The Juffing spa at one glance

Holistic wellness and
relaxation in the garden

Have a rendezvous with beautiful life
and a new day: Trees and flowers,
amazement and silence will await you.

In our adults only hotel in Tyrol you will enjoy quietude and regeneration on more than 2,000 m² spa area. Four saunas, two steam baths, an indoor and and outdoor pool, a plunge pool, an ice fountain, atmospheric treatment rooms, an infrared lounge, a gym, wonderful garden areas and open air terraces as well as spacious quiet rooms will be at your disposal at our spa hotel in Tyrol. 

Illustrated map of hotel Juffing
Pure relaxation in Hinterthiersee

The Juffing spa facilities

Balance that inspires means equilibrium and rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul. The following spa facilities will support you on your personal way to relaxation: 

Juffing water world

    1. Indoor pool 8 x 10 m | 30°C
    2. Outdoor pool heated all year round 6 x 12 metres | 30°C | with bubble loungers and swimming channel to indoor pool
    3. 4-step plunge pool
    4. Biotope (no swimming pond)
    5. RainSky shower

Juffing sauna world

  1. Finnish Panorama Sauna 90°C
  2. Vitality sauna 75°C
  3. Bio sauna 60°C
  4. Brine steam bath
  5. Ice fountain
  6. Outdoor cleaning shower
  7. Adventure showers
  8. Aquamoon Shower Experience
  9. Drinking fountain

Juffing quiet world

  1. Panoramic quiet room
  2. Room of silence
  3. Infrared lounge with infrared therapy loungers
  4. Relaxation room at the biotope
  5. Sun deck
  6. Outdoor loungers in the magic garden
  7. Library in the spa
  8. Reading tepidarium

Juffing textile area

  1. Textile brine steam bath
  2. Textile sauna 90°C

Juffing fitness world

  1. Technogym fitness centre

Juffing therapy area

  1. Yoga and meditation room
  2. Beauty salon
  3. Therapy rooms
  4. Duo massage room

Juffing common rooms

  1. spa reception and shop
  2. toilets
  3. changing room
  4. elevator
  5. tea and coffee lounge


We will be happy to provide plenty of space to rest for you. See below a list of our loungers:

  • Library in the spa: 8 loungers, 1 cuddly reading island
  • Room of silence: 6 loungers, 5 lounger rocking chairs
  • Sauna area: 4 single loungers, 2 double lounger
  • Panoramic quiet room: 20 loungers, 1 cuddly lounger corner, 1 lounger rocking chair
  • Pool: 8 loungers, 2 beanbags, 2 hanging wicker chairs
  • Infrared: 8 Infrared therapy loungers by Physiotherm
  • Garden: 54 Loungers
  • Reading tepidarium: 3 heated tile loungers



Massage table with view of mountains

Holistic treatments & spa packages at the
Juffing spa in Tyrol

In order to regain your inner balance, a varied range of treatments from massages to beauty and fascia training will await you. Moreover, we will offer special wellness rituals for couples in Tyrol which take place in one of our duo treatment rooms with a dreamlike view. In the warm season you will feel like in the open air thanks to the large window openings. In addition, we have founded relaxing and health promoting spa and beauty treatments which can be combined with your stay. 

Exercise & relaxation at
the Juffing spa in Tyrol

Our gym consists of an air-conditioned gym which is equipped with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment as well as one additional room where courses and strength training programmes take place. The concept of our spa hotel is rounded off by a health-oriented exercise, meditation and yoga programme in and with nature. In the course of this Reflect & Restart programme you can begin during your holidays in Tyrol and continue at home to reach a lasting recreational effect. 

Man on fitnessbike, woman helping with settings
Steam bath

Our tepidarium
(temperature 35° / humidity 20%)

was already an important room of relaxation in Roman bath culture. While it then served as a gentle introduction to the bath it helps you today to relax the muscles of the body and to reduce tensions. Our guests like to use the tepidarium before or after their morning swim and before massage treatments. It is a dry heat room with heated seats, floors and walls. The warmth creates a type of “healthy fever” in the organism to boost your immune system.

Our steam bath with brine
(temperature 45-48° / humidity 80%)

is, in contrast to the dry tepidarium, a treatment in which an almost tropical climate is created with relatively low temperatures but extremely high humidity which has an effect on the entire organism: the muscles are relaxed, the metabolism is improved, the skin is cleansed and the airways are cleared. Essential oils give our two steam baths a very special touch.

