Cycling vacation around the Thiersee & Kufstein

Mountain biking and e-biking in Tyrol

Thiersee lies at the heart of a big mountain bike region in Tyrol. From the expert trail to leisurely biking there will be numerous possibilities to bike around the Juffing Hotel & Spa, off the frequented trails and roads in regions of overwhelming beauty. 


Our classic mountain bikes can be booked all year round, the e-mountain bikes can be reserved from the beginning of May to the beginning of November for fantastic bike tours. 

Free for our guests

New and flawlessly serviced mountain bikes

Who would like to go on a mountain bike tour? Then get the key for one of our hotel's own Juffing mountain bikes. Built especially for lending, these bikes are regularly serviced by a professional service and are in best shape! Please bring your own helmets if needed. 

E-mountain bikes - biking with joy

We provide four Flyer-e-bikes for our guests from the beginning of May to the end of October. Put the pedal to the metal without much effort and explore trails through marvellous landscapes that were only reserved to bikers until then. For e-bikes there is a service fee of € 10.00 for half days or € 20.00 for whole days.

Please note: due to the renovation, we do not offer e-bike hire in the 2024 summer season. E-bike hire only again from May 2025.
From September 2024: Great equipment for demanding bikers with lockable bike cellar and much more.

Start right at the hotel!

Many different trails await you. The most beautiful one - and not too difficult - is the tour to the Kaiserhaus: For advanced mountain bikers there is a special map with numerous well marked trails around Thiersee (available at the reception). Here you can reserve e-bikes & mountain bikes online:

The following tours start right at the hotel or in Thiersee:

Wachtl trail - circular trail (5.5 km)
Length of traiL. 5.5 km, change in altitude: 150 m, duration: 45 min

Starting point: Vorderthiersee
Route: Follow the country road towards Kufstein until just before the petrol station, turn left, turn left again after 300 m. Descend across meadows and through woods until you reach the former Wachtl Inn (closed at the moment). At km 2.5 (connection to the Inn Valley Cycling Trail) take a right for the ascent to Lake Thiersee. At km 3.5, turn right onto the paved road and return to the country road. Turn right at km 4.5 and reach your starting point on the road at km 5.5.

Wäschkogel - circular trail (8 km)
Length of trail: 8 km, change in altitude: 150 m, duration: 1 h

Our recommendation for warming up: with the exception of the ascent at the beginning, there are hardly any steep parts. The tour is easily manageable on forest roads.

Starting point: Hinterthiersee;
Route: Follow the country road towards Kufstein. Turn right towards Breitenau at the Ayurveda Hotel Sonnhof. Turn right towards Modal after the Breitenau farm. Turn left at the crossroads after the meadow, ascend before a flat stretch towards Kranhof farm, short descent, past the level-crossing to the Kranhofweg path. Turn right onto the forest road along the Glemmbachklamm gorge back to your starting point in Hinterthiersee.

Pendling - circular trail (18 km)
Length of trail: 18 km, duration: 3 h

Starting point: Hinterthiersee
Route: Starting at the hotel, follow the country road towards Thiersee to the Ayurveda hotel Sonnhof, turn right towards Breitenau. Pass the Breitenau and then, before the labyrinth, turn left towards Schneeberg, with a wonderful panoramic view over the ski piste from Gschwendterwies, from the Schneeberg inn to the Kala-Alm and then to the Kufsteinerhaus at the Pendling. Go in the direction of Breitenau on your way back over Gschwendterwies. Those who are not tired yet can prolong the tour: Don’t choose the way back to Hinterthiersee at the crossroads, but go left up the mountain and then even towards Kranhof, pass the barriers until the Kranhofweg. On the Kranhofweg right at the Glemmbachklamm gorge back to the starting point in Hinterthiersee.

Huts - circular trail (21 km)
Length of trail: 21 km, duration: 2.5 h

Starting point: Hinterthiersee;
Route: From the hotel, follow the country road towards Landl until you reach the sawmill. Turn left before the sawmill and follow the paved road alongside the houses towards the Wieshof Inn. Shortly before the inn, turn left onto the gravel road. Follow the sand and gravel trail to Modalwiese meadow, continue along the meadow (turn left at the fork). Continue straight ahead for several hundred metres of flat or descending ground. Descend to the crossroads before the labyrinth (Breitenau is to your left). Turn right, pass the level-crossing, and continue through the forest towards Höhlenstein Mountain. (Attention: keep left at the Köglalm fork). Continue east in the cirque at the Höhlensteinhaus Chalet and stay on the “root trail” for 15 minutes (dismounting and pushing your bike may be advisable) over meadows and through copses of wood towards the Jochalm alpine pasture. Continue on the road. Take the narrower path on your right at the left bend. After merging onto the main trail, right, stay on the main trail at the sharp right bend. Continue downhill, flat, and again uphill towards the Kaltwasser-Kreuzung crossroads. Turn right onto the main trail and follow the forest road towards the Kala Alm alpine pasture. Take the same route back. Follow the sign towards Hinterthiersee beneath the Jochalm Alpine pasture. Two ascents (one crossing at the gate), after a long descent turn left towards Breitenau. Across the flat meadow, down the forest road towards the main road of Hinterthiersee and back to your hotel.

