Indulgence holidays at the Juffing in Hinterthiersee

Essence of living

Unmistakable hotel world with its own lifestyle in Hinterthiersee.

Unobtrusive luxury and aesthetics are important values of the Juffing Hotel & Spa in Hinterthiersee. The quality of the materials used and the warming appearance of the house will give you big pleasure.

Thoughts on the Juffing architecture

Spacious rooms for all & retreats for your own self.

Bright hotel bathroom with tub, shower, sinks and mirrors
Woman leaving bright hotel room
Box with roses

Architecture is exciting and of special importance as we can feel the powerful interaction between architecture and guest again and again in our daily work. Our main focus lies on the factor location which defines us, the mountains and the alpine surroundings.

You cannot choose which buildings you enter in your everyday life, but you can do so in your holidays. For many years we have been thinking about successful architecture and our efforts now show a concept for the future: Spacious rooms for "being among people" have been created and at the same time there are enough retreats and small private rooms in our Boutique Hotel near Kufstein for those guests who value space and distance. 


Many guests say about us that they feel at home within half an hour and this is also thanks to the innumerable details which are the reason why guests like to return. Even if the design freaks among our guests are not so happy to read it, we are consciously the "Julia Roberts of hotels", charming, courteous and not necessarily addicted to the charm of the modern design hotel. Nothing sharp and loud, but pastel shades such as light blue, pink, apricot and green in all shades will cordially welcome you. 

Illustrated map of hotel Juffing

Embedded harmoniously in the landscape of the Thierseetal valley

The "Please do not disturb!" was the basic idea of all building stages. The powers of the place always remain untouched and our holiday island is embedded in the surrounding landscape. Especially the distinctive village church will always remain the centre of the energy place Hinterthiersee with its 500 inhabitants.

The tyrolean nature hotel Juffing is never in the way of nature and the mountains. The view of the Kaiser mountains was preserved with high costs as we have built "beneath it". The Juffing as a refuge on a high level is unobtrusive for the people that live in the village as well as for the guests that recreate in the village. 


A building in balance

Faithful to our motto "Balance that inspires" we have aligned the valuable main building with the wooden balconies and the modern suite tract and developed an "architecture that inspires" for the whole building. The balance of both parts of the building is clearly visible and inseparably belongs to our hotel philosophy. Tradition and innovation as well as lightness and alpine building complement each other to a harmonious total concept. There are no breaks and no discrimination between old and new. 

Large couch and ottoman
Outdoor view of hotel Juffing
Woman taking book from a bookcase
View on mountains from window
Part of a Room with sink and mirror
Forest in autumn
Energy work

Feel the landscape & read the signs

The Juffing was turned into a holistic spa hotel over the years. During all reconstructions we put a special emphasis on the living, regeneration and sleep quality of the house.

In order to design the physical, mental and intellectual interactions between building, people and place we are in contact with energy healers and geomancy teachers that neutralise the energetic stresses of the building and charge it with new energy. The turbulences of former reconstructions have set, we have found our balance. 


Table with chairs and parasol in the magic garden of hotel Juffing

Retreats in the magic garden in your holidays in Austria

The Juffing garden will await you silently: Chirping birds, murmuring water and lush green. Our garden is a sight for sore eyes and you will always feel like being a guest at a friend's place. Our literature hotel in Austria is surrounded by a maple tree gareden and on the upper floor of the east side there is a magic garden with its own panoramic terrace as well as a pergola which will protect you from a downpour in summer. Our garden designers put emphasis on possibilities for retreat to read, doze, nap and dream. Especially popular with our guest are the secluded breakfast islands surrounded by green for maximum two persons or the cuddly lounger islands with sun shading. For many regular guests, a sundowner on the favourite swing belongs to the evening Juffing ritual while you will maybe discover the power of the tall maple tree and get in the mood for the evening with a book in your hand.