Our shower rooms

are generously dimensioned rooms of refreshment and invigoration. The Kneipp hoses that can be found there are ideal for guests who want to train their veins or suffer from stressed feet. Our ice fountain creates a pleasant fresh feeling just as the plunge pool does after a sauna visit. The cold water of the plunge pool will close the pores and improve blood circulation in the skin. The nervous system is stimulated and based on the Kneipp treatment, the cooling down after a sauna is considered an ideal boost for the immune system.

Atmospheric relax areas

will invite you to relax and to read. A vitality buffet with a large selection of precious teas, organic coffee and small snacks will quench the little hunger.


Our bio sauna
(temperature 60° / humidity 60-70%)

will stimulate circulation, cleanse the skin, release tensions and relax the body. The gentle warmth of the bio sauna is especially popular with the ladies.

In our vitality-sauna
(temperature 75° / humidity 40%)

the skin is detoxified. Moreover, the temperature of this sauna will help you relax and sleep better and prepares the body for the high temperatures and the low humidity of the Finnish sauna.

The panorama-sauna
(temperature 90° / humidity 10%)

is a Finnish sauna with very high temperatures and low humidity. It enables an intensive stimulation of the organs and the metabolism and supports the cell regeneration and the excretion of toxins. The interplay of extremely hot, dry air, the skilled infusion and the evaporation of water and the subsequent cool-down in the cold plunge pool or under the shower belong to your spa experience at the Juffing.

The dress-on sauna
(temperature 75° / humidity 40%)

is open from 7.30 am for all those who like to take a morning swim.

A dress-on steam bath with brine
(temperature 45-48° / humidity 80%)

is spatially separated from the nude area.

Relaxation room with infrared loungers

Our infrared loungers are a perfect alternative to the sauna or steam bath. The built-in radiant heaters evenly heat the surface of the skin and stimulate blood circulation. The heat helps with tension and chronic pain, relieves ENT problems, improves lung function in bronchitis or asthma and improves the appearance of the skin in acne, cellulite or neurodermatitis. Infrared heat promotes inner peace through gentle sweating and is the perfect way to prepare for your massage.

In order to find oneself one does not need to take long ways. A relaxed wellness day in our spa is often enough. We will be happy to show you varied possibilities of recreation and leisure in the Juffing spa in Thiersee. 


FAQ about our spa

Can I use the Juffing spa world also before check-in or after check-out?

You will arrive early and your room is not ready yet? You are free to use our spa area already before you move into your room against a fee of € 10.- per person. If you want to prolong your stay we can offer you a longer use of the spa area without your room (€ 25.- including afternoon buffet). 

Do I need my own bathrobe, slippers etc.?

Of course not. There will be cuddly bathrobes in standard sizes as well as a spa bag with slippers, sauna kilt, thermos cup as well as bath and sauna towels for you. Should you need a bathrobe in XXL, please ask at our reception. 

When is the spa area open?

For our Juffing spa world there are the following opening hours:

  • indoor pool & tepidarium: 7.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • gym with state-of-the-art ARTIS® Technogym machines: 7.00 am to 10 pm
  • sauna world: 11.00 am to 8.00 pm (the dress-on sauna next to the pool is also already open from 7.30 to 11.00 am for those who like to take a morning swim.)

Is the spa area barrier-free?

Mostly. We would like to point out, though, that the area which was built in 2019 is not barrier-free as the yoga room as well as the new sauna world (bio sauna, vitality sauna, panorama sauna, plunge pool) can only be reached over five steps. For the new area there was no satisfactory constructional solution without steps. We kindly ask you to consider and excuse this for your holiday decision. All other, pre-existing parts of the spa area (pool, tepidarium, sauna next to the pool, brine steam bath, infrared lounge) are of course barrier-free.

How big is the pool?

The outdoor pool measures 6 x 12 metres, the indoor pool measures 8 x 10 metres and is connected with the outdoor pool through a swim tunnel. 

What is the water temperature in the pool?

Both the indoor as well as the outdoor pool are heated with 30 °C all year. 

How can I book treatments?

You can book treatments anytime, in your booking tool, on our website or simply by email to; on site at the hotel and spa reception as well as online from your room with your room tablet. 

Book treatments online

During which time can I book treatments?

Our team of experts will be at your disposal in the treatment area from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm. 

Is it allowed to use mobile phones and devices in the spa area?

All rooms at the Juffing spa world are oases of quietude. Please refrain from using mobile phones, tablets or laptops in the spa area. It disturbs your relaxation if you are always reachable and moreover, the devices can be used to film and to photograph, which is not allowed in the nude area. Please also switch off your mobile phones and devices during meal times out of consideration of the other guests.