Kaiserhaus - circular trail (32 km)
Length of trail: 32 km, duration: 3 h

Slight ascents and descents, lush mountain meadows and shady copses of trees - the trail is not difficult and ideally suited for a sports adventure with the entire family.

Starting point: Hinterthiersee;
Route: From your hotel, cycle slightly downhill on the public road. After 500 metres, turn left at the Gruber family farm. Continue your tour towards Brandenberg undisturbed by traffic. After a short stretch of tarmac, enjoy riding on a perfectly groomed forest road through lovely mixed forests. After two or three short ascents, follow the Ebenwaldweg forest trail until you reach the crossroads at the Riedenberger Wiesen meadow. Turn left onto the Ellbachstraße heading towards the Kaiserhaus Chalet. After 15.7 km (approximately 90 minutes) and after a long but not very steep descent, you will reach the Kaiserklamm gorge, named after Emperor Franz Josef I. In olden times, felled trees were transported using the rapid currents of the gorge. We highly recommend that you leave your bikes behind and venture about 20 minutes into the gorge until you reach a tunnel chiselled into the rock, where an amazing view of the gorge is waiting for you. The gorge is accessible all summer – it is only closed out of safety concerns on days with strong rain. Back at the exit, turn right. After a couple of hundred metres, you will reach the Kaiserhaus hut, which is open from May to the end of October (with the exception of July/August when it is closed on Tuesdays) – with a spacious patio and playground. Why not stop for a bite to eat at 706 metres above sea level? Even Emperor Franz and Empress Sissi spent the night here – and their room was left in its original state. Take the same route back (approximately 90 minutes, ascending at the beginning). An ideal tour to try our e-bikes.

Sonnwendjoch - circular trail (38 km)
Length of trail: 38 km, change in altitude: 1050 m, duration: 3.5 h

Starting point: Postwirt in Landl (Info Büro);
Route: Take the main road towards Bayrischzell. Turn left onto the forest road after 500 metres. Cross the bridge and continue uphill towards Riedenberg. After 4 km, turn right. Continue towards the Grabenbergalm alpine pasture, at the crossroads (6 km) turn left, uphill to the next fork. Continue right until the end of the forest road. Push your bike for 150 m, cross the brook and the meadow until you reach the mountain hut. Take the tarmac road to the Grabenbergalmkapelle Chapel. Vantage point at 1,429 metres above sea level (at km 10). Follow the road, at the mountain hut descend towards the Ackernalm alpine pasture at 1,300 metres above sea level. (Chalet open every day until mid or late November, depending on the weather; demonstration cheese dairy). At the car park, turn left onto the forest road (13 km). Right downhill until you reach the deer feeding station (15 km). From here, continue uphill towards the Reichsteinalm alpine pasture and further towards Valepp. Cross the border into Germany. Turn left onto the forest road until you reach the crossroads (20 km). Follow the steep ascent to your right towards Elendsattel at 1,143 metres above sea level (26 km). Steep descent past the Elendalm hut, through the narrow Elendgraben ravine, cross the brook, continue towards the Kloo-Ascher mountain hut (31 km). Continue out of the valley towards the Zipflwirt Inn (not in business at the moment). At the edge of the forest, turn right onto the hiking trail towards the Gasthof Bäckeralm Inn (closed on Tuesdays with the exception of Christmas and holidays, also closed on Wednesday during off-season). Continue towards the border (35 km). Take the main road back to your starting point (38 km).

Ackernalm circular trail (45 km)
Length of trail: 45 km, duration: 6 h

Starting point: Hinterthiersee;
Route: From the hotel, follow the country road towards Landl, after 500 metres turn left onto the Kranhofweg trail. At the crossroads in Modal (after 3.5 km) continue straight onto the flat Ebenwaldweg trail until you reach the crossroads at the Riedenberger Wiesen meadow. Continue left on the Ellbachstraße towards the Kaiserhaus Chalet until km 16.2 (Kaiserklamm Gorge). After 30 m, follow the uphill trail towards the Erzherzog-Johann-Klause hermitage, after 190 m continue uphill on your right. After a short descent, pass the level-crossing, cross the bridge and follow the mountain river. At 23.8 km, at the crossroads next to the wooden huts (left to the rural inn Gasthaus E. H. J. Klause in 250 metres) turn right and continue uphill on the forest road. At the crossroads after 24.9 km, turn left towards Valepp, cross the bridge and continue uphill until you reach the crossroads at the deer feeding station (km 27.2). From here, continue uphill towards the Ackernalm alpine pasture and inn (at km 31.2) - inn open every day until mid or late November, depending on the weather. At the inn, continue towards Grabenbergalm alpine pasture with its vantage point at 1,430 metres above sea level (km 32.2). Pass the chapel and take the tarmac road to the last hut (push the bike for 150 metres). Left across the pasture, cross the river. From here take the downhill forest road towards Landl. At km 42.2, turn right onto the country road towards Landl, in Landl (km 42.8) cross the bridge on your right and follow the road past the chapel to the Glarcherbauern farm. Turn right onto the country road to Hinterthiersee and ascend to your starting point.

