Culinary holidays in the boutique hotel in Tyrol

Certificates & awards

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At the Juffing Hotel & Spa we choose ingredients very conciously and leave nothing to chance. Learn more on the philosophy of our kitchen and on our awards. 

Genussland Österreich

Genussland Österreich

Our natural situation for the cuisine that we produce is convenient as Austria has a wide range of valuable food for a healthy, natural and regional cuisine. As ecological, social, health reasons and cultural aspects play an increasingly important role in our daily contact with food, our kitchen team bases its vital gourmet cuisine on the following elements:

The green Bio Garantie logo

Organic food

Our organic assortment is checked by the Austria Bio Garantie on a regular basis.

“Organic” is the most heavily regulated category as opposed to “regional” and “seasonal”. We have been partly certified organic for years and can understand very well that 100% businesses fight against the inflationary use of clearly defined terms without official certification. Therefore, we are not 100% organic but partly certified organic.

VO EU 2018848 4-02063-2023
Qualität Tirol

Bewusst Tirol partner

For our regional commitment we were crownded as district winner of the "Bewusst Tirol" businesses in Innsbruck in November 2011 and in October 2017. The Juffing was awarded with the "Bewusst Tirol" coin by the Agrarmarketing Tirol GmbH due to our stronger use of Tyrolean products in the Juffing kitchen. The "Bewusst Tirol"-awarded businesses force the use of local ingredients and therefore strengthen the cooperation of tourism and agriculture. The award in the form of the "Bewusst Tirol" coin is a reliable sign for our guests who want to enjoy Tyrol on their plate. 

AMA Gütesiegel

AMA quality seal

We were awarded with the AMA gastronomic seal for using products of surrounding regions as well as from Austria. This award obliges us to a special performance in regard to taste and tolerance of dishes with a high-quality regional origin. 

Yellow logo of the Gault Millau award

From Gault & Millau Austria 2022

The Adults Only Hotel Juffing with a focus on spa and literature in picturesque Hinterthiersee has offered its hotel guests respectable culinary art for quite some time. Now the host family Juffinger-Konzett has decided to additionally offer fine dining at select tables in the stylishly furnished Alt Juffing parlour which also welcomes external guests. Highlights from the set meals “Fauna” and “Flora” (vegetarian), composed of top regional products: deliciously intense mushroom tatar, seemingly right from the dewy forest, as well as the young venison fillet coated in crisp durum wheat with chanterelles. The dessert consisting of cranberries, herb granola and a spruce tops sorbet was simply magical and at the same time a feast for the eyes. Service and wine are taken care of by Jennifer Schacht, who guarantees a harmonious drinks accompaniment with accurate explanations.

Certification from AMA Genuss Region Gastronomie

AMA Genuss Region

We, Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH, confirm that Juffing – Hotel & Spa meets the criteria for the quality and origin guideline for gastronomy businesses. 
The participating restaurant is allowed to bear our label.

Da kommt's her

Where it comes from.

We voluntarily mark on our menu where the ingredients used in our kitchen come from. The processing of the products with the quality seal "Qualität Tirol" underlies pre-defined quality guidelines. Only products which are 100% grown and refined in Tyrol obtain the right to use the quality seal "Qualität Tirol". In the first place this applies to the product groups meat, eggs, milk/milk products, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, game and fish. 


Gourmet dish on a table on the terrace

What do others say about our kitchen philosophy?

Awards are a sign of further development and innovation for us. Our thanks goes to our employees who work on new ideas together with us and bring their expert knowledge and engagement. 

To us, the taste of our native country is above all an emotional need.

Regional products from Austria

The regional nature of the food at our sustainable hotel in Austria supports local agriculture and reduces transport emissions and packaging waste. Shopping regionally is a contribution towards our local food culture which we do not want to do without, and has a positive effect on our health due to the freshness of our products.

Two men holding large basket filled with delicacies

We present to you our regional partners:

Milk products

Our milk products stem from “Tirol Milch” and “Salzburg Milch”. We receive regional cheese from the agriculture school in Rotholz. Also the "Milchbuben" from the Rehaberhof farm in the Brixental provide us with regional organic mozzarella and organic camembert. Most cheeses come from Tirol Milch, the organic dairy Walchsee and the organic alpine dairy Plangger in Niederndorf. Sheep's whey and other sheep's milk products come from the lake farm Eisl at lake Wolfgangsee. Our guests especially value the Ackernalm cheese and the cheese from the Höhlenstein as well as the "Schottenkäse" from the Pinzgau.


