Tranquillity and luxury in our boutique hotel near Kufstein

Enjoy the beauty of life

Six good reasons for an unforgettable time at the Juffing. 

There is no other time of the year that you look forward to as much as the holidays, as relaxation, recreation and carefreeness lie tangibly close. You get information on destinations, hotels and discover the Juffing while looking for a new favourite hotel. And who would have thought? Even stubborn members of the fraction "I have never heard of Hinterthiersee" will suddenly become attentive and take a closer look. After all: The Juffing is a very special energetic place with nice hosts that you can easily trust with the most valuable days of your year. A refuge for sophisticated people will await you and everything is of the highest quality, even the view of the Kaiser mountains. 

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We will be happy to answer the following question:

When are we the right choice for your holiday?

  1. You look for an adults only hotel in the mountains, neither huge nor mini-small.
  2. You prefer holistic well-being which addresses all levels of being human.
  3. You appreciate the possibility to be active in unspoilt natural surroundings in addition to an activity programme with yoga and meditation.
  4. Instead of dogma you look for a spa hotel with vital gourmet cuisine and life-affirming pleasure.
  5. You believe in the idyll in the mountains and avoid touristic hotspots. 
  6. Sustainability is important to you. 
ADULT HOTEL WITH boutique character

As a precious retreat for adults, we call ourselves an adults only hotel and offer relaxation and recreation for adults. We are a wellness hotel specializing in integral wellness and relaxation: We accommodate 100 guests, which puts us between boutique hotels for a maximum of 10 to 15 people and large hotels with 150 beds or more in terms of the number of beds. We like to present our offer in a way that makes it easier for guests to find the most suitable house and place for their needs. That's why we never hide the fact that Hinterthiersee has no chairlifts, no shopping facilities and no giant skiing area in winter. It is a natural quiet and sleepy place, which is a natural paradise for many of our guests. What makes it special here? Good service, elegant-natural design, family atmosphere, adult concept and tranquility, lots of nature, a beautiful garden, a lovingly designed breakfast buffet, an afternoon buffet, which has already been abolished in many hotels after Corona, and an evening menu that meets high quality standards. As another highlight we see our reflect & restart programme for more enjoyment outside the comfort zone.

Well-being for spa lovers

Apart from arbitrariness you will discover an insider tip for sophisticated spa lovers with the Juffing hotel. The hotel is also excellently suitable for a longer recreation holiday in addition to luxurious spa timeouts. 

We do not adapt flighty trends but develop a hotel soul for our guests that will enable them to recreate, to enjoy and to experience powerful new impulses in a generous way and without extra charges. Discover a place which will offer you an immense added value in all areas - from wellness spa to the cuisine and from literature to the versatile offers of the Reflect & Restart programme.

We have created a spa with light, colours and comfort to stimulate all senses. Experience this generously extended spa area with quietude, water and sauna worlds and a gym exclusively for hotel guests on 2,000 m2

Being aware of the manifold positive effects of serious wellness you will enter a place of regeneration. Your feeling of life after a stay at the Juffing will feel dynamic, light and relieved of tiredness. 


Seven days for your holistic well-being

With our unique Reflect & Restart programme you can deliberately turn your holiday stay into a valuable timeout on seven days a week and work on your body and mind with competent accompaniment. 

We offer yoga and meditation, relaxation techniques, hikes and forest bathing. Mental wellness encompasses relaxation and stress management methods such as autogenous training, tai chi, deep work, sound baths or simply aimless wandering, strolling and enjoying.

People who wish to gain more balance by reducing stress practice the art of letting go and focussing on the essential together with our relaxation experts. Reflect & Restart means: begin in the holidays and continue at home to obtain a sustainable effect. 

Vital gourmet and the good life in your Tyrol holidays

The Juffing has a long tradition in placing a special emphasis on the kitchen performance. 

The best cooks are responsible for an outstanding kitchen performance at the Juffing in Thiersee. We work with seasonal fresh products from the region. We have a partial organic certification by conviction. The Juffing kitchen provides a young and modern interpretation of the classic gourmet cuisine and brings a creative and above all healthy cuisine to the table. Awarded with the Green Toque Austria, our employees unite innovative developments with handed-down recipes. We like to cook vegetarian and modern-light. 

In addition to the good cuisine we think a lot about the good life and this is why our wine menu with exclusively Austrian wines also plays an important role in our house. A modern coffee culture as well as fantastic drinks, also non-alcoholic, in the lounge at the fireplace, are important to us and belong to the Juffing experience. For our guests it is a plus that conscious body work, sporty activities and enjoyable culinary are united in our hotel offer. 

Idyll in the mountains

The home of the Juffing is Thiersee, the second largest municipality in the district of Kufstein in terms of its area and therefore larger than the city area of Innsbruck.

Our love for our home belongs to the smallest village part Hinterthiersee, on 856 metres above sea level, without through traffic and as the name already tells: behind the lake. Hinterthiersee still steadfastly refuses to accept the hustle and bustle of everyday life, busy shopping or skiing spectacles.

Away from well-known tourist resorts and surrounded by original and powerful landscape you can find something almost uncanny in the Thierseetal: Quietude and peace. Instead of hustle you will find pronounced seasons which will invite you to stay and to come back. 

Winters with plenty of snow, a climatically balanced summer and the golden autumn in the mountains have invited our guests for generations to enjoy a Tyrolean hiking holiday or tobogganing in Tyrol.

We only lie one hour away from Munich and Salzburg and yet Hinterthiersee is a power place. Please bear in mind that a fast and simple travel is not always a blessing. Some people get too simple and too fast from their town offices to our hotel garden where the plants thrive and also people burst into new bloom. Maybe you need to step on the break and become slower to leave the lifestyle of the 21th century behind you. This act of pausing during the arrival is an important step towards true recreation. 

The extraordinarily calming atmosphere of the location in the village of Hinterthiersee probably make a contribution to fill up your energy deficits. Such an obviously noticeable flow of energy is a rarity. 

Sustainability in your holidays

A sustainable touristic development and careful handling of resources are important to us. We can prove this endeavour with the award Austrian ecolabel hotel as well as a partial organic certification. We call ourselves a nature hotel and our efforts for more sustainability can be found here. 

Terrace with view on mountains

Juffing - luxury, newly defined

Luxury does not necessarily have to mean expensive and has nothing to do with opulence. Luxury rather includes exclusivity and uniqueness as it is special and different. To us, true recreation means to discover new ways and to try out things that you have never done before. One's own change is luxury, for: only what changes, stays. The handmade in every dish and massage has real class and is luxurious, just like the individual, discreet and quiet.