Panorama circular trail (47 km)
Length of trail: 47 km, change in altitude: 900 m, duration: 6 h

Starting point: Vorderthiersee;
Route: Take the country road towards Kufstein, until short before the petrol station, turn left, turn left, turn left again at km 0.3, a short descent and a short ascent leads to the former Gasthof Wachtl Inn. At km 2.5 (connection to the Inn Valley Cycle Trail on your left) turn right towards Thiersee. Turn right onto the tarmac road at km 3.5 and continue until you reach the country road in 1 km. Keep right and head for the former Hotel Charlotte in 300 metres. Continue towards Dreibrunnenjoch ridge (km 6.3). Take the steep ascent on your right until you reach Hausern (km 7.5). Continue straight to the former Gschwendt Inn (open all year round, closed on Wednesdays). After 9.1 km, keep right to take the tarmac road towards Gschwendterwies. Trail branches off at the forest road. Pass the level-crossing and keep left towards Breitenau. Turn right at the crossroads at km 10.4 and follow the flat trail towards Breitenau. Turn left, after 50 metres turn right uphill towards Modal (km 13.4). Turn left at the crossroads and continue uphill towards the Kranhof farm. Take the short descent, past the level-crossing to the Kranhofweg path (km 15). Turn left into the Kranhofweg path. Continue on the flat Ebenwaldstraße road until you reach the crossroads at the Riedenberger Wiesen meadow at km 20.9. From here, turn left for the ascent towards Riedenberg Mountain. The descent towards Landl starts at km 23.6. At km 25.1, head towards Fürschlacht. Continue straight downhill until you reach the country road (km 29.7), turn left and continue until you reach the Ursprung Mountain Pass at km 32.5. Turn into the Sonnbergweg trail, pass the level-crossing. Then stay on the main trail uphill, constant ascent until you reach the highest point of the tour at an altitude of 1,250 metres above sea level at km 37.7. From here, take the wide forest road. Cross the Trainsbach River and follow the serpentines to the former Sonnberg Inn (no longer in business) at km 44.6. Turn left at the inn, pass the chapel. And continue downhill to the Vordere Trojer Road and back to the country road to Thiersee.

Bikers in mountainous landscape

Eldorado for road bikers in Tyrol

The region around Thiersee and Kufstein is fit for racing bikes, it opens a paradise for fast wheels. The unique diversity of routes and the marvellous views of the beautiful mountain scenery of the alpine foothills leave racing cyclists raving: 20 racing bike routes with over 1,500 kilometres, 14,000 metres of ascent (from 470 to 2,400 metres above sea level), from 1.5 to 10 hour tours; speed-freaks are spoilt for choice.

You will find your favourite cycling tour here: the challenging ascent of mountain pass roads to the summits of the Großglockner mountain, Kitzbühler Horn mountain and Zillertal Alps or long passages in the rolling hills! Our valley in the Alps offers tours for every level of fitness and there are countless further routes on the side roads and cycling trails of the region. 


The interactive Kufsteinerland cycle map shows all bike tours with route description and GPS track for download. 

Suggestions for cycle routes
Interactive cycle & MTB tour map
Interactive map for cycle tours in Tyrol
Interactive map for racing bike tours
Group of bikers in mountainous landscape

Kufsteinerland bike marathon

Hot asphalt, smoking wheels, burning thighs and all of this in front of a breathtaking scenery. The Kufsteinerland first hosted the Kufsteinerland bike marathon in 2016. Typical for the racing cycle region are rolling hills that alternate with steep ascents. After the challenging climbing passages, dreamlike views will make up for the strains going up. An exciting bike-to-bike race will await you, the start for the 124 km marathon trail or the 48 km panoramic circular trail is on Sunday, 5 September 2021. By the way: The trail leads right past our hotel! 

Cycling and biking can ideally be combined with a stay at the spa hotel Juffing. Be active during the day and discover the beautiful region from your saddle and after the bike tour you go to the spa paradise wrapped in your bathrobe. 

Look forward to active holidays and new bike adventures in your holidays in Tyrol.