Our regional meat mainly comes from Tyrol. The distribution is done by Bewusst Tirol: The Tyrolean alpine beef, the Tyrolean "Kitzei" (kid) or the Tyrolean "Jahrling" (heifer) are especially important to us. We connect the Tyrolean milk veal or the Tyrolean mountain lamb with Tyrol and would never want to miss it in our kitchen. The xobeef from Peuerbach is regional to us. The organic alpine chicken by Bio am Berg brings joy to our kitchen.


Boar, venison, chamois, wild duck and lamb come exclusively from Austria.

Bread & rolls

Our daily bread is provided by the neighbouring Bayrischzell. Our organic baker Butz not only provides us with a regional product but also with 100% organic bread.


Trout, brown trout, salmon trout, char, sturgeon and Tyrolean alpine shrimps come exclusively from Austria. It is not always easy to do completely without sea fish but it is our way towards regionality and our native country. 

Vegetables & fruits

Whenever we can we buy mushrooms, cranberries or wild strawberries directly from local gatherers. Vegetables from Tyrol (TLP, Tyrolean national products) are important to us. Dried fruit is bought from the South Tyrolean organic manufacturer Monthea and the Vorarlberg producer Schobel Höchstgenuss. We especially love the plums from Stanz and the apples by Inntal Obst. The yams do not come from Peru but from Styria. Especially interesting are the Tyrolean organic mushrooms from Thaur: oyster mushrooms, shiitake, king oyster mushrooms and mushrooms come directly from there. There are already lemons from Carinthia, physalis from Loosdorf and figs from Vienna, but the amount does not last for the whole season at the moment.

Muesli & dried fruits

Our mueslis, dried fruits or other cereals are purchased from the company Verival Vita + Naturprodukte in Langkampfen behind the Pendling as well as from the company Biologon in Itter from the other side of the Wilder Kaiser Mountains - both of them certified organic suppliers.





Our coffee comes from Dallmayr and is, with the exception of single special coffees, a Fairtrade organic certified quality product. 


We purchase our grains, such as einkorn, emmer or black oats, flaxseed and black beluga lentils from an organic farm in the neighbouring Chiemgau, the Chiemgau.Korn. The flour used in our kitchen comes from the Spielberger Mühle from Brackenheim in Germany, a Demeter-certified mill which produces organic flour. The Tyrolean Wieshofermühle with organic assortment excites us but the logistics are not decided yet. The organic flours by Fandler are regional and high-quality. The poppyseed comes from Upper Austria. The rice comes partly from Lower Austria and Styria.


We purchase our schnapps from Vorderthiersee and are also happy to offer schnapps from the Michelehof in Vorarlberg and from the Herzog distillery in Salzburg. Our fine distillery Rochelt or the Schnapsmanufaktur Gölles must not be missing on our digestives menu. Overall we look for interesting regional products such as the Rauchkogel Whiskey from East Tyrol or other specialties for our guests.



Our beer producer is the Tyrolean private brewery Zillertal Bier from Zell am Ziller. 

Mineral water

Our mineral water comes from the company MONTES in Brixlegg. Protected against pollutions, the magnesium-rich MONTES water is obtained from the foot of the Kitzbühel Alps near Thiersee.

Wine, aperitifs & digestifs

In addition to Tyrolean winemakers - the winery Flür from Tarrenz as well as the winery Zoller-Saumwald from Haiming - we offer a 100% Austrian wine menu. 

We consciously offer regional aperitifs such as Verjus or apple cidre. The ladies like the cornelian cherry liqueur by Aunt Kathi from Thiersee. Regional gins such as the mountain gin from Thiersee is liked by all gin lovers. Regional whiskeys and rum types such as the Crownhill products from Schwoich or the Slyrs from the Bavarian Schliersee round off our regional drink offer. And do you know the Austrian sake? All guests are surprised by it. 




The Gregorian calendar defines the beat for our seasonal cuisine. The feeling for the right seasonality of products is distinct in Tyrol and for our suppliers.

Just think of our autumn game weeks, the young wine euphoria, the Martinigansl meal, the annual asparagus meal or the Wachau apricot season. Mushroom weeks, törggel time, strawberry Hugo and baked elderberry blossoms conjure a broad smile on our faces. We love gingerbread and biscuits when the time is right and look forward to the plum pie in late summer. Everything has its time and its rhythm. Seasonal cuisine gives structure and helps us to escape from the danger of an interchangeable everyday cuisine. Seasonal cooking is simply fun and gives us great pleasure.

Gourmet dish

Non-irritating indulgence

The consideration of the nutritional needs of our guests is an important part of our kitchen philosophy.

We are happy to cater to your wishes and are happy if you inform us about possible intolerances or allergies already before your arrival (please bear in mind that we do not offer a vegan menu). Please inform us about your intolerances or allergies already before your arrival.

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