Impressions of the Juffing Hotel & Spa

Let pictures tell

Woman lying in bed under the covers, a sleeping mask on her head

Our idea is "Balance that inspires". We want to inspire and cause positive feelings, in the best case the confirmation: Here I am right, this is my hotel.

Our pictures for different aspects of balance that inspires have been put together by us in our gallery. Have fun looking at them. 

Outdoor view of the magic garden
Cozy room with chairs and bookshelves
Woman sitting on ottoman holding a cup looking into the distance
Terrace with view on mountains
Woman doing yoga in the garden
View into restaurant
Part of a door
Couple sitting at fireplace drinking wine
Group standing at the bar drinking
Hotel bar
Couple kuddling in bed while reading
Outdoor view hotel Juffing
Table with chairs and parasol in the magic garden
Table with books and a cup of coffee on it
Maple garden with church tower in the back
Man and woman reading books in front of bookshelves
View of hotel room
Basket with toiletries
Close up of a pillow
Woman in a bathtub
Bed and curtain
Sink and mirror in a bathroom
Two women in robes lying on a bed reading
Room with couch, table and tv
Sky suite with view of mountains
Woman lying in bed with sleeping mask on her head
Private spa with view of mountains
Colourful room with bed and couch and view of mountains
Terrace with lounge chairs and view of mountains
Room with bed, nightstand and chair
Room with desk, chair and bookshelf
Woman walking past Lounge chair
Bathroom with sinks and mirrors
Woman standing in front of a bookcase  getting a book
Bright room with bed and bookcase
View from inside the sauna on mountains
Man eating gourmet dish
Gourmet dish
Table at the restaurant
Gourmet dish
Waiter setting a table
Waitress serving dish on the terrace
Breakfast buffet area
Breakfast on a table on the terrace
Chairs in relaxing area
woman in robe holding a cup looking out the window
Juffing bag and slippers
Relaxing area with lounge chairs and view of mountains
relaxing area with lounge chairs
Woman and man in spa area
Magic garden of hotel Juffing
Mann swimming in pool
Sauna with view of mountains
Woman getting massage
Outdoor pool hotel Juffing
Treatment room with massage tables
Yoga room of hotel Juffing
Relaxing area
Person getting health treatment
Woman walking in river
Men and woman in the sauna
Steam bath
Outdoor view of spa area at dusk
Woman and man in indoor pool
Cozy chairs in relaxing area
Man and woman doing yoga on the terrace
Woman getting beauty treatment
relaxing area with lounge chairs
Woman doing yoga
Hand with gong
Yoga room of hotel Juffing
People with yogamats
Feet in the grass
Wind chime
Man and woman standing outside in robes
Man standing in the forest looking at the sky
Man getting massage
Seating area with bookshelves
Couple kuddling while reading
Books on the wall
Mountains at sunset
Blooming fruit tree
Couple in robes on the terrace
Outdoor view of hotel Juffing
Woman reading a book on the terrace
Man jumping into Thiersee
Couple hiking
Outdoor view og hotel Juffing, church tower in the background
Thiersee with hills and meadow
Couple at the river
Outdoor view of hotel Juffing
Cyclists in front of mountain panorama
View of outdoor pool with snow
Man jogging in snowy landscape
Group walking in the snow
Outdoor view of hotel Juffing by night