A matter of the heart at the Juffing Hotel

Our hotel library

The two libraries at the Juffing
literature hotel are our personal
concern. There is no space for arbitrariness
in our house. 

In our shelves you can find hand-picked literary new discoveries from the German-speaking area, English original editions, translations from Spanish and French, but also select classics and informative books about life, economy and politics. In a nutshell: Books to talk about and books that want to be read. 

Couple kuddling while reading
Books on the wall
Table with tea and book on the terrace
A good book is like medicine

Our libraries ...

People talking in library

Library in the fireplace lounge

Comfortable lounge and seating furniture with good lighting are the ideal surrounding to read quality papers, new publications and poetry. The reader will be welcomed with an own shelf "new publications" so to say and the special focus on poetry at a very prominent place in the hotel is a further particularity of our library. Also selected picture volumes and informative publications will invite you to pause and to engage in topics that move our society.

Seating area with bookshelves

Library in the spa

Travellers and readers mainly have one thing in common: the wish to discover new worlds. Our library in the spa will surround you with unique silence and offer you the right atmosphere to be surprised by belletristic works that we have divided up into “airy & light”, “inspiring”, “intense” and “controverse”. You will find the leisure to pick up a classic or devote yourself to interesting biographies. Also nonfiction and self-help literature from the areas of yoga, spirituality, philosophy and partnership can be found here. 

Room with desk, chair, tablet and books

Library for idlers

Yes, you have understood us correctly, we will read to you - to be precise, the professional speakers of the audiobooks that you can borrow for free at our hotel reception for the whole duration of your stay - stored on iPods.

Sign with literary text

Literature in the staircase

means that we have designed the staircase and the walls in the hallways of the main house with sophisticated poetry. It is an interdisciplinary project between the author, the architect and the hotel manager. It was exciting, brought us joy and we are very proud of it! We have written down the precise explanations, information on the sources and descriptions of the project idea in our “Literature at the steeple reading guide”.


Should you not be able to finish an exciting book during your stay, take it home with you - after talking to our hotel reception - and send it back to us after you have finished it. 

Table with books and a cup of coffee

Have a look and
browse in advance

If you want to browse through our library online: www.biblioweb.at/juffing
If there is a book which you have wanted to read for a long time or if you have certain literary preferences we will be happy to prepare a selection of books in your room at our hotel. Simply write us a short mail with your book requests.