every effort to set your desired appointment on short notice if you wish to make a booking after your arrival.

Mobile phones etc.:

All areas within the Juffing Balance Spa are oases of calm. Please do not use mobile phones, tablets or laptops in the spa area.

Take your time:

 Please arrive at the spa reception around 10 minutes before your arranged appointment. This means you will have the time to acclimatise in peace.


We make every effort to begin all treatments on time. Unfortunately, we cannot extend the treatment beyond the agreed appointment time if you arrive late. In this case, the treatment time will be shortened.


Please inform us about health complaints and illnesses prior to booking a treatment. Only then we can advise you accordingly and find an appropriate treatment. 


Congratulations! For this wonderful time there are certain rules and we only recommend cosmetic treatments that you can enjoy without hesitation. For all other treatments such as massages or therapies we kindly ask you for a medical certificate so that the mother’s and child’s health is not endangered or premature labour occurs.


Should something happen that means you cannot keep an appointment, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. Cancellation is free up to 24 hours before the start of treatment. We reserve the right to charge 80 % of the treatment price in the case of later cancellations or no-shows if we cannot give the appointment to another guest.

Spa bag:

Swim bags with sauna towels and slippers are available to use for the duration of your stay. There are cosy bathrobes waiting for you in the bathroom. Please contact the reception for different sizes. The swim bag contains your personal water cup, which you can fill with invigorating Grander water for use in the spa.


We see literature as a sustainable source of inspiration. This is why reading occupies a special place in our premises. Our Balance Spa library is a lovingly crafted retreat and a sanctuary of peace. Untreated wood and parquet floors, a cosy fire and an exquisite selection of the very latest books make our library a unique environment with plenty of warmth and refined charm.


Please attend treatments in your bathrobe with no jewellery or valuables. We provide disposable briefs for body treatments. Most body treatments are carried out without clothes. All parts of the body not being treated are covered with towels during treatment. We ask that you wear normal clothes in the hotel lobby and dining room, not just a bathrobe.

Food and drink:

Grander water is provided as drinking water throughout the spa area. This specially treated water is invigorated and activated using a process developed by celebrated Tirolean Johann Grander. Early birds will find an espresso machine and sweet pastries in the tea lounge. There is also a selection of fruit, nuts and dried fruits available throughout the day. A large selection of teas is of course provided.

Nude area:

Our sauna landscape is a nude area. Please visit our sauna without swimwear for health and hygiene reasons. We provide a textile area, which comprises the infrared lounge, textile salt steam room and textile sauna, as a special luxury.

Gift vouchers:

Giving is great. All of our treatments, especially our couples spa appointments, make perfect gifts – and our beautifully designed vouchers are the perfect way to present them and to make somebody a very special surprise.

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Our spa partners

We choose all our brand partners consciously and with great care. Not only the excellent product quality was important to us, but also the holistic appproach and the clear commitment to gentle and resource-conserving manufacturing processes. 


AromaTouch™ was developed to maximise the health benefits of essential oils. As essential oils have many different powerful and positive qualities, every oil is specially selected for its own effective benefits. The AromaTouch™ technique improves the activity of essential oils, stimulates known body meridians and energy zones while it balances the body functions and systems as well as the chakras at the same time. Only oils from the company doTERRA® are used in combination with fractionated coconut oil. They comply with the CPTG standard (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) and are among the purest therapeutic oils worldwide. Eight different essential oils of pure therapeutic grade and essential oil blends of the same quality are used in the treatments. 

Team Dr Joseph

Based on your skin needs and scientific findings, the Team Dr Joseph manual treatment method starts deep in the tissue. Following the natural laws of function, the skin's metabolism is brought into balance: calming the nervous system, relaxing facial expressions, harmonising the flow balance, normalising microcirculation with the aim of nurturing and maintaining a holistic skin feeling, skin health and beauty. Internationally successful and at home in South Tyrol, we have found the ideal partner in Team Dr Joseph, which fits the holistic concept of "Balance that inspires". TEAM DR JOSEPH means 100 % nature & effect:

  • Noticeable immediate effect
  • High-tech natural cosmetics
  • Holistic treatments in another dimension
  • Sustainable, respectful treatment of nature
  • Bio-certified effective cosmetics
  • Light, non-greasy, quickly absorbed textures

The development of natural cosmetics has been an affair of the heart for PINO for over 10 years. In order to promote human health and protect the environment, PINO is committed to the continuous development of purely natural cosmetic products. The NATURAL SPA THERAPY products support the beneficial, therapeutically based body treatments as well as the intensive care of the skin. Therefore, only natural raw materials, preferably from controlled organic cultivation, are used. The ingredients include high-quality plant oils and fats, gently extracted, valuable plant extracts and natural essential oils.


With its SKINthings brand, Schnitzler Concept GmbH stands for vegan and animal-free active cosmetics, supported by apparative treatment methods. With SKINthings, we offer high-quality anti-ageing treatments and products that lead to visible and lasting results for every skin type for a wide range of skin needs, preferably without harming the environment and ensuring the highest possible tolerance.